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Ege Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Number 34/1, 2017

No articles found.

Number 33/4, 2016

  • 307-311
    An investigation on the coastal fishing structures located in Trabzon province
    Authors: Muhammet Boran • Şükran Avcı Softa
    Number of views: 379
  • 313-320
    Estimation of local environmental condition and holding density in rainbow trout cage culture (Karaova Dam Lake, Turkey)
    Authors: Serap Pulatsü • Doğukan Kaya
    Number of views: 393
  • 321-328
    Assessment of Turkish mariculture enterprises within the context of European Union harmonization process
    Authors: Ali Özcan Babaoğlu • Dilek İşgören Emiroğlu
    Number of views: 356
  • 329-334
    A new bivalvia species in the West Aegean; Asian clam Corbicula fluminea (Müller, 1774)
    Authors: Serpil Serdar
    Number of views: 367
  • 335-341
    Comparison of recovered carp scales (Cyprinus carpio) gelatin and commercial calf and pork skin gelatins
    Authors: Mehmet Tolga Dinçer • Ömer Alper Erdem • Hülya Kalkan • Mehmet Çağıl Üçok
    Number of views: 362
  • 343-345
    Cetacean stranding records in the Turkish Western Black Sea coast during October 2012 - September 2013
    Authors: Arda M. Tonay
    Number of views: 354
  • 347-354
    Polyplacophora and Gastropoda species distributed on the hard subtratum in the Antalya Gulf and its vicinity
    Authors: Banu Bitlis Bakır • Bilal Öztürk
    Number of views: 369
  • 355-360
    Different methods practices on cycles of gonadosomatic and body indices of sea urchin (Arbacia lixula) from Muğla-Ören Site
    Authors: Aysun Küçükdermenci • Aynur Lök
    Number of views: 355
  • 361-366
    Selectivity of trammel nets (80 and 90 mm mesh size) for common sole (Solea solea linnaeus, 1758) used in Güllük Bay
    Authors: Hasan Cerim • Celal Ateş
    Number of views: 375
  • 367-371
    Acute toxicity of the synthetic pyrethroid alpha-cypermethrin on the tadpoles of variable green toad, Bufotes variabilis (Amphibia:Anura)
    Authors: Mert Gürkan • Seda Serbest • Sibel Hayretdağ
    Number of views: 380
  • 373-379
    Skeletal deformities in hatchery reared European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)
    Authors: Deniz Çoban • Cüneyt Suzer • Şükrü Yıldırım • Şahin Saka • M.Kürşat Fırat
    Number of views: 394
  • 381-388
    A study on the usability of pond water used for growing grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella valenciennes) in salad-lettuce production
    Authors: Raşit Zeki Eltez • Ertan Taşkavak
    Number of views: 367
  • 389-395
    Determination of antimicrobial activity of two macro algae extracts
    Authors: Bahar Gümüş • Mustafa Ünlüsayın
    Number of views: 365
  • 397-403
    Age, growth and mortality rates of discard species (Uranoscopus scaber, Neogobius melanostomus and Gobius niger) in the Black Sea
    Authors: Nazlı Kasapoğlu
    Number of views: 364
  • 405-411
    Use of the acoustic positioning system in artificial reef sites
    Authors: Aytaç Özgül
    Number of views: 362
  • 413-416
    Length-weight and length-length relationships of Capoeta umbla in Karasu River (East Anatolia, Turkey)
    Authors: Osman Serdar • Ebru İfakat Özcan
    Number of views: 358

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