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Polish Political Science Yearbook

Number 45, 2016

  • 11–21
    Remembrance, Identity Politics and Political Transitions: a Comparative Study
    Authors: Joanna Marszałek-Kawa & Patryk Wawrzyński
    Number of views: 409
  • 22–31
    Significance of the Social Vision of Great People in Times of Political Transition
    Authors: Konrad Wyszkowski
    Number of views: 412
  • 32–44
    Cultural War and Reinventing the Past in Poland and Hungary: The Politics of Historical Memory in East–Central Europe
    Authors: Attila Ágh
    Number of views: 395
  • 45–59
    Securitization of Past: Analysis of the Katyń Issue in the Context of EU Integration
    Authors: Olga Sebina
    Number of views: 418
  • 60–72
    The Uncompleted Revolution? The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia in the Post–Communist Reality
    Authors: Marcin Czyżniewski
    Number of views: 380
  • 73–84
    Post–Yugoslav Collective Memory: Between National and Transnational Myths
    Authors: Magdalena Rekść
    Number of views: 520
  • 85–98
    The Political Myth of Margaret Thatcher in Scotland
    Authors: Tomasz Czapiewski
    Number of views: 705
  • 99–116
    Sites of Memory in the Public Space of Chile and Georgia: the Transition and Pre–Transition Period
    Authors: Joanna Marszałek–Kawa & Anna Ratke–Majewska
    Number of views: 370
  • 117–129
    The European Court of Human Rights on Nazi and Soviet Past in Central and Eastern Europe
    Authors: Aleksandra Gliszczyńska–Grabias & Grażyna Baranowska
    Number of views: 455
  • 130–144
    Decommunisation of the Public Space in Post–Euromaidan Ukraine
    Authors: Antonina Kozyrska
    Number of views: 518
  • 145–154
    South African Post–Apartheid Transitional Remembrance Policy (1994–1999)
    Authors: Patryk Wawrzyński & Alicja Stańco–Wawrzyńska
    Number of views: 357
  • 157-165
    The State of Democracy in Poland and Europe
    Authors: Lech Wałęsa
    Number of views: 447
  • 166-177
    The Role of NGOs in the Development of Societies and Overcoming the Consequences of Crises
    Authors: Elena V. Kucheryavaya
    Number of views: 414
  • 178-190
    Compensation Liability for Damages Incurred while Exercising Public Authority
    Authors: Agata Cebera & Aleksander Wróbel
    Number of views: 532
  • 191-204
    Political Parties and Trade Unions in the Post–Communist Poland
    Authors: Paweł Kamiński & Patrycja Rozbicka
    Number of views: 442
  • 205-218
    The 2015 Elections to the Senate of the Republic of Poland
    Authors: Krystyna Leszczyńska
    Number of views: 454
  • 219-230
    Major Dilemmas and Increasing Dysfunctions of the Polish Local Government Model on the Basis of an Electoral Law and Metropolitan Act
    Authors: Beata Słobodzian
    Number of views: 454
  • 231-241
    Shaping Public Space by the Local Community
    Authors: Elżbieta Kocowska-Siekierka
    Number of views: 420
  • 245-256
    Peace Science: Orientation and Reorientation
    Authors: Liu Cheng & Egon Spiegel
    Number of views: 411
  • 257-271
    Fundamentalism in the Light of Selected Psychological Concepts
    Authors: Anna Zasuń
    Number of views: 409
  • 272-287
    The Aristotelian Criticism of the Liberal Foundations of Modern State
    Authors: Marcin Gajek
    Number of views: 437
  • 291-303
    The Consequences of the Nagorno–Karabakh War for Azerbaijan and the Undeniable Reality of Khojaly Massacre
    Authors: Shamkhal Abilov & Ismayil Isayev
    Number of views: 703
  • 304-316
    Ping–Pong Diplomacy and its Legacy in the American Foreign Policy
    Authors: Michał Marcin Kobierecki
    Number of views: 374
  • 317-336
    The American Military Strategy to Combat the ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria
    Authors: Ewelina Waśko-Owsiejczuk
    Number of views: 532
  • 337-350
    Member States as Strategy–Maker or Strategy–Taker?
    Authors: Monika Sus
    Number of views: 392
  • 353-366
    Political Dimension of Welsh Identity after Devolution
    Authors: Bartłomiej H. Toszek
    Number of views: 432
  • 367-381
    Right to the City as a New Paradigm within the Concept of Human Security
    Authors: Agnieszka Szpak
    Number of views: 403
  • 386-390
    International Law and the Nagorno–Karabakh War
    Authors: Sadir Surkhay Mammadov
    Number of views: 458
  • 391-398
    The New Journalism
    Authors: Iwona Hofman
    Number of views: 395
  • 399-403
    The Political Leadership Section of the Polish Political Science Association
    Authors: Maciej Hartliński
    Number of views: 400

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