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International Journal of Applied Medical and Biological Research

Number 2 (1), 2017

  • 5
    A Preliminary Study of Coprophilous Fungi in North of Jordan
    Authors: Ibrahim Ali Altayyar, Abdulatif Salim Ismail, Samir Khalaf Abdullah
    Number of views: 1397
  • 6
    Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites among HIV/AIDS Patients in South Western, Libya
    Authors: Amal Mohamed, Al-Shebani Mohammed, Abdul Qader Bugarara Ali, Omar Saad Saleh Abrika, Ali Dau Masoud, Abdul Hafeez Khan
    Number of views: 734
  • 6
    Incidence of Aspergillus species in Hospital Environment
    Authors: Ibrahim Ali Altayyar, Mohamed Farge Elbreki, Shaherah Alsounosi Alsharef, Housien mohamme mohammed, Faissal Rumddan Alemam
    Number of views: 552
  • 6
    Incidence of Cryptosporidium Spp. among children who attend to Sebha Medical Center
    Authors: Mabroka Mohamed Alahwal , Ibrahim Ali Altayyar, Meraj Bano, Abdulhafeez Khan
    Number of views: 558
  • 10
    Overview of EDSP Studies and Important Points for Evaluation of Potential Endocrine Mediated Effects
    Authors: Deepak G. Ujawane, Manish V. Patel, Abdussalam Sughir, Ali Dau Masoud, Balasubramanian Rajkapoor
    Number of views: 509

Number 1 (2), 2016

  • 6
    Prevalenceand Antibiotic Resistance of Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Diabetic Foot Infections
    Authors: Alsadig Mohammed Abdalla, Abu sabeeb AlbasherAlsheik, Hossam Aldean Mustafa Dyab , Zahra Ahmed
    Number of views: 822
  • 7
    Preliminary Study to Determine the Effects of Chemical solutions (Mahalabiah& Serratia) Added to the Henna on Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in white rabbits
    Authors: Maryam Mohamed Besher,Aisha abokhzam, Rajaa Alghani
    Number of views: 622
  • 8
    Study of Physical and Chemical Properties of Extracted Oil of Seeds of Jojoba H F. Simmondisa chinensis
    Authors: Salah Murghani Mutwakel, Zamzam Ali Basher , Salhah Ali Ali Fatah, Mabroka Mohmmed Aldarmoon, Raja Mohmmed Osman
    Number of views: 1031
  • 11
    Assessment of Protective Immunity and Protective Capacity of Hepatitis B Virus Vaccine for Children Living in Different Regions of Jordan
    Authors: Ahmed Mohammed Osman, Ali Ahmad Abu Siyam, and Yasser Ali Biomi
    Number of views: 529

Number 1 (1), 2016

  • 4
    A Comparative Evaluation of Stool Microscopy and Coproantigen-ELISA in the Diagnosis of Cryptospridiosis
    Authors: Rugaia Mohammed Abdul-Gader Algazoui, Meraj Bano, Abdulhafeez Khan
    Number of views: 544
  • 5
    Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Salmonella spp Isolated from Gastroenteritis Patients, Southwestern, Libya.
    Authors: Ibrahim Ali Altayyar, Mohamed Farge Elbreki, Marwa Omar Ali and Amal Aljelani Ali
    Number of views: 605
  • 5
    The Prevalence of Cytomegalovirus Infection in a Group of Pregnant Women in Brack Al-Shati, libya
    Authors: Somia A.Al-Ghani, Salma M. Aljad, Omar M. Abukhres, Ibrahim A . Mukhtar, Ali F. Hawad, Hussein Al-Rasheed and Aisha M. A. Shahlol
    Number of views: 522
  • 6
    Isolation and Identification of Soil Keratinophilic Fungi from Different Area in South of Libya
    Authors: Ibrahim Ali Altayyar, Nazar Abdalazeem Osman, Mohamed Farge Elbreki, Hanan Ali Ibrahim, Aishah Aboalasad, Aminah Barkah, Nwal Almahdi
    Number of views: 881
  • 7
    Air Conditioners as a Source of Bacterial Contamination in an Indoor Environment
    Authors: Hind M. Khalfallah, Omar M. Abukhres, Ali F. Hawad, Ibrahim A.Mukhtar, Hussien A. Alrasheed
    Number of views: 1943
  • 8
    Prevalence and Clinical Symptoms of Giardiasis among Childrenin Sebha City
    Authors: Rugaia Mohammed Abdul-Gader Algazoui, Mowadda Ahmed Omar Lgreed and Fatima Mohammed Abdulkader
    Number of views: 764

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