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Bulletin of Science and Practice

Number 2, 2017

  • 8–22
    The study of the simplest models of mathematical ecology in the simulation software AnyLogic
    Authors: Osipov G.
    Number of views: 445
  • 23–25
    Davletov, I., Matnazarov A.
    Authors: Mass–charged spectrum nuclear atom Be, B, C, Mg, Al of laser plasma
    Number of views: 263
  • 37–41
    Mechanism of aromatic compound acylation in Friedel–Krafts reaction
    Authors: Stepacheva A., Dmitrieva A.
    Number of views: 266
  • 42–52
    Use of ABC–XYZ–analysis in cost management of the cargo turnover in transport logistics
    Authors: Chukurna O., Davydova A.
    Number of views: 339
  • 53–58
    Features of processes of burning of solid low–grade fuel in furnace space
    Authors: Khuzhaev P., Suleymanov A., Suleymanova N.
    Number of views: 317
  • 59–62
    Processes of melting silicates in chemical reactor
    Authors: Volokitin O., Shekhovtsov V.
    Number of views: 255
  • 63–77
    The reproductive characters, phyllotaxis of the floral shoots and morphogenesis in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
    Authors: Maletskii S., Yudanova S., Maletskaya E.
    Number of views: 276
  • 78–90
    Preliminary prodromus allocated for territories Samotlor field of hierarchical units of vegetation
    Authors: Ovechkina E.
    Number of views: 287
  • 91–98
    Research of biospheric regulation of the carbon cycle in West Asia
    Authors: Kurbatova A., Tarko A.
    Number of views: 286
  • 99–109
    Maximum and minimum accumulation of heavy metals by riverside and water vegetation close to industrial center of the city of Rechitsa
    Authors: Daineko N., Timofeev S., Zhadko, S.
    Number of views: 273
  • 110–114
    Influence of steroid hormones on blood coagulation of epiphysectomized animals
    Authors: Madatova V.
    Number of views: 280
  • 115–120
    Carcinogenic compounds formed in foods under the influence of heat treatment
    Authors: Berketova L., Zakharova А.
    Number of views: 295
  • 121–131
    Features of the phase and the amino acid composition of human salivary stones
    Authors: Belskaya L.
    Number of views: 272
  • 132–140
    Application of capillary electrophoresis to determine the mineral composition of human saliva
    Authors: Belskaya L.
    Number of views: 318
  • 141–150
    Anxious sexual failure expectation syndrome (fear of sexual failure) in men
    Authors: Kocharyan G.
    Number of views: 275
  • 151–153
    Activity of gully erosion near Latacunga, Republic of Ecuador
    Authors: Kravchenko R.
    Number of views: 272
  • 154–162
    Development of a method of decontamination and recycling of industrial, household and organic waste agro–industrial complex of the Republic of Tatarstan
    Authors: Akhmadiev G.
    Number of views: 293
  • 170–175
    Beryllium and cobalt in the pedoshere under fir forest of the Russian Altai
    Authors: Saltykov A.
    Number of views: 261
  • 176–185
    As Russia has managed to protect its economy from the impact of sanctions
    Authors: Sokolov N., Larin S.
    Number of views: 382
  • 186–193
    Exact maximum likelihood estimator for the probability of default on estimation provision consumer credit portfolio of the bank
    Authors: Levin V., Khonov S.
    Number of views: 260
  • 194–207
    Methodical aspects of forming of policy of privacy for the benefit of ensuring an economic safety of the organizations
    Authors: Glushchenko V., Glushchenko I.
    Number of views: 288
  • 215–224
    Impact of IT on firm performance wholesale and retail trade.
    Authors: Morgunova E., Morgunova M.
    Number of views: 303
  • 225–230
    Interpretation of seasonal fluctation of prices by means of Fourier series in the regional market agricultural products
    Authors: Ataev Zh.
    Number of views: 269
  • 231–238
    Territorial marketing as factor of regional management
    Authors: Mikhailyuk O.
    Number of views: 294
  • 239–253
    On the scientific substantiation of mechanisms for effective management of public investment programs and projects
    Authors: Vladimirov S.
    Number of views: 270
  • 258–261
    Methods of marketing research in banking
    Authors: Kraevskiy B., Makukhina Ya.
    Number of views: 302
  • 262–270
    The role of motivation to work for the increase of efficiency
    Authors: Tukhtabaev J.
    Number of views: 268
  • 271–277
    Financial market and financial literacy as structural elements of Russian consumer market
    Authors: Gubin N.
    Number of views: 273
  • 278–286
    Modern trends of investing in the international market of collectible wines
    Authors: Koroleva A.
    Number of views: 365
  • 287–291
    Development of a balanced scorecard for organizations of mineral–raw complex (MSK).
    Authors: Arsenieva N., Kostin M.
    Number of views: 265
  • 292–298
    Several aspects of the sustainable Development of automobile industry and business in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Saidov D.
    Number of views: 289
  • 299–303
    Problems of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies
    Authors: Demidenko G., Medvedev I., Sulman M.
    Number of views: 303
  • 304–309
    To the problem of environmental modern school education
    Authors: Leontjeva I.
    Number of views: 338
  • 310–313
    Effective use of information resources and technologies in the research work of students
    Authors: Aminov I., Khodjaeva D.
    Number of views: 275
  • 314–322
    Monitoring of learning and testing students’ activities as an effective condition for their cognitive capabilities self–realization
    Authors: Matienko A.
    Number of views: 233
  • 323–327
    How to study technical college psychology students?
    Authors: Fedotova L.
    Number of views: 298
  • 328–332
    Authors: Luchina E., Zubareva E., Martirosova T.
    Number of views: 247
  • 336–347
    Procedure for the provision of information state real estate register on the example of Moscow. Main problems.
    Authors: Kholin M., Sinenko V.
    Number of views: 278
  • 348–355
    Settlement of disputes on land tax. Pre–trial procedure
    Authors: Pertli I., Sinenko V.
    Number of views: 308
  • 356-359
    Inheritance rights of cohabitants
    Authors: Vartanyan M.
    Number of views: 257
  • 360–364
    The anti–dogmatic metaphors in M. Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita”.
    Authors: Abdurazakova D.
    Number of views: 308
  • 365–368
    To the question about the place of modern media in political processes
    Authors: Kazdanyan S., Yengoyan P., Abovian V., Mugnetsyan T.
    Number of views: 262
  • 369–376
    Effect of calcium on the anisotropy of the mechanical properties of aluminium alloy sheet system Al-Mg-Si
    Authors: Gureeva M., Grushko O., Ovchinnikov V.
    Number of views: 291

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