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Bulletin of Science and Practice

Number 6, 2017

  • 10-23
    Study of sulfonamides (used as corrosion inhibitors) for possibility to adsorption on steel
    Authors: Sikachina A.
    Number of views: 331
  • 24-40
    Polyaminipolyphosрнonates and polyaminopolycarbonoates (that are chelators) in mission of inhibiting of microbiological corrosion with Desulfovibrio desulfuricans
    Authors: Sikachina A.
    Number of views: 305
  • 41-47
    Dynamics of the quantity of agronomically valuable groups of microorganisms during cultivation of maize on sod-podzolic sandy loam soil
    Authors: Daineko N., Kontsevaya I., Timofeev S.
    Number of views: 296
  • 48-53
    Complexes of Gamasid mites detected in various biotopes of Eastern Transbaikalia
    Authors: Poletayeva, T., & Kleusova, N.
    Number of views: 309
  • 54-57
    The change in the intensity of products of lipid peroxidation have simultaneously enucleation and epiphysectomical animals
    Authors: Aliyev, A., Mamedova, N., Madatova, V., & Babayeva, R.
    Number of views: 295
  • 58-64
    Anatomy of heart in degus
    Authors: Petrenko V.
    Number of views: 470
  • 65-71
    Gender features of the students organism mnemonic functions
    Authors: Mukhamatgareev R., Pogonysheva I.
    Number of views: 292
  • 72-89
    Pancreas in embryogenesis
    Authors: Petrenko V.
    Number of views: 329
  • 90-94
    Efficiency of reparents after plastic operations under the prolapsus pelvic organs
    Authors: Nechaikin A.
    Number of views: 318
  • 95-103
    Possibility of application of Frolov fuller for prevention of diseases of voice apparatus at persons of voice-speech professions
    Authors: Barabanov R.
    Number of views: 334
  • 104-109
    Effect of olazolum on uterine circulation under the genital prolapse
    Authors: Nechaikin A.
    Number of views: 265
  • 110-115
    irrigation, arable land, groundwater, erosion, salinization, humus
    Authors: Aliyev Z.
    Number of views: 294
  • 116-122
    Mapping the maximum snow reserves in the Altai Region using GIS technologies
    Authors: Kharlamova N., Kazartseva O.
    Number of views: 292
  • 123-129
    Knowledge level of the Nizhnevartovsk citizens about protection from emergency situations of natural and technogenic character
    Authors: Gromov S.
    Number of views: 287
  • 130-139
    Use of reconstructive mixtures for the disposal of waste oil production
    Authors: Zhuravleva V.
    Number of views: 261
  • 140-144
    Extreme architecture in safety and protection in design
    Authors: Vladimirov S., Zaichenko E.
    Number of views: 271
  • 145-148
    Ecological bases of estimation and prediction of the life of living organisms on urbanized territories of Russia
    Authors: Akhmadiev G., Fatykhov K.
    Number of views: 291
  • 149-152
    Scientific foundations and principles of estimation and prediction of environmental safety in urbanized territories of the Republic of Tatarstan
    Authors: Akhmadiev G., Fatykhov K.
    Number of views: 305
  • 153-158
    Comparative analysis of the functional plenitude of information systems for searching and rental of property
    Authors: Khubaev G., Velko N.
    Number of views: 296
  • 159-165
    Change of desigu of the shredder-distributor
    Authors: Kushnir V., Gavrilov N., Kim S.
    Number of views: 341
  • 166-169
    Characteristics of the installation and devices for deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials
    Authors: Akhmadiev G., Fatykhov K.
    Number of views: 297
  • 170-173
    Peculiarities of the processes of combustion of solid low-cort fuel in the topous space
    Authors: Sharopova M., Rustamov S.
    Number of views: 294
  • 174-179
    Solar energy in Tajikistan
    Authors: Sharipov B., Kholiqov J., Alimardonov A.
    Number of views: 317
  • 180-185
    Use of solar energy
    Authors: Sharipov B., Kholiqov J., Alimardonov A.
    Number of views: 295
  • 194-210
    Process-statistical approach to estimation of resourceability of accounting processes in the higher educational institution
    Authors: Khubaev G., Shirobokova S., Babеev M.
    Number of views: 268
  • 211-215
    Creation methodology of economic industrial areas in the region
    Authors: Zainutdinov Sh., Nurimbetov R., Kalmuratov B.
    Number of views: 271
  • 216-224
    The role of information resources and communications in the production process of agricultural enterprises
    Authors: Mileta V., Druzenko M.
    Number of views: 327
  • 225-230
    To the question about St. Petersburg shipbuilding structure
    Authors: Gorin E.
    Number of views: 282
  • 231-238
    Housing and utility services: specific properties and economic essence
    Authors: Larin S.
    Number of views: 274
  • 239-244
    Currency interventions. How the Central Bank participates in overcoming the economic crisis in Russia
    Authors: Bikalova N., Korobko A., Konstantinova E.
    Number of views: 336
  • 249-254
    Russian mind in philosophical views by I. P. Pavlov
    Authors: Pyzhova O.
    Number of views: 453
  • 265-269
    Legal education as a national in the country in the modern Russian society
    Authors: Аdaeva O., Kopteva K.
    Number of views: 308
  • 270-275
    The status of the deputy of the State Duma and a member of the Federation Council
    Authors: Abrarov I., Kuznetsov I.
    Number of views: 342
  • 276-285
    Problems of law enforcement practice in matters of qualification of crimes against traffic safety and transport operation
    Authors: Telegina E., Yekimova O.
    Number of views: 527
  • 286-289
    Institute of the arbitrary revenue in the updated format
    Authors: Khudoikina, T., & Lavrushkina, A.
    Number of views: 291
  • 290-299
    Modern trends of development of criminal subculture and its negative impact on juvenile delinquency
    Authors: Minster M.
    Number of views: 331
  • 300-303
    The advantages of the principle of subjective imputation of guilt in criminal law
    Authors: Yakushkin S.
    Number of views: 305
  • 308-310
    Underage persons emancipation institute: pluses and minuses
    Authors: Klimkina Yu.
    Number of views: 461
  • 311-315
    Formation technologies of family values and a conscious relationship to create a family among young people
    Authors: Asadullina G.
    Number of views: 311
  • 316-319
    Formation of motivation to lessons by physical culture and sports in students
    Authors: Martyn I., Gontyurev A.
    Number of views: 323
  • 320-326
    Intra-subject relations of geometry course in high school
    Authors: Kyshtoobaeva Ch.
    Number of views: 301
  • 327-333
    Psychological climate as a factor in effective teams and as an indicator of its effectiveness
    Authors: Kazdanyan S., Zakharyan A.
    Number of views: 281
  • 334-341
    Analysis of methods of psychological impact on children in social networks
    Authors: Mezyanaya K., Korenevskii K.
    Number of views: 277
  • 342-348
    Functioning of English genderly marked phraseologisms in the belle-lettre style literature
    Authors: Nasrullaeva N.
    Number of views: 267
  • 349-352
    Artificial neural networks and translation
    Authors: Baranova A., Astafiev A., Korchagin E.
    Number of views: 245
  • 353-358
    Productive models of word formation (using the example of neologisms in english)
    Authors: Ivanova D., Donchenko E.
    Number of views: 251

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