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Number 24, 2015

  • 7-16
    A Web-based Fuzzy Inference System Based Tool for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment
    Authors: Leonardo Yunda, David Pacheco and Jorge Millan
    Number of views: 372
  • 17-25
    Determination of genes, 16S ADNr, polA, and TpN47, in the detection of Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum in the diagnosis of congenital syphilis
    Authors: Gladys Pinilla B, Bibiana Chavarro, Natalia Moreno A, Jeannette Navarrete O, Liliana Muñoz M
    Number of views: 421
  • 27-38
    Comparison of the viability and growth in stem cell culture obtained from adipose tissue (ADAS) pre and post freeze
    Authors: Luz Mabel Ávila Portillo, Derly Johanna Franco Ruiz, Jenniffer Priscila Avila García, Angela Giselle Riveros Arocha, Mauricio Sabogal
    Number of views: 414
  • 39-46
    Ophidic accident in the department of Sucre, Colombia
    Authors: Marco Antonio Márquez Gómez, Graciela María Gómez Díaz
    Number of views: 395
  • 47-54
    Effect of pulmonary rehabilitation in quality of life and functional capacity in patients with tuberculosis sequelae
    Authors: Jhonatan Betancourt-Peña, Beatriz Elena Muñoz-Erazo, Hugo Hurtado-Gutiérrez
    Number of views: 468
  • 83-92
    Regulation of the bcl-2 to family in cells infected with Chlamydia Trachomatis
    Authors: Adriana Paola Jutinico Shubach, Alejandra Mantilla Galindo, Ruth Mélida Sánchez Mora
    Number of views: 584
  • 93-99
    Behavior of accidents an engineering company in Cartagena, Colombia
    Authors: Elías Alberto Bedoya Marrugo
    Number of views: 444
  • 101-106
    Susac Syndrome: Case Report
    Authors: Sara Arias, Mariana Gómez y Luis Gustavo Celis
    Number of views: 399

Number 23, 2015

  • 7-15
    Morphological changes and inhibition of the growth of Candida albicans in the presence of solution sulfate of a zinc sulfate of zinc
    Authors: Julián Gallón Nausa
    Number of views: 416
  • 17-29
    Comparison of cell culture HeLa and HEp-2: Studies prospects Chlamydia trachomatis
    Authors: Laura Camila Carrera Páez, Ingrid Daniela Pirajan Quintero, María Camila Urrea Suarez, Ruth Melida Sanchez Mora, Martha Gómez Jiménez, Luz Adriana Monroy Cano
    Number of views: 527
  • 31-35
    Correlation between insulin resistance and T3 in adolescents with risk factors for developing diabetes
    Authors: Socorro Camarillo Romero, Eneida Camarillo-Romero, Hugo Medieta-Zeron, José de Jesús Garduño-García, Gerardo Huitrón-Bravo M
    Number of views: 516
  • 37-45
    Description of the health status of indigenous Huitoto and Embera of Florencia Caquetá trough laboratory tests in the first period of 2012
    Authors: Martha Castillo Bohórquez, Ana Isabel Mora Bautista, Ana Lucia Oliveros Rozo, Leidy Milena Jiménez Tobo, Luz Myriam Parrales Solarte, Nancy Carolina Suárez Católico
    Number of views: 446
  • 47-64
    Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus behavior in birds from commercial farms with a history of respiratory disease, located in the department of Cundinamarca
    Authors: Geovanna Córdoba Argoti, Victor Julio Vera Alfonso, Jairo Correa Jaime, Gloria Consuelo Ramírez Nieto
    Number of views: 501
  • 65-72
    Antimicrobial activity of lichens in the upper basin of Bogotá river
    Authors: Oscar E. Rodríguez A, William A. Andrade B, Fabio E. Díaz L, Bibiana Moncada
    Number of views: 392
  • 73-80
    Traditional use of medicinal plants in markets Bogotá, DC.
    Authors: Sara Emilia Giraldo Quintero, María Consuelo Bernal Lizarazú, Adriana Morales Robayo, Alesdy Zuled Pardo Lobo, Leopoldo Gamba Molano
    Number of views: 494
  • 81-92
    Determination of microbiological and sanitary quality of prepared food sold in the street of the city of Bogota, DC.
    Authors: Silvia Campuzano F, Dayana Mejía Flórez, Catalina Madero Ibarra, Paola Pabón Sánchez
    Number of views: 755
  • 93-107
    Evaluation of risk perception occupational in workers of a company of construction in Bogotá D.C
    Authors: Yuri Lilian González
    Number of views: 458
  • 109-117
    Scientific quality, thematic and national impact of radiological publications in Colombia (2005 -2013)
    Authors: Nelson Ricardo Ávila Meneses, Aracely Burgos Ayala & Nelly Yolanda Céspedes
    Number of views: 430

Number 22, 2014

  • 137-141
    Optimization of Polymerase Chain Reaction for the detection of the B1 gene of T. gondii
    Authors: Liliana Jazmín Cortés Cortés, Diana Carolina Hernández Castro, Mónica Mantilla, María Isabel Medina, Sofía Duque
    Number of views: 389
  • 143-150
    An Open-Access Web-based Medical Image Atlas for Collaborative Medical Image Sharing, Processing, Web Semantic Searching and Analysis with Uses in Medical Training, Research and Second Opinion of Cases
    Authors: Jorge Millan, Leonardo Yunda
    Number of views: 401
  • 151-155
    Characterization of molecular alterations of hemoglobin in Afro-Colombians
    Authors: Martha Castillo, Ana Lucia Oliveros
    Number of views: 424
  • 157-164
    Clinical and radiographic evaluation of Hydroxyapatite-based bioceramic grafts as alternatives in the reconstruction of dental alveoli post-exodontia
    Authors: Julián Gallón Nausa
    Number of views: 425
  • 165-177
    Bacillus: a genus of bacteria that exhibits important phosphate solubilizing abilities
    Authors: Lucía Constanza Corrales Ramírez, Ligía Consuelo Sánchez Leal, Zuly Yurieth Arévalo Galvez, Vanessa Estefanía Moreno Burbano
    Number of views: 531
  • 179-186
    Determination of bacterial human pathogens in irrigation water of the savannah of Bogota high watershed
    Authors: Lucía Constanza Corrales Ramírez, Ligia Consuelo Sánchez Leal, Fabián Andrés Escucha Rodríguez
    Number of views: 519
  • 187-193
    Histological analyses of toe lesions for commercial broiler at the slaughterhouse of Pollo Olympico S.A., Colombia
    Authors: Ricardo Balaguera, Geovanna M. Córdoba
    Number of views: 437
  • 195-200
    Traceability of Liquid Chemical Residues at Teaching Laboratories: Case of Study Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Bogotá D.C, Colombia
    Authors: Liliana Caycedo, Diana Trujillo, Sonia Rosas
    Number of views: 387

Number 21, 2014

  • 15-21
    Analysis of mutations in the genes pink1 and parkin in Colombian patients with Parkinson's disease
    Authors: Carolina Andrea Infante Molina; Laura Marlen Mora Forero; Jenny C. Ortega Rojas; Carlos E. Arboleda-Bustos; William Fernández; Humberto Arboleda; Gonzalo Arboleda
    Number of views: 564
  • 26-36
    Diagnóstico prénatal: retrospectiva
    Authors: Luz Mery Bernal
    Number of views: 392
  • 37-43
    The NKG2D receptor in the border of immune surveillance and carcinogenesis
    Authors: Jorge Flavio Mendoza Rincón
    Number of views: 589
  • 57-66
    Evaluation of a system of fixed media support for a film capable of reducing microbial Cr (VI) of tannerysewage sludge
    Authors: Yenni Mirella Vásquez Perea, Jean Carlos Villamil Poveda, Ligia Consuelo Sánchez Leal, Ana Graciela Lancheros Diaz
    Number of views: 451
  • 67-79
    Solubilization of phosphates: an important microbial function in plant development
    Authors: Lucía Constanza Corrales Ramírez, Zuly Yurieth Arévalo Galvez, Vanessa Estefanía Moreno Burbano
    Number of views: 480
  • 81-101
    Progress and prospects in Asperger Syndrome
    Authors: Ricardo Andrés Naranjo Flórez
    Number of views: 1165
  • 103-108
    Trisomy 22 in a newborn infant of 39 weeks
    Authors: Ana María ávila, Isabel Fernández, Boris Linares, María Luisa Quevedo, Carlos David Aguana, Luis Gustavo Celis
    Number of views: 554
  • 109-114
    Relapse in leprosy and type II reaction in a patient treated with multidrug therapy (MDT)
    Authors: Gina Sofía Montaño Padilla, Paula Catalina Lancheros González, Luis Gustavo Celis
    Number of views: 440
  • 115-119
    Validation of an instrument to assess patient adherence to antihypertensive therapy
    Authors: José Yamid Bolaños Cardozo
    Number of views: 644

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