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European Journal of Academic Essays

Number 10, 1

  • 1-8
    Determination of Radioactivity Levels and Hazard of Water and Sediment Samples in Various Gold Mining Pits at Itagunmodi Ilesha Nigeria
    Authors: Faweya E.B
    Number of views: 285
  • 9-16,
    Chemical Characterization and Biological Study of Azadirachta indica Extracts
    Authors: Jessinta Sandanasamy; Nour, Azhari Hamid; Tajuddin, Saiful Nizam and Nour, Abdurahman Hamid
    Number of views: 274
  • 17-22
    Oxidative Stress, Antioxidant and Leptin Status in Patients with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
    Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Hassanien , Saad-El-Din Abd-El-Fattah Abou-El-Noeman , Ehab Aboueladab
    Number of views: 266
  • 23-28
    Determinations of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria brongniartii on three sugar beet pests
    Authors: Sabbour, M.M and Nayera Y. solieman
    Number of views: 339
  • 29-35
    Depth and Disparity Extraction Structure for Multi View Images-Video Frame- A Review
    Authors: Mr. Kapil S. Raviya,Dr. Ashish M. Kothari,Dr. Dwivedi Ved Vyas
    Number of views: 260
  • 36-41
    Evaluations of Bacillus species against red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum and confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) under laboratory and store conditions
    Authors: Sabbour Magda, Foda. M.S. and Maysa E. Moharam
    Number of views: 258
  • 42-50
    Constraints to Education Development and Way Forward in Nigeria
    Authors: Ige Akindele, M, Fasakin, M.O
    Number of views: 495
  • 51-55
    Ultrasound Image Segmentation Techniques for Renal Calculi – A Review
    Authors: Sheth Dhrumil, Saurin Shah
    Number of views: 272

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