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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems

Number 1, 2019

  • 1
    Fusion Based Automatic Human Age Estimation Using Local Descriptors
    Authors: Penubaka Kiran Kumar Reddy
    Number of views: 422
  • 10
    RSA Cryptography based Multi-Modal Biometric Identification System for High-Security Application
    Authors: Kolli Vasavi, Yaratha Madhavee Latha
    Number of views: 236
  • 22
    Mammography Images Segmentation via Fuzzy C-mean and K-mean
    Authors: Mohammed Y. Kamil, Ali Mohammed Salih
    Number of views: 265
  • 30
    Relief-F and Budget Tree Random Forest Based Feature Selection for Student Academic Performance Prediction
    Authors: Kongara Deepika, Nallamothu Sathyanarayana
    Number of views: 264
  • 40
    The Robust Architecture Based Reliability Analysis Framework of Complex Software System Using In-Degree and Out-Degree
    Authors: Kaliraj Shanmugaiah, Bharathi Ayyaswamy
    Number of views: 247
  • 52
    An Efficient VLSI Implementation of De-Blocking Filter with CSLA for H.264
    Authors: Yogesh Gandasi Suresh, Sharanabasaveshwar Gangadharayya Hiremath
    Number of views: 262
  • 62
    Fusion Based Multimodel Biometric Authentication System using Ear and Fingerprint
    Authors: Thorepadi Kannappan Thivakaran, Sathya Veera Venkata Naga Chanukya Padira, Ayyanar Sanjeevi Kumar, Sureddy Sivar Reddy
    Number of views: 252
  • 74
    Multi Objective ALO Based Energy Efficient and Secure Routing OLSR Protocol in MANET
    Authors: Hamela Kanagasundaram, Kathirvel Ayyaswamy
    Number of views: 349
  • 84
    Web Architecture for Monitoring Field using Representational State Transfer Methods
    Authors: Krishna Kumar Palavalli Radharamana, Chandra Mouli, Udaya Kumar
    Number of views: 308
  • 94
    High Speed Soft Decision Decoding of Linear Codes Based on Hash and Syndrome Decoding
    Authors: Moulay Seddiq El Kasmi Alaoui, Said Nouh, Abdelaziz Marzak
    Number of views: 351
  • 104
    An Improved Resource Allocation Model for Grid Computing Environment
    Authors: Anju Shukla, Shishir Kumar, Harikesh Singh
    Number of views: 347
  • 114
    OLOA: Based Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Clouds
    Authors: Pradeep Krishnadoss, Prem Jacob
    Number of views: 360
  • 123
    Urgency Zone Partitioning-Based Data Diffusion Model for Intelligent Transport Systems
    Authors: Kalaivani Dhanasegaran, Rajkumar Soundrapandiyan
    Number of views: 294
  • 133
    Gravitational Search Algorithm for Power Quality Improvement of WECS with UPQC
    Authors: Gowtham Nagaraju, Shobha Shankar
    Number of views: 413
  • 142
    Multifocus Color Image Fusion Based on Walsh Hadamard Transform and Sum-Modified-Laplacian Focus Measure
    Authors: Nainavarapu Radha, Tummala Ranga Babu
    Number of views: 321
  • 151
    A Secure Model for Machine to Machine Device Domain Based Group in a Smart City Architecture
    Authors: Mariya Ouaissa, Abdallah Rhattoy
    Number of views: 331
  • 165
    A Hybrid Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Interface and Support Vector Machine Based Sentiment Analysis on Political Twitter Data
    Authors: Padmaja Katta, Nagaratna Parameshwar Hegde
    Number of views: 386
  • 174
    Hybrid Model for Load Balancing and Server Consolidation in Cloud
    Authors: Geetha Megharaj, Mohan Kabadi
    Number of views: 264
  • 189
    Multi-Context Trust Aware Routing For Internet of Things
    Authors: Sowmya Gali, Venkatram Nidumolu
    Number of views: 369
  • 201
    Probabilistic Optimal Power Dispatch Considering Price-Based Real-Time Demand Response
    Authors: Udoum Chhor, Uthen Leeton, Keerati Chayakulkheeree
    Number of views: 341
  • 211
    A Novel Configuration of a Miniature Printed Antenna Array Based on Defected Ground Structure
    Authors: Ahmed Ghaloua, Jamal Zbitou, Larbi El Abdellaoui, Mohamed Latrach, Abdelali Tajmouati, Ahmed Errkik
    Number of views: 491
  • 221
    Performance Modeling of Bio-Inspired Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network to Reduce End-to-End Delay
    Authors: Ramkumar Jaganathan, Vadivel Ramasamy
    Number of views: 322
  • 232
    Eye State Recognition Using Multiple Methods for Applied to Control Smart Wheelchair
    Authors: Gusti Pangestu, Fitri Utaminingrum, Fitra A. Bachtiar
    Number of views: 313
  • 242
    Heart Disease Prediction and Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization
    Authors: Youness Khourdifi, Mohamed Bahaj
    Number of views: 840
  • 253
    A Novel Partial 3D Object Retrieval Method Using Adaptive Slices Clustering
    Authors: Ilyass Ouazzani Taybi, Mohcine Bouksim, Rachid Alaoui, Taoufiq Gadi
    Number of views: 319
  • 263
    A Quasi-Mobile Sink Model to Optimize Deployment, Energy and Routing Cost for Scalable Static IoT Based Wireless Sensor Network
    Authors: Jayavignesh Thyagarajan, Subashini Sundararajan
    Number of views: 449
  • 277
    Hybrid Dimensionality Reduction of Multi-sets Using Nature Inspired Algorithms and Discriminant Canonical Correlation Analysis for Automatic Sleep Stage Classification
    Authors: Pimporn Moeynoi, Yuttana Kitjaidure
    Number of views: 399
  • 290
    Optimal Allocation and Sizing of Multiple DG in Radial Distribution System Using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
    Authors: Banka Jyothsna Rani, Ankireddipalli Srinivasula Reddy
    Number of views: 554
  • 300
    DTCWT-ICA based Improved DOA Estimation of Closely Spaced and Coherent Signals with Uniform Linear Array
    Authors: Dharmendra Ganage, Yerram Ravinder
    Number of views: 329
  • 310
    Massive MIMO: Enhancement of Spectral and Energy Efficiency for 5G Perspective
    Authors: Prasad Rayi, Makkapati Venkata Siva Prasad
    Number of views: 625

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