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Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan

Number 1, 2018

  • 1-12
    Productivity, Efficiency and Felling Cost of Intensive Silviculture at One Logging Company in East Kalimantan
    Authors: Dulsalam, Sukadaryati, & Yuniawati
    Number of views: 449
  • 13-22
    Quality Classification of 11 Indonesian Rattan Species Based on Density and Bending Strength
    Authors: Pari, R., Abdurachman, Jasni & Kalima, T.
    Number of views: 631
  • 23-31
    The Effect of Charcoal and Liquid Smoke on Gyrinops sp. Seedlings Growth
    Authors: Gusmailina, Komarayati, S., & Wibisono, HS.
    Number of views: 412
  • 33-46
    Synthesis of Tannin Resorcinol Formaldehyde Adhesive from Mangium Bark Extract for Improving Quality of Oil Palm Trunks
    Authors: Rachmawati, O. Sugita, P Santoso, A
    Number of views: 377
  • 59-65
    Chemical Composition and Natural Durability of Eight Wood Species Tested Under the Shade
    Authors: Wibisono, HS. Jasni Muliastuty Arsyad, WO.
    Number of views: 485

Number 4, 2017

  • 231-243
    Bioethanol Production of Sengon Wood (Falcataria moluccana (Miq.) Barneby & J.W. Grimes) Waste Using High Loading Substrate Method
    Authors: Ina Winarni & T. Beuna Bardant
    Number of views: 422
  • 243-254
    The Utilization of Rotting Fungi Spent Compost for Decomposition of Acacia mangium Pulp Sludge
    Authors: Sihati Suprapti, Djarwanto & Sri Komarayati
    Number of views: 323
  • 255-262
    Oil Content of Malapari L.) Pierre from Java Island as Biodiesel Raw Material
    Authors: Aam Aminah, Supriyanto, Iskandar Zulkarnaen Siregar dan Ani Suryani
    Number of views: 426
  • 263-272
    Characteristics of Bamboo Lamination on Jabon Board
    Authors: Achmad Supriadi, I.M. Sulastiningsih & Subyakto
    Number of views: 313
  • 289-301
    Natural Resistance of Bamboo Species Grown in Indonesia Against Subterranean Termites (Coptotermes curvignathus Holmgren)
    Authors: Jasni, Ratih Damayanti & Rohmah Pari
    Number of views: 659

Number 3, 2017

  • 145-153
    Analysis of Equipment Requirement in Timber Harvesting: A Case Study at PT. Surya Hutani Jaya, East Kalimantan
    Authors: Sona Suhartana & Yuniawati
    Number of views: 556
  • 185-195
    Selection of White Rot Fungi from Indonesian Tropical Forest as Laccase (Lac) and Manganase Peroxidase (MnP) Producers
    Authors: Lisna Efiyanti & Asep Hidayat
    Number of views: 561
  • 197-209
    Physical and Mechanical Properties of Oriented Strand Board Made of Tali Bamboo (Gigantochloa apus (J.A. & J.H. Schultes) Kurz
    Authors: I.M Sulastiningsih, Dian Anggraini Indrawan, Jamal Balfas, Adi Santoso & Mohammad Isa Iskandar
    Number of views: 443
  • 211-219
    Phenolics, Flavonoids, and Antioxidant Activity of Alstonia scholaris R.Br Stem Bark Extract
    Authors: Zuraida, Sulistiyani, Dondin Sajuthi, & Irma Herawati Suparto
    Number of views: 1901
  • 221-230
    Study of Pine Resin Tapping by Drilling Using H SO Stimulant
    Authors: Mody Lempang
    Number of views: 788

Number 2, 2017

  • 83-100
    Characterization of Palm Fruit Empty Bunches Bio-oil with the Addition of Ni/NZA Catalyst Using Free Fall Pyrolisis Method
    Authors: Santiyo Wibowo, Lisna Efiyanti, & Gustan Pari
    Number of views: 640
  • 101-114
    Cost Analysis of Self-Management Felling System: A Case Study in Two Forest Concessionaires, Central Kalimantan
    Authors: Soenarno
    Number of views: 507
  • 115-122
    Authors: Karnita Yuniarti, Efrida Basri, & Abdurachman
    Number of views: 281
  • 123-133
    Properties and Quality of the Activated Charcoal Made from Cashewnut Shell (Anacardium occidentale L.)
    Authors: Dewi Alimah
    Number of views: 375
  • 135-143
    for Bioethanol Production Yeast Mixed Formulation Made from Sengon Wood Waste
    Authors: Ina Winarni, Sri Komarayati, & Djarwanto
    Number of views: 625

Number 1, 2017

  • 1-13
    Physical and Drying Properties of Five Bamboo Species
    Authors: Efrida Basri & Rohmah Pari
    Number of views: 442
  • 15-27
    Chemical Component and Potential Utilization of Five Lesser Known Wood Species Originated from West Java
    Authors: Novitri Hastuti, Lisna Efiyanti, Gustan Pari, Saepuloh, & Dadang Setiawan
    Number of views: 422
  • 29-42
    Quality of Hardboard Made from Two Bamboo Species with Addition of Tannin Resorcinol Formaldehyde
    Authors: Dian Anggraini Indrawan, I.M. Sulastiningsih, Rossi Margareth Tampubolon, Gustan Pari, & Adi Santoso
    Number of views: 275
  • 43-52
    Classification of 23 Indonesian Rattan Species Based on Density and Tensile Strength Parallel to Grain
    Authors: Abdurachman, Jasni, Rohmah Pari, & Esti Rini Satiti
    Number of views: 319
  • 53-71
    Quality of Organic Wood Varnish from Teak Extract and Shellac
    Authors: Jamal Balfas
    Number of views: 386
  • 73-82
    Characterization of Carbon Pellets Made from Elephant Grass (Pennisetum purpureum Scumach) Mixed with Nyamplung Shell (Calophyllum inophyllum Linn.)
    Authors: Santiyo Wibowo, Daniel P.O Laia, Mohammad Khotib,& Gustan Pari
    Number of views: 512

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