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Number 136, 2017

  • 8-14
    Central Council and zemstvo self-government: march–october 1917
    Authors: Kozachenko A. I.
    Number of views: 303
  • 15-20
    To the question about the place of the right to defense in the system of human rights
    Authors: Boichuk D. S
    Number of views: 460
  • 21-31
    Quasidelicts in Ancient Roman Law
    Authors: Karnaukh B. P
    Number of views: 299
  • 32-39
    Grounds acquittance from civil liability of the carrier for breach of contract of carriage passengers and baggage
    Authors: Urazova A. A.
    Number of views: 316
  • 40-55
    Bargaining with the use of electronic form
    Authors: Filatova N. Yu.
    Number of views: 885
  • 56-63
    The forms of protection civil rights parties of the bank deposit contract
    Authors: Мoiseienko Y. N
    Number of views: 475
  • 64-71
    On the concept and function of money in civil law
    Authors: Petrofanova K. R
    Number of views: 757
  • 71-81
    Preliminary inquiry as a tool for ensuring the unity of judicial practice: the nature and mechanisms of introduction in civil proceedings
    Authors: Popov O. I
    Number of views: 415
  • 82-88
    The problem questions of update the legislation of Ukraine in aspect of professional representation a lawyer in civil procedure
    Authors: Shpak M. V.
    Number of views: 554
  • 89-105
    The Application of Overriding Mandatory Rules by Ukrainian Courts in Cases Arising on Cross-Border Unfair Competition
    Authors: Rebrysh B. Yu.
    Number of views: 587
  • 106-115
    Deregulation of scrap metal market: economic and legal aspects
    Authors: Shymko A. R.
    Number of views: 452
  • 116-125
    State agriculture policy of Ukraine on sustainable development of rural areas: legal aspects
    Authors: Kulchii I. M.
    Number of views: 401
  • 126-132
    Evolution of state support of agriculture of Ukraine: legal aspect
    Authors: Kupchenia L. I.
    Number of views: 648
  • 133-143
    National ecological network as an object of legal regulation: theoretic and legal understanding
    Authors: Stativka O. O.
    Number of views: 840
  • 144-152
    Legislative regulation of relations in the sphere of innovations in education
    Authors: Legenkyj M. I
    Number of views: 406
  • 153-160
    The ineffectiveness of contracts for public services
    Authors: Jorg Pudelka
    Number of views: 466
  • 161-172
    How to become a victim of crime
    Authors: Golovkin B. M
    Number of views: 551
  • 173-180
    Problems of determination of principle of psychological profile of unknown criminal person in investigational activity
    Authors: Galina Getman
    Number of views: 600
  • 181-192
    Concept «committing a crime by an organized group»: conceptual bases of research
    Authors: Nevidoma N.V.
    Number of views: 865
  • 193-204
    Application of SWOT and PESTEL analysis in combating economic crimes and when identifying threats to economic security of the state
    Authors: Nekrasov Viacheslav, Melnyk Vadym
    Number of views: 809
  • 205-214
    Social networks as one of the instruments of accumulation and illegal use of personal data of citizens
    Authors: Chernysh R. F.
    Number of views: 610
  • 215-224
    Object characteristics of the facility amount to a crime under the article #206-2 of the Criminal code of Ukraine
    Authors: Fedulova I. M.
    Number of views: 1951
  • 225-235
    The experience of public participation in the prevention of corruption in Ukraine
    Authors: Biletskyi A. V.
    Number of views: 600
  • 236-241
    Urbanization as an object of criminological research
    Authors: Boyko V.V.
    Number of views: 864
  • 242-249
    Latency of Modern Vandalism
    Authors: Bocharova K. A.
    Number of views: 433
  • 250-271
    The impact of economic globalization on transnational organized criminal activity
    Authors: Sidorov V. I., Zdorovko S. F.
    Number of views: 465

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