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Journal of Indian System of Medicine

Number 4, 2015

  • 2
    Digital Ayurveda
    Authors: SRP Kethamakka
    Number of views: 522
  • 3
    Anatomical variation in the origin of left vertebral artery: a case report
    Authors: Swati S Bedekar, Kulkarni BG, Uma B Gopal
    Number of views: 460
  • 3
    Ultrasonication: A Unique Extraction Method of Crude Drugs
    Authors: Dongre D. Sushma, Jadhav A. Jaimala, Bhagat P. Priya
    Number of views: 451
  • 4
    Experimental study on anti-hyperglycemic effect of Naga Bhasma (incinerated lead)
    Authors: Dhirajsingh Rajput, Mukesh Nariya, Biswajyoti Patgiri, Pradeepkumar Prajapati
    Number of views: 464
  • 5
    Role of Ayurvedic management in post natal Hypothyroidism - A case report
    Authors: Sumeeta Jain, Gautam S Jogad
    Number of views: 488
  • 5
    Efficacy of Vajigandhadi Taila and Tila Taila Matra Basti in the management of Gridhrasi
    Authors: Nandkishor P Umale
    Number of views: 643
  • 5
    Concepts and Prospects of Snehapana in Children
    Authors: Reena Kulkarni
    Number of views: 503
  • 6
    Rasaoushadhi described in Bhaishajyaratnnavali for the treatment of Amlapitta (Hyperacidity)
    Authors: Rahul.R.Zade, V.K.Pendse, Dhirajsingh Rajput
    Number of views: 585
  • 6
    Assessment and evaluation of Srotomula
    Authors: Anil Avhad, Manjiri Walinjkar, R.R. Dwivedi, H. A. Vyas
    Number of views: 484
  • 7
    Pharmacognostic & Phyto-chemical study of Ikshu root (Saccharum officinarum Linn.)
    Authors: Dattatrey Katkar, Yogini Kulkarni, Dhirajsingh Rajput
    Number of views: 503

Number 3, 2015

  • 3
    Prescribing Ayurveda
    Authors: SRP Kethamakka
    Number of views: 479
  • 3
    Current Status of Research Articles in Ayurveda
    Authors: Prajapati PK
    Number of views: 442
  • 3
    Role of Maheshwari Sutrani in improving Pronunciation
    Authors: Saroj Tirpude, Anil Avhad
    Number of views: 648
  • 5
    Antimicrobial study of Shadguna Rasa Sindura
    Authors: Rohit A Gokarn, Supriya Gokarn, Biswajyoti Patgiri, P K Prajapati
    Number of views: 433
  • 5
    Management of menopausal syndrome - A case report
    Authors: Harshala Rajurkar Sharma, Mrityunjay Sharma, Kiran Tawalare, Rachana Ramteke
    Number of views: 465
  • 6
    Anethum graveolens L. (dill): One plant for many Gynaecological disorders
    Authors: Pradip Kinage, Deepika Chaudhari
    Number of views: 586
  • 6
    Abhava Pratinidhi Dravya (substitutes for herbal drugs) acting on digestive system - A brief review
    Authors: Sneha Vidhate, Meena S Deogade, Pramod Khobragade
    Number of views: 554
  • 7
    Role of Bhallattaka Kshira Paka in the Management of Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis) - A Clinical Study
    Authors: Vinod N. Ade
    Number of views: 540
  • 7
    Scientific Evaluation of Sarasvata Churna - An Ayurvedic formulation
    Authors: Ashok Kumar Tiwari, Manoj Kumar Tripathi, Neelesh Dwivedi
    Number of views: 487
  • 8
    Pharmaco-Therapeutic Profile of Laxmivilas Rasa - An Ayurvedic Herbo-Mineral Formulation
    Authors: Bharat Rathi, Dhirajsingh Rajput, Rohit Gokarn, Darshana Mehakarkar
    Number of views: 478

Number 2, 2015

  • 3
    Business Ayurveda Modulated System
    Authors: SRP Kethamakka
    Number of views: 468
  • 4
    Clinical study to evaluate the role of Virechana Karma in management of Dyslipidemia
    Authors: Pooja B A, SantoshkumarBhatted, MeeraK.Bhojani
    Number of views: 514
  • 4
    Jirnashan - A definite way to overcome the Obesity (Sthaulya)
    Authors: Amol Kadu, Nitesh Shambharkar, Punam Mohokar
    Number of views: 470
  • 4
    Efficacy and Adverse Effects of Gunja beej lepa- A case series
    Authors: Nilima Wadnerwar, K.S.R. Prasad
    Number of views: 487
  • 5
    Pharmaceutical Standardization of Shatavari Granules
    Authors: Rohit Gokarn, Dhirajsingh Rajput, Anita Wanjari,Bharat Rathi
    Number of views: 512
  • 5
    Dhupakalpadhyaya of Kashyapa Samhita
    Authors: Sagar Bhinde, Sunil Joshi
    Number of views: 562
  • 5
    Sarvadoshahara Karma and Dravya
    Authors: Nitesh Shambharkar, Mohan Lal Jaiswal , Awantika Jaiswal
    Number of views: 543
  • 6
    Aspects of preformulation in Bhasma Kalpa (Incinerated metallic drug or medicines)
    Authors: Dhirajsingh S Rajput, Rohit Gokarn, Anita Wanjari, Bharat Rathi
    Number of views: 518
  • 6
    Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles through Medicinal Plants
    Authors: Meena Shamrao Deogade, KSR Prasad, Sunita V. Magar
    Number of views: 508
  • 13
    Anti-Oxidant Activity perspectives in Rasayana Karma
    Authors: Sushama B Bhuvad, K Nishteswar
    Number of views: 592

Number 1, 2015

  • 2
    Citation in Ayurveda articles
    Authors: SRP Kethamakka
    Number of views: 625
  • 2
    Pave the way to say bye to diabetes - A life style disorder
    Authors: Shobha G Hiremath
    Number of views: 465
  • 3
    Pothaki (trachoma) - A survey study of prevalence and severity
    Authors: Narayan Bavalatti, Manjusha Rajagopal, Vishwesh B N
    Number of views: 484
  • 3
    Extract Versus Whole Drug Usage
    Authors: Supriya R. Gokarn
    Number of views: 622
  • 4
    Effect of Herbal Medicinal Plants in Oral Hygiene -An Experimental Study
    Authors: Vidya B. Wasnik, Ashish A. Thatere
    Number of views: 503
  • 4
    Rasayana Loha Kalpas explained in Rasa Ratna Samucchaya
    Authors: Anup P. Pande, Shilpa B.Deshpande, Rohit A.Gokarna, Anita S.Wanjari
    Number of views: 470
  • 4
    Jalukavacharan (Leech) in Anjananamika (External Hordeolum)
    Authors: Amol Kadu
    Number of views: 489
  • 5
    Assessment of Achara Rasayana in domain of physical, mental and social health in Ayurveda students
    Authors: Priti Desai
    Number of views: 518
  • 5
    Mercury Notions and Facts: Need for Ayurveda Community
    Authors: Rohit A.Gokarna, Supriya Gokarn, Shilendra Mishra, Anup Pande
    Number of views: 426
  • 5
    Perspectives of Children Being Considered as Vulnerable Subjects in Clinical Trial
    Authors: Jyothy K B, Srihari S
    Number of views: 524
  • 6
    Randomized Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial on Role of Shatapushpa Choorna in Enhancement of Intelligence Quotient in School Going Children
    Authors: Srihari S, Jyothy K B, Lakshmeesh Upadhyay K
    Number of views: 515
  • 7
    Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda in the Management of Child Cerebral Palsy Spasticity
    Authors: Rahul Ghuse, Maleka Vhora, K.S.Patel, V.K.Kori , Rajagopala S
    Number of views: 542

Number 4, 2014

  • 2
    Madein India -Makein India
    Authors: SRPKethamakka
    Number of views: 453
  • 3
    Role of Shodhana and Shamana Chikitsa in Cerebral Palsy - A Case Study
    Authors: Sukhada Laxmidas Mayekar
    Number of views: 429
  • 4
    Present trends of researches in Rasashastra emphasizing safety of certain metallic preparations - A brief review
    Authors: Rohit Gokarn, Dhiraj Rajput ,P Bedarkar, Galib, BJ Patgiri, PK Prajapati
    Number of views: 469
  • 4
    Variation in the origin of Left Common Carotid Artery - A case report
    Authors: Giridhar M Kanthi , Sunitha Valsan
    Number of views: 477
  • 4
    Laws and Policies Applicable For the Promotion of Ayurveda
    Authors: Shyam L. Bhutada , Sachin G. Khedikar
    Number of views: 452
  • 5
    Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical study of Costus igneus NE Br leaf
    Authors: Meena S. Deogade, Anita Wanjari, Seema C. Lohakare
    Number of views: 529
  • 5
    Nabhi Marma- An Embryological and Anatomical Focus
    Authors: Diny Thomas, Kulkarni BG
    Number of views: 485
  • 5
    Fluorosis (Shyavdanta) - An Ayurvedic View
    Authors: Renu Bharat Rathi
    Number of views: 549
  • 6
    Diet in Psoriasis - An Ayurvedic Perspective
    Authors: Sanjeev.S.Tonni, Shamshad Begum
    Number of views: 462
  • 7
    Preliminary Pharmacognostical and Analytical study on “Triphaladi Avaleha” - A Poly Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation
    Authors: Abhishek Y. Patalia1, Preeti Pandya2
    Number of views: 463
  • 8
    Standardisation of Dhanyamala Kayaseka in the management of Amavata
    Authors: SRP Kethamakka, Shyju Ollakkod
    Number of views: 547
  • 8
    Concept of Genetics In Ayurveda
    Authors: Sachin G. Khedikar, Mukund P. Erande
    Number of views: 473

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