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Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine

Number 3(10), 2013

  • 757-766
    African eggplant (Solanum anguivi Lam.) fruit with bioactive polyphenolic compounds exerts in vitro antioxidant properties and inhibits Ca2+- induced mitochondrial swelling
    Authors: Olusola Olalekan Elekofehinti, Jean Paul Kamdem, Aline Augusti Bolingon, Margareth Linde Athayde, Seeger Rodrigo Lopes, Emily Pansera Waczuk, Ige Joseph Kade, Isaac Gbadura Adanlawo, Joao Batista Teixeira Rocha
    Number of views: 404
  • 767-775
    Bioefficacy of crude extract of Cyperus aromaticus (Family: Cyperaceae ) cultured cells, against Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes
    Authors: Fatemeh Kamiabi, Zairi Jaal, Chan Lai Keng
    Number of views: 309
  • 776-779
    Vasorelaxant activity of extracts obtained from Apium graveolens: Possible source for vasorelaxant molecules isolation with potential antihypertensive effect
    Authors: Vergara-Galicia Jorge, Jimenez-Ramirez Luis Ángel, Tun-Suarez Adrián, Aguirre-Crespo Francisco, Salazar-Gómez Anuar, Estrada-Soto Samuel, Sierra-Ovando Ángel, Hernandez-Nuñez Emmanuel
    Number of views: 315
  • 780-784
    Antiplasmodial, cytotoxic activities and characterization of a new naturally occurring quinone methide pentacyclic triterpenoid derivative isolated from Salacia leptoclada Tul. (Celastraceae) originated from Madagascar
    Authors: Fatiany Pierre Ruphin, Robijaona Baholy, Randrianarivo Emmanuel, Raharisololalao Amelie, Marie-Therese Martin, Ngbolua Koto-te-Nyiwa
    Number of views: 332
  • 785-789
    Identification of an anticancer compound against HT-29 cells from Phellinus linteus grown on germinated brown rice
    Authors: Tae-Il Jeon, Chang-Hwa Jung, Jeong-Yong Cho, Dong Ki Park, Jae-Hak Moon
    Number of views: 362
  • 790-797
    Production of microbial medium from defatted brebra (Milletia ferruginea) seed flour to substitute commercial peptone agar
    Authors: Berhanu Andualem, Amare Gessesse
    Number of views: 347
  • 798-805
    Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of ethanolic extract of aerial parts of Vernonia patula (Dryand.) Merr.
    Authors: Arpona Hira, Shubhra Kanti Dey, Md. Sariful Islam Howlader, Arif Ahmed, Hemayet Hossain, Ismet Ara Jahan
    Number of views: 352
  • 806-810
    Production of asiaticoside from centella (Centella asiatica L. Urban) cells in bioreactor
    Authors: Nguyen Hoang Loc, Nguyen Thi Duy Nhat
    Number of views: 325
  • 811-815
    In vitro treatments of Echinococcus granulosus with fungal chitosan, as a novel biomolecule
    Authors: Bahman Rahimi-Esboei, Mahdi Fakhar, Aroona Chabra, Mahboobeh Hosseini
    Number of views: 366
  • 816-821
    In vitro activity of natural honey alone and in combination with curcuma starch against Rhodotorula mucilaginosa in correlation with bioactive compounds and diastase activity
    Authors: Moussa Ahmed, Noureddine Djebli, Saad Aissat, Baghdad Khiati, Abdelmalek Meslem, Salima Bacha
    Number of views: 281
  • 822-824
    Seroprevalence of avian influenza (H9N2) in broiler chickens in Northwest of Iran
    Authors: Abolfazl Ghaniei, Manoochehr Allymehr, Ali Moradschendi
    Number of views: 299
  • 825-829
    First detection of Leishmania infantum DNA in wild caught Phlebotomus papatasi in endemic focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis, South of Iran
    Authors: Rassi Yavar, Karami Hadi, Abai Mohammad Reza, M Mohebali, Bakshi Hasan, Oshaghi Mohammad Ali, Rafizadeh Sina, Bagherpoor Hagigi Habib, Hosseini Abodolrahim, Gholami Manuchehr
    Number of views: 326
  • 830-833
    Mucormycosis in a diabetic ketoacidosis patient
    Authors: G. Sree Vijayabala, Rajeshwari G Annigeri, Ramachandran Sudarshan
    Number of views: 314
  • 834-840
    Review on pharmacological and toxicologyical effects of oleum azadirachti oil
    Authors: Khaled MM Koriem
    Number of views: 395

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