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Number 1 (17) / 2, 2017

  • 5-8
    Political element in the activities of the Masonic Order in Europe during the XVIII-XIX centuries
    Authors: Pomazan Dmitri
    Number of views: 240
  • 9-17
    Russian mental «Matrioshka» in the European travelogues mirror of the Mykolayiv age
    Authors: Kryvosheia Igor, Kwasniewska Olexandra
    Number of views: 228
  • 18-21
    Alternatively farm community ownership in government projects agrarian reform of Russian Empire in the early ХХ century
    Authors: Svyashchenko Zinayida
    Number of views: 201
  • 22-27
    United States policy on the British naval blockade during the First World War in the context of the «German policy» (1914-1918)
    Authors: Kazakov Gennadiy
    Number of views: 220
  • 28-33
    Development of ideas of European Unity in 1920-1930th
    Authors: Skripnik Olena
    Number of views: 459
  • 33-41
    Majdanek – Nazi concentration camp
    Authors: Mykhailiuk Maryna
    Number of views: 279
  • 42-46
    The establishment of the international intergovernmental organisation –Council of Europe, as a stage of integration development in 1948-1949
    Authors: Goncharenko Lesya
    Number of views: 253
  • 47-52
    The Ukrainians on the protection of the Croatian statehood in the ХХ century
    Authors: Nahirnyj Mykola
    Number of views: 271
  • 53-57
    The Asia-Pacific direction of the Spanish foreign policy under governments of J.M. Aznar (1996-2004)
    Authors: Matlay Lyubava
    Number of views: 233
  • 58-64
    British–American military-industrial international cooperation (1997-2007)
    Authors: Goncharenko Anatoliy
    Number of views: 276
  • 65-68
    Cultural and educational relations of Belarus and Ukraine (1991-2010)
    Authors: Pavlovych Yuri
    Number of views: 221
  • 69-74
    The US policy toward Azerbaidzan in the early years of the presidency by George W. Bush (2001-2002)
    Authors: Kryvosheia Igor, Yakimenko Liudmyla
    Number of views: 223
  • 75-79
    The economic factor in international security Ukraine: history and modernity
    Authors: Pohromskiy Viktor, Mashchenko Viktor
    Number of views: 229
  • 80-85
    The international legal basis of cooperation of Ukraine and the European Union (1991-2014)
    Authors: Potapova Olena
    Number of views: 214
  • 86-90
    Trade and economic relations between Canada and Russia: past and present
    Authors: Andreieva Kateryna
    Number of views: 236
  • 91-97
    The founder of agricultural science and branch education in the Ukrainian lands Professor M.G. Livanov – 265 years
    Authors: Vergunov Victor
    Number of views: 266
  • 98-105
    Preconditions of the beginning of naturalists’ societies at the universities of Ukraine in the end of 1860th
    Authors: Korobchenko Anhelina
    Number of views: 224
  • 106-110
    Formation of social demand for the public Association of scientists in the period of development of capitalism
    Authors: Levchenko Inna
    Number of views: 234
  • 111-116
    Count S.Y. Witte as railwayman
    Authors: Petruchenko Oleksiy
    Number of views: 252
  • 117-122
    Hydroulic engineering projects by the academician I.H. Aleksandrov in the Central Asia (1913- 1918)
    Authors: Isaienko Oleksandr
    Number of views: 237
  • 123-129
    Academician Evgen Oppokov`s scientific achievements to the establishment of hydro melioration in Ukraine
    Authors: Zaiets Elena
    Number of views: 242
  • 130-133
    Chemical reclamation of soils in Ukraine: historical aspect
    Authors: Shchebetyuk Natalia
    Number of views: 221
  • 134-138
    The questions of breeding improvement of White-Headed Ukrainian Breed in scientific work of professor M. Kravchenko
    Authors: Shulha Volodymyr
    Number of views: 230

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