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Number 1 (13) / 3, 2016

  • 5-10
    Stages and features of the process of formations of the bulgarian ethnic minority in Ukraine
    Authors: Grishchenko Julia
    Number of views: 326
  • 11-15
    Patronage activity of «Charitable society on universally beneficial and cheap books publishing» (1898-1918)
    Authors: Demuz Inna
    Number of views: 266
  • 16-20
    General trends of manufacturing in Ukraine in the second half of XIX – early of XX century
    Authors: Moskalyuk Mykola
    Number of views: 288
  • 21-25
    State of affaires of Greek-Catholic Church in Poland prior to the Concordate of 1925
    Authors: Hentosh Liliana
    Number of views: 355
  • 38-43
    Shevchenko’s image in the works of Osip Hermaize
    Authors: Hordiyenko Vyacheslav, Hordiyenko Galina
    Number of views: 247
  • 44-51
    Nazi occupation authorities’ exploitation of manpower resources in rural districts of «Dnepropetrovsk» (1941-1944)
    Authors: Handrabura Nataliya
    Number of views: 260
  • 52-62
    The place of arms by Kovalivka: heroism, tragedy, memory
    Authors: Zakharhenko Olexiy
    Number of views: 512
  • 63-68
    International humanitarian mission of the Red Cross in Ukraine (1991-2015)
    Authors: Yashchuk Olga
    Number of views: 330
  • 69-72
    Eva Felinska – the guardian of modern Polish association at the Volyn: life, activity, memory
    Authors: Garbaruk Alyona
    Number of views: 379
  • 73-79
    Organization of monastic life on the lands of Great Novgorod in old rus’ time
    Authors: Tymchuk Illya
    Number of views: 279
  • 80-85
    The problem of software «reformation» the CPSU Central Committee documents (1985-1986)
    Authors: Homutovs’ka Iryna
    Number of views: 247
  • 86-92
    The national elections of 1986 in Spain – continuity changes
    Authors: Нodlevskay Valentinа
    Number of views: 274
  • 93-96
    History, current state and prospects of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Indonesia
    Authors: Nedbay Vyacheslav
    Number of views: 392
  • 103-108
    The problem questions of partnership of Poland and USA at the end of ХХ – early of ХХІ century
    Authors: Buglay Natalia
    Number of views: 278
  • 109-114
    Pragmatism of South Korean foreign policy in the 21st century
    Authors: Matlay Lyubava
    Number of views: 580
  • 115-120
    Formation and development of information management support activity in Ukraine: international experience
    Authors: Datskiv Igor, Tseliukh Andrii
    Number of views: 444
  • 121-125
    Ukrainian Public and Political Magazines of Galicia 1848-1914: Analysis of Sources
    Authors: Sholohon Liliya
    Number of views: 249
  • 126-132
    Scientist-emigrant Alexander Bilimovich as a researcher of the history of national cooperation
    Authors: Onipko Tatyan
    Number of views: 301
  • 133-138
    The Nazi occupation of Galicia (1941-1944): Report of funds archives in Poland
    Authors: Savitskiy Roman
    Number of views: 503

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