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Proceedings of the State Natural History Museum

Number 25, 2009

  • 53-58
    Sustainment of populations of Symphytum cordatum Waldst. et Kit. ex Willd.
    Authors: Kobiv V.М.
    Number of views: 252
  • 77-84
    Intra- and interpopulation morphological changeability of Coronilla coronata L. (Fabaceae) in North-Western Podillia
    Authors: Pankiv N.Y.
    Number of views: 271
  • 91-98
    The balancing estimation of organic carbon turnover in the ecosystems of boreal series on timberline of Chornogora (Ukrainian Carpathians)
    Authors: Shpakivska I.M.
    Number of views: 246
  • 99-110
    Heavy metals in ecosystems of man-caused area of Yavoriv open-cast sulfur mining (Ciscarpathian region)
    Authors: Kozlovskyy V.I.
    Number of views: 277
  • 117-124
    Functional role of the bryophytes in renaturalization of technogenic ecosystems of Volyno-Podillіa
    Authors: Ragulina M.E., Vovk O.B., Orlov O.L.
    Number of views: 253
  • 131-136
    Peculiarities interaction of chemical elements on growth and development of moss Funaria hygrometrica Hedw.
    Authors: Lobachevska O.V., Melnyk I.V., Oksenjuk U.A.
    Number of views: 282
  • 137-142
    Peculiarities of functioning of antioxidant systems of epiphytic moss Leskea polycarpa Hedw. according to atmospheric pollution
    Authors: Kyjak N.Ya.
    Number of views: 287
  • 143-148
    The influence of light and gravity on the tropisms of protonemata and morphogenesis of moss gametophyte
    Authors: Khorkavtsiv Ya. D., Demkiv O.T.
    Number of views: 276
  • 149-154
    Variability of the moss Amblystegium serpens (Hedw.) Schimp. from different ecotopes
    Authors: Baik O.L.
    Number of views: 271
  • 155-160
    Contents of free proline of arboreal plants as indication sign of ecological state urbanized territories
    Authors: Parpan V.I., Mylen’ka M.M.
    Number of views: 248
  • 161-170
    Features of age structure of urban populations of muroid rodents
    Authors: Cheremnyh N.M.
    Number of views: 257
  • 193-201
    Ontomorphogenesis of grass renascent Centaurea jacea L. (Asteraceae)
    Authors: Parpan V.I., Kokar N.V.
    Number of views: 274
  • 209-218
    Рroblems of the identification Festuca prseudodalmatica Krajina ex Domin (Poaceae)
    Authors: Bednarska I.A.
    Number of views: 277
  • 237-244
    The rare phytocoenofund of "Skolivski Beskydy" National Nature Park
    Authors: Vorontsov D.P.
    Number of views: 269
  • 251-266
    Regularities in size differentiation of species and sexes in multispecies guild (example with genus Mustela)
    Authors: Zagorodniuk I.V.
    Number of views: 245
  • 267-274
    Bat fauna and species distribution (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in the Ukrainian Carpathians area
    Authors: Bashta A.-T.
    Number of views: 251
  • 281-288
    The Syrphid Flies (Diрtеrа, Syrphidae) of the Natural Reserve „Medobory” (Western Podillia)
    Authors: Lishchuk A.V.
    Number of views: 315
  • 289-296
    The rare component of biodiversity of the National Natural Park "Hutsulshchyna"
    Authors: Prorochuk V.V.
    Number of views: 234

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