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Carptahian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Number 8/2, 2015

  • 4
    Wearable sensors network for activity recognition using inertial sensors
    Authors: I. Orha, S. Oniga
    Number of views: 603
  • 4
    Road Anomalies Detection Using Basic Morphological Algorithms
    Authors: Dalia Danilescu, Alexandru Lodin, Lăcrimioara Grama, Corneliu Rusu
    Number of views: 563
  • 4
    Solution for Monitoring the Flows through Web Dynpro ABAP Interfaces
    Authors: Mihaela Osaci, Adela Berdie, Iulia Andrea, Iohana Varadi
    Number of views: 681
  • 4
    Influence of Stimuled Raman Scattering on Transmitted Optical Signal in WDM System
    Authors: Ján Ružbarský, Ján Turán, Ľuboš Ovseník
    Number of views: 690
  • 4
    Free Space Optics – Monitoring Setup for Experimental Link
    Authors: Ján Tóth, Ľuboš Ovseník, Ján Turán
    Number of views: 600
  • 4
    Networkable Sensor Station for DSN-PC System
    Authors: Ádám Vas, Gábor Nagy, László Tóth
    Number of views: 609
  • 6
    Using Decision Trees in Data Mining for Predicting Factors Influencing Heart Disease
    Authors: Moloud Abdar
    Number of views: 629
  • 8
    Comparative study between PI, RST and sliding mode controllers of a DFIG supplied by an AC-AC converter for wind energy conversion system
    Authors: Ahmed Bourouina, Abdelkader Chaker, Zinelaabidine Boudjema, Abdelkader Djahbar
    Number of views: 573

Number 8/1, 2015

  • 4
    Accelerating and benchmarking operating system functions in a “soft” system
    Authors: P. Molnár, A. Kicsák, J. Végh
    Number of views: 576
  • 4
    Development of Three Didactical Laboratory Modules Based on Industrial SCADA Principles
    Authors: Vlad-Cristian Georgescu
    Number of views: 612
  • 4
    Rewriting MIMO Channel Capacity for Antenna Configuration Comparison
    Authors: N. Crișan, L. C. Cremene
    Number of views: 548
  • 4
    Image Pre-processing in Vertical Traffic Signs Detection System
    Authors: Dávid Solus, Ľuboš Ovseník, Ján Turán
    Number of views: 571
  • 5
    High order sliding mode control of a DFIM supplied by two power inverters
    Authors: Z. Boudjema, R. Taleb, A. Yahdou, H. Kahal
    Number of views: 581
  • 5
    Robust steganographic method utilizing properties of MJPEG compression standard
    Authors: Jakub Oravec, Gabriel Bugár, Ján Turán
    Number of views: 575
  • 6
    Influence of Self-Phase Modulation on 8 and 16-Channel DWDM System with NRZ and Miller Coding
    Authors: T. Ivaniga, L. Ovseník, J. Turán
    Number of views: 590
  • 7
    Why Evolutionary Ontologies are not Genetic Programming
    Authors: D. Contraș, O. Matei
    Number of views: 579

Number 7/2, 2014

  • 4
    Switching of Hybrid FSO/RF Link Using Fog Sensor
    Authors: M. Tatarko, L. Ovseník, J. Turán
    Number of views: 636
  • 4
    Magnetic Sensors in Inertial Measurement Units
    Authors: S. Sabou
    Number of views: 611
  • 5
    Free Space Optics Availability and Reliability
    Authors: J. Tóth, M. Tatarko, L. Ovseník, J. Turán, J. Ružbarský
    Number of views: 604
  • 5
    Recognition System for Vertical Traffic Signs Using an Optical Correlator
    Authors: J. Ružbarský, J. Tóth, T. Ivaniga, J. Turán, L. Ovseník
    Number of views: 585

Number 7/1, 2014

  • 4
    Analisys of the Methods of Preventing of Contention Resolution in Optical Packet Switching Networks
    Authors: A. Abdullaev, Ján Turán
    Number of views: 684
  • 5
    Wearable sensors network for health monitoring using e-Health platform
    Authors: I. Orha, S. Oniga
    Number of views: 603
  • 6
    A Driver Behavior Learning Framework for Enhancing Traffic Simulation
    Authors: R. M. Paven, M. Pachia, D. Pescaru
    Number of views: 593
  • 6
    Segmentation of complex document
    Authors: S. Oudjemia, Z. Ameur, A. Ouahabi
    Number of views: 600
  • 6
    Optical Networks FTTx and Reduced Attenuation Balance with Passive Optical Splitter
    Authors: T. Ivaniga, J. Ružbarský, Ľ. Ovseník, J. Turán
    Number of views: 534

Number 6/2, 2013

  • 4
    A new C++ implemented feed forward neural network simulator
    Authors: J. Sütő, S. Oniga
    Number of views: 575
  • 4
    MEMS-Based Inertial Measurement
    Authors: S. Sabou
    Number of views: 599
  • 4
    The New Statistical Model for FSO Systems
    Authors: J. Tóth, Ľ. Ovseník, J. Turán
    Number of views: 617
  • 4
    The Study of Low Power Wind Turbine Joliet Cyclone
    Authors: R. Joian, D. Petreuş, M. Horgoş, C. Lung
    Number of views: 557
  • 5
    Detector of Traffic Signs with using Hue-Saturation-Value color model
    Authors: T. Harasthy, Ľ. Ovseník, J. Turán
    Number of views: 571
  • 5
    Aggregated Dynamic Dataflow Graph Generation and Visualization
    Authors: I. Szabó, G. Wacha, J. Lazányi
    Number of views: 598
  • 6
    On the relationship between received signal strength and received signal strength index of IEEE 802.11 compatible radio transceivers
    Authors: A. Buchman, C. Lung
    Number of views: 559
  • 6
    Advanced Medication Dispenser
    Authors: A.I. Alexan, A.R. Osan, S. Oniga
    Number of views: 622
  • 6
    Implementation of Brushed DC Motor Control in LabVIEW FPGA
    Authors: K. Lamár, A. G. Kocsis
    Number of views: 643
  • 8
    Fuzzy sliding mode control of a doubly fed induction generator for wind energy conversion
    Authors: Z. Boudjema, A. Meroufel, Y. Djerriri, E. Bounadja
    Number of views: 602

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