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Acta Informatica Pragensia

Number 3, 2015

  • 206-225
    It Leaks More Than You Think: Fingerprinting Users from Web Traffic Analysis
    Authors: Xujing Huang
    Number of views: 511
  • 226-241
    Security Measures in Automated Assessment System for Programming Courses
    Authors: Jana Šťastná, Ján Juhár, Miroslav Biňas, Martin Tomášek
    Number of views: 535
  • 242-257
    Practice of Digital Forensic Investigation in the Czech Republic and ISO/IEC 27037:2012
    Authors: Jaromír Veber, Zdeněk Smutný, Ladislav Vyskočil
    Number of views: 901
  • 258-275
    Modification of Steganographic Algorithm Using LSB and a Set of Stegomedia
    Authors: Branislav Madoš, Mária Feková
    Number of views: 568
  • 276-287
    A Fine-Grained Data Access Control System in Wireless Sensor Network
    Authors: Boniface K. Alese, Sylvester O. Olatunji, Oluwatoyin C. Agbonifo, Aderonke F. Thompson
    Number of views: 548
  • 288-301
    Using of Sound-Based Communication in the Process of Malware Distribution without Connectivity to Network Services
    Authors: Ján Hurtuk
    Number of views: 537
  • 302-309
    Verifiable Distribution of Material Goods Based on Cryptology
    Authors: Radomír Palovský
    Number of views: 537
  • 310-317
    Android Access Control Extension
    Authors: Anton Baláž, Branislav Madoš, Michal Ambróz
    Number of views: 577
  • 318-325
    A Few Ideas for Creating Passwords
    Authors: Petr Strossa, Radomír Palovský
    Number of views: 563
  • 326-335
    Security Management – Systems Approach
    Authors: Milan Kný
    Number of views: 625
  • 336-348
    Selected Trends of the Cybercrime
    Authors: Josef Požár
    Number of views: 695

Number 2, 2015

  • 108-121
    AHP Model for the Big Data Analytics Platform Selection
    Authors: Martin Lněnička
    Number of views: 666
  • 122-139
    Proposal of Decision-making Model Using the DeLone and McLean’s Information System Success Model Together with the AHP
    Authors: Radek Němec, František Zapletal
    Number of views: 578
  • 140-153
    Measures of quality of process models created in BPMN
    Authors: Radek Hronza, Josef Pavlíček, Pavel Náplava
    Number of views: 595
  • 154-173
    Color Mapping on Common Use-Cases in a Web Application
    Authors: Jiří Hradil, Vilém Sklenák
    Number of views: 583
  • 174-181
    Modified Ishikawa Diagram as a Tool for Knowledge-Mapping of Agronomic Practices
    Authors: Petr Kedaj, Josef Pavlíček
    Number of views: 591
  • 182-200
    Predatory Open Access Publishers and other Dangers to Today’s Scientific Community
    Authors: Zdeněk Smutný, Václav Řezníček
    Number of views: 671

Number 1, 2015

  • 4-17
    Current State of Agile Methodologies Worldwide and in the Czech Republic
    Authors: Martin Tománek
    Number of views: 572
  • 18-29
    Measures of Quality in Business Process Modelling
    Authors: Radek Hronza, Josef Pavlíček, Richard Mach, Pavel Náplava
    Number of views: 615
  • 30-43
    Generated Report of the ORD BORM Model
    Authors: Jakub Tůma, Marek Pícka, Petr Hanzlík
    Number of views: 600
  • 44-51
    Context Sources and their Processing in Company Security
    Authors: Libor Měsíček
    Number of views: 575
  • 52-63
    Evaluation of Web GIS Applications and their Development Tools Using AHP
    Authors: Miroslav Pásler
    Number of views: 613
  • 64-79
    Traffic Accident, System Model and Cluster Analysis in GIS
    Authors: Veronika Vlčková, Pavel Hrubeš
    Number of views: 645
  • 80-89
    Influence of Organization Management on Systems of Performance Measurement and Management Control
    Authors: Zora Říhová
    Number of views: 598
  • 90-101
    Usability of Public Administration Electronic Forms
    Authors: Miloslav Hub, Michal Chudoba
    Number of views: 597

Number 3, 2014

  • 222-238
    When Sentry Goes Stealing: An Information Systems Security Case Study in Behavioural Context
    Authors: Syed Irfan Nabi, Zaheeruddin Asif, Abdulrahman A. Mirza
    Number of views: 533
  • 239-250
    Effective Mind Maps in E-learning
    Authors: Petr Kedaj, Josef Pavlíček, Petr Hanzlík
    Number of views: 721
  • 251-258
    Communication Audit Conclusions of IT Processes through Instruments of System Thinking
    Authors: Martin Dalihod
    Number of views: 572
  • 259-279
    Cloud Computing and Real Options as an Accelerator of IT Startups
    Authors: Pavel Náplava
    Number of views: 580
  • 280-287
    Tools for Automatic Recognition of Persons and their Relationships in Unstructured Data
    Authors: Jaroslav Ráček, Jan Ministr
    Number of views: 565
  • 288-294
    System Dynamics Model as a Component of Competitive Intelligence
    Authors: Stanislava Mildeová
    Number of views: 714

Number 2, 2014

  • 137-153
    Demographic Targeting of Internet Advertising
    Authors: Václav Stříteský, Marek Stříteský
    Number of views: 546
  • 154-167
    Unstructured Data Analysis from Facebook Banking Sites
    Authors: Lucie Šperková
    Number of views: 560
  • 168-180
    Presentation of the banking and telecommunications sector on Google+
    Authors: Libor Měsíček
    Number of views: 576
  • 181-191
    Creation, Dissemination and Reception of Communication Stereotypes in On-line Media
    Authors: Juraj Rusnák
    Number of views: 582
  • 192-203
    Postinternet Marketing: For a Philosophy and Art of Online Marketing
    Authors: Václav Janoščík
    Number of views: 562
  • 204-218
    Rethinking the Concept of Just Noticeable Difference in Online Marketing
    Authors: Viktor Vojtko
    Number of views: 1060
  • 219-221
    Jan Egem: Knowledge of Customer Data and Their Integration in Marketing
    Authors: Stanislava Mildeová, Zdeněk Smutný
    Number of views: 532

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