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Number Volume 8, 2013

  • 9-16
    Characterization of symptoms of progressive foliar drying, a new disease on oil palm in the department of Magdalena
    Authors: Alberto Páez-Redondo, Xilena Blanco-Muñoz, Rosa Ospino-Castro
    Number of views: 717
  • 17 - 28
    Stem basic density of dry forests trees in the Colombian Caribbean coast
    Authors: Esteban Álvarez, Doris Benitez, Cesar Velásquez, Alvaro Cogollo
    Number of views: 711
  • 29 - 42
    Determination of the vulnerability and the coastal risk by the application of GIS tools and multicriteria methods
    Authors: Nelson Guillermo Rangel-Buitrago, Blanca Oliva Posada-Posada
    Number of views: 720
  • 43 - 51
    Selection of parameters in the design of beach coastal water quality monitoring programs
    Authors: Marko Tosic, Silvia Narváez-Flórez, Juan Pablo Parra
    Number of views: 588
  • 53 - 60
    Parameters of infection by nematodes of the family Anisakidae that parasitize parassi mullet (Mugil incilis) in the bay of Cartagena (Colombian Caribbean)
    Authors: Luis Ruiz, Adriana Vallejo
    Number of views: 754
  • 61 - 68
    Current microbial diversity in the odontologic clinic´s environment of the university of Magdalena
    Authors: César Camilo Zambrano-Gari, Jorge Alberto Luna-Fontalvo
    Number of views: 750
  • 69 - 78
    Effect of subbituminous coal on growth and pigments concentration of Dunaliella salina (Teodoresco, 1905) cultivated in photobioreactor multiple chambers oscillating
    Authors: Euler Gallego, Lena Manjarrez, Leidys Herrera, Edgardo José Leal
    Number of views: 617
  • 79 - 86
    Growth and postlarval survival of Macrobrachium inca (Holthuis, 1950) (Crustacea, Palaemonidae) fed biological silage
    Authors: Evelyn Dávila, Josselyne Medina, Walter Reyes
    Number of views: 885
  • 87 - 97
    Reproductive effort in molluscs: A review
    Authors: Luz Adriana Velasco
    Number of views: 657
  • 99 - 103
    Lerneosis in Prochilodus magdalenae Prochilodontidae fingerlings, cultivated under laboratory conditions
    Authors: Jonathan Sarmiento, Adriana Rodríguez
    Number of views: 690

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