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Number 1, 2017

  • 6 - 7
    El suicidio en Colombia durante el año 2015
    Authors: Guillermo Augusto Ceballos Ospino
    Number of views: 345
  • 8 - 15
    Validity and reliability of menopause rating scale in colombian indigenous population
    Authors: Álvaro Monterrosa Castro, Ángel José Paternina Caicedo, Edwin Herazo Acevedo, Heidi Celina Oviedo Acevedo, Adalberto Campo Arias
    Number of views: 402
  • 16 - 24
    Diagnosis of the situation of visits to patients held in intensive care units
    Authors: Rosa Del Socorro Morales Aguilar, Gloria Elena LastreAmell, Alba Pardo Vasquez, Moisés De La Hoz Mercado
    Number of views: 344
  • 25 - 34
    Attitudes about opinions and practices in students of birth control a faculty of humanities in Santa Marta
    Authors: Ubaldo Rodríguez De Ávila, Johanna Bocanegra Sandoval, Edilberto Maestre Oñate, Sergio Lozano González
    Number of views: 329
  • 35 - 44
    Social support and sense of community in displaced people and victims in the department of Magdalena
    Authors: Aníbal Camargo Velásquez, Jorge Palacio Sañudo
    Number of views: 342
  • 45 - 53
    The financial burden of family care of the chronically ill in Guatemala
    Authors: Orfa Nineth Morales Padilla, Gladys Ayde Pinituj Monroy, Crisanda Alcira Escobar Vásquez
    Number of views: 366
  • 54 - 60
    Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase on indian Piaroas in malaria-endemic area
    Authors: Gilberto Antonio Bastidas Pacheco, Mariana Hidalgo Rojas, Laura del Carmen Colman Álvarez, Marianela Peña Toro, Marco Antonio Quintero Reyes, Hilda Antonieta Pérez Carvajal
    Number of views: 316
  • 61 - 69
    Cardiovascular risk factors in a foundation workers, Cartagena
    Authors: Amparo Astrid Montalvo-Prieto, Johana Barcinilla Alarcón, Elindis Navarro Guzmán
    Number of views: 388
  • 70 - 78
    Fybromialgya, social inequities and gender. Qualitative study about the transformation of body discomfort into psychosocial discomfort
    Authors: Margot Pujal I-Llombart, Enrico Mora Malo, Nicolás Schöngut Grollmus
    Number of views: 357
  • 79 - 90
    Nursing approach in primary care of diabetes and heart as a key tool for prevention, care and promotion
    Authors: Daulys Alessa Mendinueta Marin, Zayne Alejandra Valderrama Cadavid, Guillermo Trout Guardiola, Marta Paredes Bermúdez
    Number of views: 428
  • 91 - 100
    Physical activity reduces the risk of death in patients with hypertension
    Authors: Karen del Carmen Hernández Gil, Martha Karely Pérez Morales, Pedro Iván Arias Vázquez
    Number of views: 313

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