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Варненски медицински форум (Varna Medical Forum)

Number 1, 3

  • 5-9
    Quantity and Distribution of Proliferating Cells in the Juvenile and Adult Primate Spinal Cord
    Authors: Dessislava Marinova, Vesselina Mihaleva, Meglena Angelova, Stoyan Pavlov, Tetsumori Yamashima, Vanya Goranova, Anton Tonchev
    Number of views: 649
  • 10-14
    Phenotype of De Novo Generated Cells in the Spinal Cord of Adult Macaque Monkeys
    Authors: Dessislava Marinova, Meglena Angelova, Vesselina Mihaleva, Stoyan Pavlov, Vanya Goranova, Tetsumori Yamashima, Anton Tonchev
    Number of views: 673
  • 15-20
    Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Aronia Melanocarpa Fruit Juice
    Authors: Stefka Valcheva-Kuzmanova, Petko Denev, Maria Krachanova, Adriana Surleva, Anna Belcheva
    Number of views: 721
  • 21-28
    Pulmonary Embolism. Predisposing Factors and Management
    Authors: Radoslava Koleva, Lilyana Mircheva
    Number of views: 1046
  • 29-35
    Operative Techniques for Placement of Peritoneal Catheters
    Authors: Vasil Bozhkov, Plamen Chernopolsky, Rosen Madjov
    Number of views: 977
  • 36-43
    Applying Free Microvascular Latissimus Dorsi Flaps for Reconstruction of Post-Ablative Defects Affecting the Skull Base
    Authors: Yordan Yordanov
    Number of views: 760
  • 44-47
    PSA Dynamics in Patients with BPH and Patients Treated with 5.Alpha Reductase Inhibitors
    Authors: Tosho Ganev, Lidiya Petkova, Tony Statelov, Nikolay Evtimov
    Number of views: 662
  • 48-51
    To Screen or Not to Screen for Prostate Cancer
    Authors: Tosho Ganev, Lidiya Petkova, Tony Statelov, Nikolay Evtimov
    Number of views: 654
  • 52-56
    Quality of Life in Patients with Bronchial Asthma in Childhood
    Authors: Anna Todorova, Antoaneta Tsvetkova, Ana-Maria Velcheva, Maia Radeva, Kristina Decheva, Teodora Georgieva, Nadia Agova
    Number of views: 610
  • 57-61
    Our Experience of Treatment of Arthrosis Disease and Some Enthesopathy with Geothermal Water from Spring R.119X
    Authors: Evgenia Vladeva, Mariana Mihajlova, Ilia Todorov, Todor Todorov
    Number of views: 604
  • 62-65
    Contemporary Physiotherapeutical Treatment for Low Back Pain
    Authors: Todor Todorov, Ilia Todorov, Mariana Mihajlova, Evgenia Vladeva
    Number of views: 861
  • 66-68
    Social Problems of Colostoma Patients After Hospital Discharge
    Authors: Maria Dimitrova, Ivanka Stambolova, Galina Chaneva
    Number of views: 644
  • 69-74
    The Expert Decision - a Necessary Requirement for Social Integration of Disabled People
    Authors: Paraskeva Mancheva
    Number of views: 682
  • 75-81
    National Information Birth System - Electronic Register
    Authors: Ivan Kostov
    Number of views: 817
  • 82-86
    „Mom, Dad and Me“ - An Innovative Web Portal with a Focus on Maternal and Child Health
    Authors: Ivan Kostov, Ivan of Lazarov
    Number of views: 637

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