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Варненски медицински форум (Varna Medical Forum)

Number 2, 2

  • 5-8
    Noodynamics - an Integrated Part of Healthy Personality’s Nature
    Authors: Svetlana Popova
    Number of views: 661
  • 9-13
    Nociceptin and Pilot Experiments to Detect Pharmacological Effects of its Short-Chain Analogues
    Authors: Svetlana Stoeva, Lyubka Tancheva, Stela Dragomanova, Tamara Paypanova, Marieta Georgieva
    Number of views: 628
  • 15-22
    Genetic Factors, Inheritance Risk and Prenatal Protection in Diabetes Mellitus
    Authors: Lyudmila Angelova
    Number of views: 652
  • 23-26
    Biological Aspects of in Vitro Fertilization in Patients with Poor Ovarian Reserve
    Authors: Gergana Ingilizova, Ivan Kostov, Ivan Lazarov, Daniela Velkova
    Number of views: 666
  • 27-30
    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection +ICSI, - Advantages and Disadvantages
    Authors: Gergana Ingilizova, Ivan Kostov, Ivan Lazarov, Daniela Velkova
    Number of views: 604
  • 31-34
    Manual Therapy - Why and When?
    Authors: Todor Todorov, Ilko Todorov, Evgenia Vladeva
    Number of views: 849
  • 35-39
    Necessity for Becoming Aware of the Physical Activity as a Model of Health Behaviour
    Authors: Silviya Filkova, Vanya Todorova, Violeta Kovacheva
    Number of views: 645
  • 41-46
    Syndrome Of Thoracolumbar Transition - a Source of Motor and Muscle Disbalance
    Authors: Todor Todorov, Ilko Todorov, Evgenia Vladeva
    Number of views: 771
  • 47-50
    Bee Honey Consumption Among the Population of Varna
    Authors: Rositsa Stancheva, Boryana Kavaldzhieva, Staniela Porozhanova, Ruzha Pancheva
    Number of views: 674
  • 51-54
    Prosthetic Patient’s Reconstruction After Partial Maxillary Resection
    Authors: Mihaela Varneva, Minko Milev
    Number of views: 612
  • 55-59
    Mentor’s Opinion About the Usefulness and Quality of Mentoring in the Education of Students in the Speciality of Dental Technician in the Medical College, Medical University of Varna
    Authors: Mihaela Varneva, Petya Yakimova, Daniel Kostadinov
    Number of views: 624
  • 61-64
    Biological Tests and in Silico Models in Determining the Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity
    Authors: Svetlana Georgieva
    Number of views: 947
  • 65-73
    Dry Skin - Problems and Solutions
    Authors: Elena Tubinis, Ilko Bakardzhiev, Margarita Stancheva, Desislava Gesheva
    Number of views: 695

Number 1, 2

  • 7-12
    Contemporary management of Burning Mouth Syndrome
    Authors: Mario Milkov, Plamen Nedev, Tsvetan Tonchev, Hristina Madzhova
    Number of views: 723
  • 13-17
    Prognostic significance of Epidermal Growth factor receptor in colon cancer patients on surgical treatment
    Authors: Emil Kanchev,Georgi Kobakov,Kiril Kirov,Daniel Yankov,Petya Koleva, Snezhana Vicheva,Daniel Kostov,Nikolay Georgiev,Zdravko Dimitrov, Yordan Borisov
    Number of views: 714
  • 19-23
    Clinico>statistical study of patients with Diseases related with an increased risk for Ischemic stroke lbased on the material of first Clinic of neurology, st. Marina university Hospital of varnar
    Authors: Daniela Arabadzhieva
    Number of views: 601
  • 25-29
    Opportunities for creation of Telemedicine Centres of diagnostic imaging - a new approach in Contemporary Public Health in Bulgaria. a regional project in Dobrich Region
    Authors: Biserka Pacholova,Strashimir Genev
    Number of views: 666
  • 31-34
    Assessment of Operative Risk in Colorectal Oncologic Surgery
    Authors: Georgi Kobakov,Kiril Kirov, Daniel Yankov,Daniel Kostov
    Number of views: 599
  • 35-39
    Study of Hemodialysis Patients’ Compliance for the Performed Treatment. Do the Patients Adhere to Physician’s Guidelines?
    Authors: Alexandar Stoyanov,Krasimira Nenova,Kiril Nenov
    Number of views: 734
  • 41-45
    Experience of Parents and Specialized Daily Centers in Satisfying the Specific Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Authors: Svetlana Georgieva,Gergana Angelova-Popova,Radoslava Dimitrova
    Number of views: 592
  • 47-52
    Prevention of Hypotrophy in Children with Disabilities in “Faith, Hope And Love” Home for Medical and Social Care for Children of the Town of Bourgas
    Authors: Svetlana Geogrieva, Radoslava Dimitrova, Gergana Angelova-Popova
    Number of views: 693
  • 53-57
    Rare Anatomic Variations of the Female Reproductive System Published in Bulgarian Medical Literature in Late XIX. Century
    Authors: Dimitar Stavrev, Georgi Marinov
    Number of views: 649

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