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Rybohospodars'ka nauka Ukrayiny (Fisheries Science of Ukraine)

Number 2(44), 2018

  • 7-29
    Formation of risks of fish fauna survival in ecosystems of river basins of Ukraine. The concept of the science “Riskology”
    Authors: Y. Gryb, V. Sondak, O. Volkoshovetz, D. Voityshyna
    Number of views: 382
  • 30-42
    Sexual dimorphism and microanatomical parameters of the Black sea sprat Clupeonella cultriventris (Nordmann, 1840) of the Bug lagoon during its spawning migration
    Authors: K. Geina, S. Shashlykova, M. Koziy
    Number of views: 321
  • 43-57
    Macrozoobenthos of water objects affected by the South-Ukrainian electric power-producing complex
    Authors: A. Lyashenko, O. Slepnev, V. Makovsky, Yu. Sytnyk, T. Grigorenko
    Number of views: 372
  • 58-70
    Heavy metals in organs and tissues of the paddlefish Polyodon spathula (Walbaum) in fish ponds of the Forest-Steppe and Forest area of Ukraine
    Authors: B. Gankevych, O. Tretyak, O. Kolos
    Number of views: 360
  • 71-80
    Characteristics of firstly spawning brood rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum) reared in the conditions of the industrial fish farm Sloboda-Banyliv
    Authors: P. Mendryshora, Н. Kurinenko
    Number of views: 316
  • 81-88
    Results of the experiments on artificial production of ovulated eggs from brood sterlet Acipenser ruthenus (Linnaeus) at non-traditional terms
    Authors: M. Pashko, O. Tretiak, O. Kolos
    Number of views: 307
  • 89-102
    Effect of stocking density on the efficiency of rearing of sterlet Acipenser rutenus (Linnaeus) and paddlefish Polyodon spathula (Walbaum) in the conditions of Southern Ukraine
    Authors: A. Bilyk, N. Grudko, I. Sherman
    Number of views: 319
  • 103-115
    Determination of the efficiency of the use of amaranth (Amaranthus) in feeding of carp under different rearing conditions
    Authors: R. Palamarchuk, O. Deren
    Number of views: 353
  • 116-129
    Some adaptive reactions of the prussian carp Carassius auratus gibelio (Bloch) based on the excessive load of ammonium nitrogen
    Authors: Yu. Kovalenko, M. Primachev, A. Potrokhov, O. Zinkovskyi
    Number of views: 370
  • 130-136
    Physiological-biochemical evaluation of cross-bred carps of the first generation from crossing Antoninsko-Zozulenets and Lubin intrabreed types of Ukrainian framed breed
    Authors: B. Grishyn, I. Hrytsyniak, I. Osoba
    Number of views: 299
  • 137-143
    Influence of baker's yeast on lipid metabolism of Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Brandt) fingerling
    Authors: M. Simon, I. Hrytsyniak, Yu. Zabytivskyi
    Number of views: 318

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