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Rybohospodars'ka nauka Ukrayiny (Fisheries Science of Ukraine)

Number 4(42), 2017

  • 7-18
    Reformational direction of fish industry development in Ukraine
    Authors: Yu. Glebova, O. Shkarupa
    Number of views: 381
  • 19-32
    Zooplankton and zoobenthos of the Mokra Sura river
    Authors: V. Yakovenko, O. Fedonenko, N. Tushnytska
    Number of views: 389
  • 33-41
    Evaluation of the toxicity of ammonia polluted waters for Carassius auratus gibelio (Bloch, 1782) by the «time sampling» method
    Authors: Е. Arystarkhova
    Number of views: 325
  • 42-52
    Biological fundamentals of stocking the Zaporizhzhia (Dnipro) reservoir with fish
    Authors: O. Fedonenko, O. Marenkov, A. Petrovsky, O. Nesterenko, M. Simon
    Number of views: 410
  • 53-64
    Commercial-biological characteristics of tulka (Clupeonella cultriventris Nordmann, 1840) of the Dnieper-Bug estuary system
    Authors: K. Geina, S. Shashlykova
    Number of views: 324
  • 65-74
    Development of a multiplex PCR for the genetic analysis of paddlefish (Polyodon spathula Walbaum,1792) populations
    Authors: K. Kurta, O. Malysheva, V. Spyrydonov
    Number of views: 411
  • 75-84
    Histological-morphometric structure of the liver of some cyprinids (Cyprinidae Rafinesque, 1810) from the Zaporizhzhia reservoir
    Authors: T. Sharamok, V. Kurchenko, N. Kolesnyk
    Number of views: 361
  • 85-98
    Morpho-histological evaluation of young-of-the-year channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus Raf., 1818) in extremely wintering conditions
    Authors: N. Yesipova, G. Schwartz, Y. Tuchapsky
    Number of views: 359
  • 99-111
    Physiological-biochemical status of perch (Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758) and roach in conditions (Rutilus rutilus Linnaeus, 1758) of excessive anthropogenic pressure on the body of water
    Authors: V. Martseniuk, A. Potrokhov, O. Zinkovskyi, M. Prichepa
    Number of views: 342
  • 112-120
    The effect of the combined feed "Aller Aqua" on the content of free amino acids in the muscles and liver of brown (Salmo trutta Linnaeus, 1758) and rainbow (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792) trout
    Authors: L. Galoyan, I. Hrytsyniak, L. Dragan
    Number of views: 378
  • 121-127
    State of the immune protection system of brood carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758) based on vitamin E and selenium levels in their diet
    Authors: S. Yurchak
    Number of views: 327
  • 128-146
    African catfish (Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822). Thematic bibliography
    Authors: I. Hrytsyniak, T. Shvets
    Number of views: 440

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