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Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research

Number 7 (1), 2020

  • 3-16
    Priests Chernyshevs
    Authors: Olga Yu. Larionova
    Number of views: 31
  • 17-24
    Memoirs of L.D. Moiseeva about her Father D.G. Baygarov, Captain of the Steamer "Svoboda"
    Authors: Nicholas W. Mitiukov
    Number of views: 43
  • 25-31
    About the Venue of the Petty Officer Council of 1672
    Authors: Evgenij M. Osadchij
    Number of views: 40
  • 32-45
    Experience of Researching Ural Cossack Unrests of 1870s in Overall Cossack Context
    Authors: Artyom Yu. Peretyatko
    Number of views: 38

Number 6 (2), 2019

  • 62-75
    The Legacy of the Family Romanovs of the Votkinsk Plant’s Officials
    Authors: Olga Yu. Larionova
    Number of views: 143
  • 76-82
    Reconstruction of the Renaming Scheme for Steamers of the «Ural»-class
    Authors: Nicholas W. Mitiukov, Roman W. Lapshin
    Number of views: 111
  • 83-92
    Fortified Marina on the Land Route from the City of Romny to Konotop in the 17th century
    Authors: Evgenij M. Osadchij
    Number of views: 112

Number 5 (2), 2018

  • 53-61
    Nazisploitation Films: Hermeneutic Analysis
    Authors: Alexander Fedorov
    Number of views: 245
  • 62-77
    Special Services and Units of the State Security Guard in Ancient World
    Authors: Alexey N. Grebenkin
    Number of views: 221
  • 78-87
    Old Believer Priests of Udmurtia in the second half of the XIX – early XX century: Relations with Local Authorities and the Orthodox Clergy
    Authors: Andrey A. Mashkovtsev, Victoria V. Mashkovtseva
    Number of views: 225
  • 88-99
    Innovative Potential of Students of the Southern Federal District (Based on the online Survey Materials)
    Authors: Liubov B. Vnukova
    Number of views: 210

Number 5 (1), 2018

  • 3-9
    The Soviet Art House Cinema about the War: Case Study
    Authors: Alexander V. Fedorov
    Number of views: 221
  • 10-22
    Reconstruction of the Table of Numbers of Military Orders of the Shipbuilding Workshop of Votkinsk’s Plant
    Authors: Nicholas W. Mitiukov, Anatoly N. Loshkarev
    Number of views: 242
  • 23-37
    Representations of the Cossack and Cossacks Class in the "Statistical Description of the Don Host Oblast" of S.F. Nomikosov: in Defense of "Private and Temporary Measures"
    Authors: Artyom Y. Peretyatko
    Number of views: 228
  • 38-50
    From East to West: Outskirts of the Empire of Nicolas II in Contemporary Historiography
    Authors: Denis G. Yanchenko
    Number of views: 229

Number 4(2), 2017

  • 41-48
    Borovskaya Old Believers' Chapel as an Object of the Confessional Policy of the Authorities during the Reign of Nicholas I
    Authors: Victoria V. Mashkovtseva
    Number of views: 271
  • 49-60
    The World of the Russian Province in Focus of Local History: Yelabuga Region in the Works of V.F. Kudryavtsev
    Authors: Irina V. Kornilova
    Number of views: 282
  • 79-90
    David Burliuk and his Kazan Correspondents
    Authors: Nail M. Valeev
    Number of views: 302
  • 81-78
    Formation and Development of Zemstvo Medicine in Chistopol District
    Authors: Nadezhda G. Valeeva
    Number of views: 560
  • 91-99
    Reorganization and Expansion of the Network of Medical Institutions of Naberezhnye Chelny (the 1960th – the beginning of the 1980th)
    Authors: Timur A. Magsumov, Mariya O. Nigmatullina
    Number of views: 308
  • 100-103
    Russian Province: Questions of a Historiography of a Sociocultural Phenomenon
    Authors: Marina S. Nizamova
    Number of views: 286
  • 104-109
    The Russian Province in second half XIX – beginning of XX century in National Historiography / A.A. Litvin, I.V. Kornilova, T.A. Magsumov. Kazan: Publishing house of Kazan. University press, 2015. 172 p.
    Authors: Azat M. Rafikov
    Number of views: 304

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