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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics Surgery

Number 1, 2016

  • 1-5
    Cement less ceramic on ceramic total hip replacement for idiopathic osteonecrosis in young patients. Is it the best solution?
    Authors: Amr I. Zanfaly, Adel Abdel Azim
    Number of views: 367
  • 6-10
    Volar Barton fracture: Treatment Comparison of Plating and External fixation with Krischner wires
    Authors: Jayant Sharma, Prashant Upadhyaya
    Number of views: 419
  • 11-18
    Management of Low Back Pain by Administration of Epidural Steroid Injection
    Authors: Madhukar. K.T, Debasubhra Mitra, Abhey Wasdev, Susmita Bhattacharya
    Number of views: 448
  • 19-26
    Management of fracture of distal radius by external fixator using the principle of ligamentotaxis a prospective study
    Authors: Maruthi CV, Shivanna
    Number of views: 371
  • 27-34
    Evaluation of Different Modalities of Osteosynthesis of Proximal Humerus Fractures in Adults
    Authors: Arpit Tiwari, Rahul Sinha,, Mustafa Johar, Akanchha
    Number of views: 391
  • 35-41
    Application of Radiofrequency (RF) in Debridement and Wound Bed Preparation (WBP)
    Authors: Bibilash Babu Suseela, Chittoria Ravi Kumar, Pandey Sandhya, Senthil Kumaran, Friji MT, Mohapatra De
    Number of views: 321
  • 42-47
    Outcome of Paediatric Supracondylar Fractures 0f Humerus with Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Fixation with 2 Crossed K-Wires`
    Authors: Shamim Ahmad Bhat, Raja Rameez, Adnan Zahoor, Tabish Tahir, AsifNazir Baba, Khurshid Ahmad Kangoo
    Number of views: 360
  • 48-51
    Epidemiological analysis of elbow fractures in Kashmiri children
    Authors: Shamim Ahmad Bhat, Raja Rameez Farouqi, Mehmood Ul Hassan, Tabish Tahir Kirmani, Khurshid Ahmad Kang
    Number of views: 350
  • 52-63
    Evaluation of Degenerative Lumbar Disc Surgeries
    Authors: Anubhav Sharma, Pradeep K Singh, Sohael M Khan, Shounak Taywade, Ankit Chintawar, Sparsh Naik
    Number of views: 373
  • 64-68
    Evaluation of Implant Failure in Long Bones Fractures – A Retrospective Study
    Authors: Sunil Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, S.P.S. Gill, Sulkesh Singh, Manish Raj, Alok Gupta
    Number of views: 370
  • 69-76
    A study on AVN cases attending at a tertiary care hospital: Etiological factors and treatment
    Authors: Hanumantharaya GH, Kamala GR
    Number of views: 396
  • 77-82
    Prospective study of infected non-union of long bones treated by Antibiotic impregnated intramedullary nailing
    Authors: Santosh, Devendrappa.H.D, Prabhanjan kumar
    Number of views: 370
  • 83-87
    Management of Idiopathic Clubfoot By Ponseti Method – Our Experience
    Authors: Sameer Wooly, Anand Kumar.B.S
    Number of views: 419
  • 88-92
    Assessment of Mortality in Postoperative Hip Fractures in a Rural Tertiary Care Centre
    Authors: Madhukar K.T, Chetan Kumar
    Number of views: 367
  • 93-95
    Management of carpometacarpal joint dislocations of four fingers on ulnar side
    Authors: Shirish Virupanna Tumbal
    Number of views: 359
  • 96-101
    Study of Serum Vascular endothelial growth factor level in Patients with Simple Diaphyseal Fractures healing
    Authors: Ajai Singh, Sabir Ali, Vineet Kumar, A A Mahdi, Manish Yadav, Vineet Sharma
    Number of views: 375
  • 102-109
    Laminotomy Discectomy Versus Conservative Management for Lumbar Disc Prolapse: Short Term Results
    Authors: Maruthi CV, Shivanna
    Number of views: 348
  • 110-114
    Evaluation of Role of Vitamin D in Grip Strength in Post-Menopausal Women with Fracture of Distal End Radius Treated with Closed Reduction and Percutaneous K-Wire Fixation
    Authors: Mohit Dua, Jayant Sharma, P.P. Neema
    Number of views: 357
  • 115-118
    Management of Tongue Shaped Intra-Articular Calcaneal Fracture with Essex Lopresti Technique
    Authors: Devendrappa. H, Santosh, Prabhanjan Kumar
    Number of views: 423
  • 119-123
    Effect of flat foot on the running ability of an athlete
    Authors: Jayant Sharma, Prashant Upadhyaya
    Number of views: 521
  • 124-126
    Anterior cruciate ligament Ganglion cyst: A diagnostic dilemma
    Authors: Ravindra Chauhan, Naveen BM, HS Agarwal
    Number of views: 387
  • 127-131
    Late presentation Subtrochanteric femur fracture in 12 year old child
    Authors: Rajeev Shukla, Agrawal Utkarsh, Gurjar Abhishek, Jain Ravikant
    Number of views: 362

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