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Journal of accounting, finance and auditing studies

Number 4/4, 2018

No articles found.

Number 4/3, 2018

  • 1-18
    The Impact of Deferred Tax and Accruals on the Earnings Persistence of Companies in the Non-Financial Sectors Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
    Authors: Arum Kusumaningdyah Adiati, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Bandi Bandi
    Number of views: 730
  • 19-44
    The Role and Key Objectives of the Company’s Internal Audit Process
    Authors: Cristina Iovu
    Number of views: 527
  • 45-66
    Convergence of IFRS in Global Accounting System: Where do SAARC Countries stand for?
    Authors: Shivaji Borhade, Munadhil Abd Aljabar Alsalim, Ali Omer Mohammed
    Number of views: 984
  • 67-86
    Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Socially Innovative Microfinance Institutions in Pakistan
    Authors: Ather Azim Khan, Faisal Mustafa, Ambreen Khursheed
    Number of views: 500
  • 87-104
    Administration and Optimization of Fixed Assets at the Secretariat of Election Commission for West Java Province, Indonesia
    Authors: Norhina Kurniawaty, Mokhamad Anwar, Layyinaturrobaniyah
    Number of views: 519
  • 105-122
    Intellectual Capital and Stock Market Performance of Retail Trade and Property and Real Estate Industry in Indonesia
    Authors: Harry Anugerah Pradana, Sulaeman Rahman Nidar, Zaenal Aripin
    Number of views: 511
  • 123-148
    Effect of Ownership Structure on Financial Performance of Listed Insurance Firms in Nigeria
    Authors: Ohiani Danjuma Lawal, Eniola Samuel Agbi, Lateef O. Mustapha
    Number of views: 1989
  • 149-169
    The Effects of the Corporate’s Characteristics on Tax Avoidance Moderated by Earnings Management (Indonesian Evidence)
    Authors: Sasiska Rani, Didik Susetyo, Luk Luk Fuadah
    Number of views: 1673
  • 170-197
    The Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) Adoption on Financial Reporting Practice in the Nigerian Banking Sector
    Authors: Taibat Adebukola Atoyebi, Adikwu Joseph Simon
    Number of views: 927
  • 198-222
    Change in Management Accountant Roles: A Comparative Study of Two Public Sector Organizations in Nigeria
    Authors: James O. Odia, R. Shedrack Oke
    Number of views: 2886
  • 223-240
    Effect of Firm Attributes on Return on Asset of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria
    Authors: Irom Marvis Irom, Okpanachi Joshua, M. Nma Ahmed, A. Tope Emmanuel
    Number of views: 1236
  • 241-257
    Para Politikası Şokları ve Hisse Senedi Getirileri İlişkisi (The Relationship Stock Returns and Monetary Policy Shocks)
    Authors: Emine Kaya
    Number of views: 507
  • 258-273
    Muhasebede Etik İlkeler ve Mersin İlinde Bir Uygulama (Ethics Principles in Accounting and an Application in Mersin)
    Authors: Servet Önal, İsmail Soner Gürbüz
    Number of views: 468
  • 274-283
    Lisanssız Elektrik Üretimi ve Muhasebeye Yansımaları (Unlicensed Electricity Production and Accounting Records)
    Authors: Filiz Yüksel
    Number of views: 1318
  • 284-334
    A Macro Stress Testing Framework for Assessing Financial Stability: Evidence from Malaysia
    Authors: John Taskinsoy
    Number of views: 607

Number 4/2, 2018

  • 1-13
    Credit Risk and Macroeconomics of Islamic Banking in Indonesia
    Authors: Kharisya Ayu Effendi, Rozmita Dewi Yuniarti
    Number of views: 645
  • 14-31
    Effect of Firm Characteristics on Profitability of Listed Consumer Goods Companies in Nigeria
    Authors: Dioha Charles, Mohammed Nma Ahmed, Okpanachi Joshua
    Number of views: 2170
  • 32-48
    The Mediating Effect of Sustainability Disclosure on the Relationship between Financial Performance and Firm Value
    Authors: Yossi Diantimala
    Number of views: 811
  • 49-66
    Working Capital Management and Financial Performance of Listed Conglomerate Companies in Nigeria
    Authors: Daniya A. Abdulazeez, N. Alhaji Baba, K. Ruth Fatima, Y. Abdulrahaman
    Number of views: 2040
  • 67-91
    Türkiye’deki Yasal Düzenlemelere Göre Amortisman Uygulamaları ve Vergi Etkisine Yönelik Değerlendirme(Depreciation Procedures by Accountings Systems in Turkey and Evaluation Regarding Tax Effect
    Authors: Engin Dinç, Esra Atabay
    Number of views: 1856
  • 92-105
    Kripto Para Birimleri ve Türkiye’de Bitcoin Muhasebesi (Crypto Currencies and Accounting of Bitcoin in Turkey)
    Authors: Ahmet Selçuk Dizkırıcı, Ahmet Gökgöz
    Number of views: 1103
  • 106-125
    Sosyal Koruma Harcamalarının Yapay Zeka Değerlendirme Tekniklerinden Girdap Optimizasyon Algoritması Aracılığı İle Maliyet Analizi (Cost Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Assessment Techniques of Social Protection Expenditures by Vortex Optimization Algorithm)
    Authors: Ayşenur Tarakçıoğlu Altınay
    Number of views: 502
  • 139-157
    Kamu Kurumlarında Entegre Raporlama ve Uygulanabilirliği: Türkiye Örneği (Integrated Reporting and Applicability in Public Institutions: The Case of Turkey)
    Authors: Filiz Yüksel
    Number of views: 679

Number 4/1, 2018

  • 1-13
    The Relationship Between the Consumer Price Index, Operating Cycle, Size and Growth Opportunities with the Cash Holding in Tehran Stock Exchange
    Authors: Ebrahim Abbasi, Meysam Kaviani, Sara Boostani
    Number of views: 436
  • 14-39
    A Study Of The Effect Of Diversity In The Board And The Audit Committee Composition On Earnings Management For Low And High Leveraged Banks In Nigeria
    Authors: Muhammad Aminu Isa, Musa Adeiza Farouk
    Number of views: 457
  • 40-58
    The Importance of Introducing Electronic Accounting Disclosure Using the XBRL Language in Activating the Algerian Stock Market
    Authors: Khadidja Benbouali, Mohammed Amine Berberi
    Number of views: 535
  • 59-78
    The Impact of Industry-Specific Regulation on Income Smoothing Practice: Evidence from Indonesian Commercial Banks
    Authors: Yossi Diantimala
    Number of views: 430
  • 79-92
    Application of Tax Audit and Investigation on Tax Evasion Control in Nigeria
    Authors: Clement Olatunji Olaoye, Ayobolawole Adewale Ogundipe
    Number of views: 522
  • 93-107
    Application of the OHADA Accounting System by Companies in DRC, Current Status and Prospects: Case of the City of Bukavu
    Authors: Kulondwa Safari, Nshobole Bahirwe Nathalie
    Number of views: 720
  • 130-150
    Accountants’ Ethics and Fraud Control in Nigeria: The Emergence of a Fraud Control Model
    Authors: Loveday A. Nwanyanwu
    Number of views: 499
  • 151-166
    Sensitivity Analysis of Asset Allocation: In The Presence of Correlation
    Authors: Somayeh Madadpour, Payam Hanafizadeh, Reza Habib
    Number of views: 491
  • 167-181
    Türkiye’de Gayrimenkul Sertifikaları ve Muhasebe Uygulamaları (Real Estate Certificates and Accounting Applications in Turkey)
    Authors: Ahmet Gökgöz, Ahmet Selçuk Dizkırıcı
    Number of views: 446

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