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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Number Vol4 Iss1, 2016

  • 6
    A Critical Review on the Concept of Swabhavoparamvad in Relation with ‘Apoptosis’ and ‘Homeostasis’ w.s.r. to ‘Jara’ (Physiological Aging)
    Authors: Khagen Basumatary and Hasina Ferdouse
    Number of views: 304
  • 6
    Role of Agnikarma in the Management of Calcaneal Spur - A Case Study
    Authors: Gadhari Anup Bhimrao, Raut Subhash Y. and Lakhapati Arun M.
    Number of views: 323
  • 6
    Effect of Bhoomyamalaki (Phyllanthus Niruri) Kashaya in Neonatal Jaundice – A Case Study
    Authors: S. U. Chavan and V. U. Gawai
    Number of views: 332
  • 7
    Critical Appraisal of the Concept of Shodhana and Sadyashodhana among the Panchakarma
    Authors: Satyajit P. Kulkarni, Milind M. Godbole2 and Sanjay S. Jadhav
    Number of views: 595
  • 7
    Comparison of Antihistaminic Activity of Sirisha and Bhumyamalaki with determination of Target Organ in Guinea Pig
    Authors: Beena Tiwari , Neeraj Tripathi *, Bulusu Sitaram and M. Paramkush Rao
    Number of views: 260
  • 7
    Global Market Analysis of Herbal Drug Formulations
    Authors: Joshi Nirali B and M. B. Shankar
    Number of views: 442
  • 8
    A Clinical Study of Effects of Gomutra (Cow’s Urine) on Renal Failure Patient According to the Concepts of Ayurveda
    Authors: Tripti Lokesh
    Number of views: 1517
  • 8
    Concept of Ama w.s.r. to Free Radicals as a Causative Factor of Diseases
    Authors: Bijita Chutia and Khagen Basumatary
    Number of views: 293
  • 8
    Shirodhara – An Ayurvedic Therapeutic
    Authors: Dhananjay V. Patel and Sarika Patel
    Number of views: 524
  • 8
    A Critical Review on Ghrudhrasi Vata Nadi with special reference to Dosha, Dhatu and Srotasa
    Authors: Vrinda P. Kadu
    Number of views: 231
  • 9
    Pharmacological Approach of SwasaharaMahakasaya in the Management of Swasa (Ayurvedic View)
    Authors: Deepanjali Bora and Niten Barman
    Number of views: 368
  • 9
    An Insight of Physiology of Speech Production
    Authors: Aniket A. Shilwant and Niraj F. Mandod
    Number of views: 350
  • 10
    Concept of Vikaravighatabhava-Abhava in Purview of Etiopathogenesis of Disease
    Authors: Khagen Basumatary and Bidyapati Sarangthem
    Number of views: 308
  • 10
    Essentials and Principles of Yoga
    Authors: BhanuPratap Singh, Deepa and Om Prakash Dadhich
    Number of views: 233
  • 10
    Evaluation of Stability Study of Laxative Ayurvedic Formulation Constac Plus Granulation
    Authors: Priyanka Jagtap, Akash Mohanrao More and Bhushan Bhagwat Kulkarni
    Number of views: 271
  • 10
    Review of Pakshaaghaata w.s.r. to Cerebrovascular Accidents and its Management
    Authors: Arun Gupta and Katara Pankaj
    Number of views: 323
  • 11
    Standardization of Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum Linn.)
    Authors: Singh J., Gupta S. J. and Singh A. K.
    Number of views: 845
  • 11
    An Ayurvedic Approach in the Management of Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Study
    Authors: Seema Vitthal Rathod, Subhash B. Jamdhade and Suryaprakash K. Jaiswal
    Number of views: 545
  • 12
    A Critical Analysis of Properties and Effects of Viru.Dha (Sprouts) as per Ayurveda
    Authors: Tripti Lokesh and Poonam Kaleramana
    Number of views: 271
  • 12
    Literature Review of Prognosis of Sushrutokta Asadhya NetraRogas
    Authors: Varsha Devidas Ahire, A.B. Deshmukh and N. A. Khan
    Number of views: 494
  • 12
    Importance of Nyayas on Body’s Well-Being – A Conceptual Study
    Authors: Amardeep Kour, Gupta Vikas and Sodhi Danisha
    Number of views: 411
  • 19
    A Randomized Controlled Trial of Godanti Bhasma against Balaposhaka Churna in Management of Balashosha w.s.r. to Protein Energy Malnutrition
    Authors: Yogesh Shivaji Chavan and G Jai
    Number of views: 311

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