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Enfoque UTE

Number Vol.8-N.2, 2017

  • pp. 1 - 14
    Implementation of a low-cost agricultural machine for the soft dry corn harvesting process originating in the Andean region
    Authors: Melton Tapia, Sandra Arla, Edison Tapia
    Number of views: 508
  • pp. 15 - 32
    Design and construction of a prototype for the continuous extraction of Sacha Inchi seed oil with a cold pressing process
    Authors: Nelson Ramiro Gutiérrez Suquillo, Irene Alexandra Saá Arévalo, Alexy Fabián Vinueza Lozada
    Number of views: 2758
  • pp. 33 - 43
    Evaluation of different physical treatments in minimally processed green and red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
    Authors: L M Rodoni, J F Massolo, A R Vicente
    Number of views: 503
  • pp. 44 - 55
    Influence of minimum quantity of lubricant (MQL) on tool life of carbide cutting tools during milling process of steel AISI 1018
    Authors: Diego Núñez, Byron Núñez, Henry Vaca, Maritza Ureña
    Number of views: 473
  • pp. 56 - 65
    Applying Ant Colony Optimization to the Problem of Cell Planning in Mobile Telephone System Radio Network
    Authors: Osmar Viera Carcache, Leonardo Vinces Llaguno, Kenya Guerrero Goyes, Fabricio Marcillo Vera
    Number of views: 458
  • pp. 66 - 77
    Enzymatic browning control in cut apples (Red delicious) through a system of active packaging
    Authors: Felipe Jadán Piedra
    Number of views: 888
  • pp. 78 - 93
    Application of the CUDA programming model in the simulation of genetic sequences evolution
    Authors: Freddy Yasmany Chávez, Daniel Gálvez Lio
    Number of views: 458
  • pp. 94 - 106
    Study of the working conditions in libraries of Quito city and the exposure of its workers to fungi
    Authors: Rosa Morales Carrera, Remigio Chalán Paladínez
    Number of views: 467
  • pp. 107 - 120
    Performance of Self-Triggered Control Approaches
    Authors: Carlos Rosero, Cristina Vaca, Luz Tobar Subía, Fredy Rosero
    Number of views: 466
  • pp. 121 - 130
    Denaturation of milk proteins and their influence on the yield of fresh cheese
    Authors: Ana Mejía-López, Sonia Rodas, Darío Baño
    Number of views: 453

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