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Enfoque UTE

Number Vol.8-Sp.1, 2017

  • pp. 1 - 15
    MOOCs: factors that decrease desertion in students
    Authors: Marco Yamba-Yugsi, Sergio Luján-Mora
    Number of views: 700
  • pp. 16 - 30
    Canny Edge Detection in Cross-Spectral Fused Images
    Authors: Patricia Suárez, Mónica Villavicencio
    Number of views: 907
  • pp. 31 - 45
    An Approach to the Optimization of Mobile Payments for the Transport System using (NFC) through Cloud Computing
    Authors: Estevan Gómez Torres, Nelson Herrera Herrera, Magí Paúl Díaz
    Number of views: 729
  • pp. 46 - 61
    Analysis of the accessibility in websites of Ecuadorian universities of excellence
    Authors: Tania Acosta, Sergio Luján-Mora
    Number of views: 621
  • pp. 62 - 76
    Assessment of the Quality of Leadership in the Government of Technologies and Information Systems
    Authors: Vicente Merchán, Rocío Rodríguez
    Number of views: 546
  • pp. 77 - 91
    Implementation of a fuzzy relational database. Case study: academic tutoring
    Authors: Ciro Saguay, Rodrigo Proaño, Bolívar Jácome, Denisse Aguirre
    Number of views: 798
  • pp. 92 - 106
    Biomedical equipment for the control of nutrition and for the physical exercise of people with diabetes
    Authors: Aníbal Rubén Mantilla Guerra
    Number of views: 672
  • pp. 107 - 121
    ECU@Risk, a methodology for risk management applied to MSMEs
    Authors: Esteban Crespo Martínez
    Number of views: 868
  • pp. 122 - 134
    Smart public transportation at your fingertips
    Authors: Juan Pablo Rojas, Julio César Bustos, Diego Ordóñez Camacho
    Number of views: 656
  • pp. 135-147
    Development of Enterprise Architecture using a Framework with Agile Approach
    Authors: Fanny Sandoval, Víctor Galvez, Oswaldo Moscoso
    Number of views: 1874
  • pp. 148-159
    Knowledge based systems as an aid in information systems audit
    Authors: Rodrigo Arturo Proaño Escalante, Ciro Napoleón Saguay Chafla, Segundo Bolívar Jácome Canchig, Fanny Sandoval Zambrano
    Number of views: 934
  • pp. 160-171
    Information security in data exchange between mobile devices with Android system using RSA encryption
    Authors: Fernando Solís, Diego Pinto, Santiago Solís
    Number of views: 760
  • pp. 172-185
    Estimating Sample Size for Usability Testing
    Authors: Alex Cazañas, Andre de San Miguel, Esther Parra
    Number of views: 506
  • pp. 186-200
    Low-Cost Solutions Using the Infrastructure as a Service with High Availability and Virtualization Model
    Authors: Cesar Armando Moreira Zambrano, Walter Daniel Zambrano-Romero, Rene Guamán-Quinché, Wilner Geoberti Cuenca Álava
    Number of views: 692
  • pp. 201-216
    Evaluating the Graph-based Visualization Technique: A Controlled Experiment
    Authors: Germán Oswaldo Cárdenas, Jairo Aponte
    Number of views: 519
  • pp. 217-231
    Tool for the quantitative evaluation of a Facebook app-based informal training process
    Authors: Adolfo Calle-Gómez, Félix Fernández-Peña, Pilar Urrutia-Urrutia
    Number of views: 522
  • pp. 232-243
    Case based reasoning applied to medical diagnosis using multi-class classifier: A preliminary study
    Authors: D. Viveros-Melo, M. Ortega-Adarme, X. Blanco Valencia, A. E. Castro-Ospina, S. Murillo Rendón, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez
    Number of views: 543
  • pp. 244 - 256
    Internet of Things and Artificial Vision, Performance and Applications: Literature Review
    Authors: Vanessa Alvear-Puertas, Paul Rosero-Montalvo, Diego Peluffo-Ordóñez, José Pijal-Rojas
    Number of views: 878
  • pp. 257 - 272
    Unsupervised analysis applied to the detection cardiac arrhythmias
    Authors: Mónica Moreno-Revelo, Sandra Patascoy-Botina, Andrés Pantoja-Buchelli, Javier Revelo Fuelagán, José Rodríguez-Sotelo, Santiago Murillo-Rendón, Diego Peluffo-Ordoñez
    Number of views: 613
  • pp. 273 - 286
    Analysis of free SSL/TLS Certificates and their implementation as Security Mechanism in Application Servers.
    Authors: Mario E. Cueva Hurtado, Diego Javier Alvarado Sarango
    Number of views: 930
  • pp. 287 - 299
    Vertical Integration in factories using OPC-UA and IEC-61499
    Authors: Marcelo V. García, Edurne Irisarri, Federico Pérez
    Number of views: 663
  • pp. 300 - 314
    Design and implementation of a Smart Measurement System for AMI in the microgrid of the University of Nariño
    Authors: Andrés F. Arciniegas M., David E. Imbajoa R., Javier Revelo F.
    Number of views: 1267
  • pp. 315 - 328
    Suggested Methodologies for Evaluation and Selection of Enterprise Architecture Software for Knowledge Digitization
    Authors: Oswaldo Moscoso-Zea, Sergio Lujan-Mora
    Number of views: 1023
  • pp. 329 - 343
    Monitoring System of Environmental Variables Using a Wireless Sensor Network and Platforms of Internet of Things
    Authors: Manuel Quiñones-Cuenca, Víctor González-Jaramillo, Rommel Torres, Miguel Jumbo
    Number of views: 1061
  • pp. 344 - 357
    Strategies for Mobile Web Design
    Authors: Alex Cazañas, Esther Parra
    Number of views: 539
  • pp. 358 - 373
    VALE-Emotions: Teaching mobile application for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Authors: Diana Olmedo-Vizueta, Jorge Hernandez-Ambato, Diego Ávila-Pesantez, Eleonora Bilotta, Pietro Pantano
    Number of views: 504
  • pp. 374 - 383
    Websockets Shared Virtual Whiteboard; an alternative for remote collaborative work
    Authors: Xavier Sotomayor, Diego Ordóñez Camacho
    Number of views: 667

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