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Enfoque UTE

Number Vol.7-N.4, 2016

  • pp. 1 - 15
    Interaction Based on Drawing Gestures to Complement the Teaching-Learning Process
    Authors: Ariosto Vicuña, Orlando Erazo
    Number of views: 608
  • pp. 16 - 30
    GPON networks certification, standard ITU G.984.x
    Authors: Edison Quisnancela, Nikolai Espinosa
    Number of views: 3689
  • pp. 31 - 42
    Evaluation of a pilot aerobic reactor with polyetilenterephtalate (PET) as support material for dairy wastewater treatment
    Authors: Marcelo Muñoz, Jessica Reina, María Belén Aldás
    Number of views: 583
  • pp. 43 - 54
    Effect of using hydrogen in the power and performance of an internal combustion engine
    Authors: Edwin Tamayo, Carlos Rosales, Alex Guzmán, Paúl Pazmiño
    Number of views: 852
  • pp. 55 - 70
    Strategies for conservation of highland ecosystem in Pulinguí San Pablo and Chorrera Mirador, Ecuador
    Authors: Patricio Lozano, Aracely Armas, Verónica Machado
    Number of views: 609
  • pp. 71 - 85
    Use of membrane technology and resins for the separation and purification of polyphenols purple tree tomato (Solanum betaceum Cav)
    Authors: Elena Beltrán, Dominique Pallet, Edwin Vera, Jenny Ruales
    Number of views: 669
  • pp. 86 - 95
    Influence of climatic variables on wireless: case study Base-Station Receiver
    Authors: Rodolfo Najarro Quintero, Eduardo Samaniego Mena, Freddy Fares Vargas, Amilkar Puris Cáceres
    Number of views: 558
  • pp. 96 - 110
    Design and implementation of a YAGI Microstrip antenna to 5.8 GHz
    Authors: Andrea Gordón, Ricardo Llugsi
    Number of views: 1024
  • pp. 111 - 126
    Natural coagulation for the decontamination of industrial effluents
    Authors: Carlos Banchón, Ricardo Baquerizo, Diego Muñoz, Leila Zambrano
    Number of views: 787
  • pp. 127 - 139
    Experimental Design of a Polymeric Solution to Improve the Mobility Ratio in a Reservoir previous implementation of a pilot project of EOR
    Authors: Vanessa Cuenca, Rubén Paredes, José Cóndor
    Number of views: 1003

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