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Turkish Journal of Forestry
Karadeniz Uluslararası Bilimsel Dergi
Enfoque UTE

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Enfoque UTE

Number Vol.9-N.3, 2018

  • pp. 1 - 11
    Production of a fermented drink based on quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)
    Authors: Roberto Maldonado Jibaja, Paola Carrillo Herrera, Lucía Ramírez Cárdenas, Francisco Carvajal Larenas
    Number of views: 702
  • pp. 93 - 105
    Reduction of the variability of a water demineralization process by ion exchange; for the production of soft drinks.
    Authors: Edgar Walter Vasquez Reino
    Number of views: 685
  • pp. 12 - 28
    Diversity and floristic composition of the Los Búhos Forest located in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador
    Authors: Patricio Xavier Lozano Rodríguez, Aracely Armas, Martha Gualán, Miguel Guallpa
    Number of views: 620
  • pp. 29 - 41
    Forecasting of daily precipitation occurrence in an altitudinal gradient in southern Ecuador using a weather generator
    Authors: Diego Hernán Urdiales Flores, Rolando Célleri
    Number of views: 462
  • pp. 42 - 49
    Determination of the optimum speed for MIG welding of alloy 5086-H116, by hardness test, tensile test and metallographic examination for the manufacture of aluminum tankers
    Authors: José Omar Cabrera Escobar, Raúl Vinicio Cabrera Escobar
    Number of views: 522
  • pp. 67 - 79
    Use of an orthogonal arrangement for the analysis of the process of die sink electrical discharge machining with shape electrodes of graphite and copper on aluminum micro-casting)
    Authors: Cristian Fabian Pérez, Edwin Moya, Diana Coello
    Number of views: 514
  • pp. 106 - 115
    Aerodynamic design of 100 KW blades for horizontal axis wind turbines located on the “Cerro Villonaco” zone
    Authors: Alexy Fabián Vinueza Lozada, Jorge Andrés Narváez Hidalgo
    Number of views: 810
  • pp. 50 - 66
    A context ontology for a mobile recommender system of advertisements)
    Authors: Lenin Xavier Erazo Garzón, Andrés Patiño
    Number of views: 516
  • pp. 80 - 92
    Numerical analysis of the speed profiles of a water flow through a gradual reduction pipe
    Authors: LUIS FERNANDO TOAPANTA RAMOS, Gabriel Alejandro Bohórquez Peñafiel, Luis Eduardo Caiza Vivas, William Quitiaquez Sarzosa
    Number of views: 1598

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