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Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology

Number 4, 2016

  • 528-534
    Histomorphological spectrum of tumor and tumor like lesions of testis and paratesticular structures – A cross sectional study
    Authors: Sanjay M, Sushma HM
    Number of views: 1028
  • 535-539
    Comparison of different methods of centrifugation for preparation of platelet- rich plasma (PRP)
    Authors: Akanksha Bhatia, Ramya BS, Dayananda S. Biligi, Panchakshari Prasanna BK
    Number of views: 3710
  • 540-543
    Seroprevalence of transfusion transmitted infections among blood donors at a tertiary Care Teaching Hospital of North Gujarat, India
    Authors: Amar Ramkrishna Shah, Nimisha Devendra Kumar Shethwala, Tejas Ajitbhai Shah
    Number of views: 808
  • 544-547
    Testicular tumors: A histopathological study of 50 cases
    Authors: Archana Gupta, Swati Gupta, Sunil Gupta, Vivek Gupta
    Number of views: 1021
  • 548-551
    Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the evaluation of the etiology of lymph adenopathy
    Authors: B. Nikethan, Neethu GV, SS. Hiremath, SB Patil
    Number of views: 852
  • 552-557
    Cytopathological pattern of cervical pap smears - a study among population of North Malabar in Kerala
    Authors: Geethu G. Nair, Fatima Shamsuddin, Thidil Narayanan, Prejisha Balan
    Number of views: 993
  • 558-563
    Histomorphological analysis of testicular lesions
    Authors: Hemavathi Reddy, Hanishkumar Chawda, Vijay D. Dombale
    Number of views: 963
  • 564-569
    Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Thyroid: Role as a first line investigation in children and young adults - A 5-year experience at a Medical College Teaching Hospital
    Authors: Mallegowdanadoddi Siddegowda Siddegowda, Jasneet Kaur Sandhu, Sundaram Shivakumar
    Number of views: 897
  • 570-575
    Her-2/neu expression and its correlation with ER status and various clinicopathological parameters
    Authors: Kriti Chauhan, Monika Garg, Abhimanyu Sharma, Tanupriya Bindal, Dhaval Jetly
    Number of views: 839
  • 576-581
    Comparative study of core needle biopsy with excisional biopsy: To determine diagnostic accuracy & concordance with er/pr/her-2/neu status
    Authors: Manoj Kumar Gupta, Brijesh Gupta, Kamlesh Kumar
    Number of views: 936
  • 582-586
    Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis of various giant cell lesions of bone and its Histopathological correlation
    Authors: Mohammad Jaseem Hassan, Sabina Khan, Nihal Ahmad, Kafil Akhter
    Number of views: 959
  • 587-592
    Bone marrow aspiration study of megakaryocytic alterations in non myelodysplastic syndrome related thrombocytopenia
    Authors: Neelima Tirumalasetti, Nagaraja Reddy Challa
    Number of views: 1199
  • 593-598
    Correlation of platelet volume indices in coronary artery disease and control groups
    Authors: P. Jayaganesh, R. Vimal Chander, E. Yogalakshmi, Asha Moorthy, Shaik Rabbani
    Number of views: 912
  • 599-605
    Urothelial neoplasms: a review of pathological reporting practices
    Authors: Prashant Basavaraj Mahalingashetti, Radha Madhavi T, Balachandra Bhat, Swaminathan Boobalan
    Number of views: 870
  • 606-610
    Role of mean platelet volume (MPV) in diagnosing categories of thrombocytopenia
    Authors: Pritam Sewakdas Khairkar, Sarika More, Ashish Pandey, Megha Pandey
    Number of views: 1595
  • 611-616
    Spectrum of granulomatous lesions in a tertiary care hospital
    Authors: R. Vimal Chander, P. Jayaganesh, Tejaswini Punuru Reddy, Chitra Srinivasan
    Number of views: 912
  • 617-621
    Pathogenesis of Psoriasis: A new angle with Mast cell
    Authors: R. Shubha Sangeetha, HT Jayaprakash
    Number of views: 955
  • 622-626
    Spectrum of splenic pathology at a single centre
    Authors: Nagarjuna Chary R, Ather Fatima, Kazi Wajid Husain, Kumuda Chalam P, Ibraheem Javed Mohammed
    Number of views: 1057
  • 627-631
    Histopathological evaluation of Skin Tumours
    Authors: Rajinder Kaur, Vanita Kumar, Kuldeep Mehra, Neelu Gupta, Amritpal Singh
    Number of views: 1162
  • 632-635
    Direct immunofluorescence of skin and hair in pemphigus
    Authors: Sandhya V, Kumaresan M
    Number of views: 925
  • 636-643
    Demographic, histopathological and staging analysis of colorectal carcinomas in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Mumbai
    Authors: Milind Vasant Patil, Sangita Ramulu Margam, Anjali Ajay Mahajan, Sandeep Parate, Alka D Kalgutkar
    Number of views: 1010
  • 644-648
    Correlation of fetal autopsy with prenatal ultrasound findings: Study in a tertiary care teaching hospital
    Authors: Shanmuga Priya S, Rajendiran S, Leena Dennis Joseph, Sai Shalini CN
    Number of views: 1038
  • 649-652
    Clinicopathological study of cutaneous adnexal tumors in a tertiary hospital of South India
    Authors: Shubha P Bhat, Kishan Prasad HL, Vadisha Srinivas Bhat, Jayaprakash Shetty K
    Number of views: 945
  • 653-657
    Immunoexpression of p53 as an indicator of invasiveness in esophageal carcinoma:- a tertiary care hospital study from Punjab, India
    Authors: Rahul Mannan, Mridu Manjari, Harleen Kaur, Tejinder Singh Bhasin, Sonam Sharma
    Number of views: 798
  • 658-661
    Usefulness of automated hematology analyzer Sysmex XN 1000 in detection of Malaria
    Authors: Sunilkumar KB, Preeta Naik
    Number of views: 14688
  • 662-664
    Abnormal uterine bleeding: Histopathological patterns of endometrium in elderly
    Authors: Supriya Sandeepa, Jayaprakash HT, Ashwini MC
    Number of views: 1018
  • 665-672
    Histopathological patterns of endometrial lesions in patients with abnormal uterine Bleeding in rural area of Western Maharashtra
    Authors: Swati Bapurao Mune, Abdul Gafoor Karche
    Number of views: 1053
  • 673-678
    OTFS - A pathological menace leading to double trouble in women
    Authors: Trupti Vyasrao Katti, Anand Ananthrao Shankar, Tejeshwini Patil
    Number of views: 812
  • 679-683
    Study of cervical cytology in Papanicolaou (Pap) smears in a tertiary care hospital
    Authors: Umarani MK, Gayathri MN, Madhu Kumar R
    Number of views: 974
  • 684-689
    Association between Red blood cell parameters and immune status in HIV infected males
    Authors: Vanisri HR, Vadiraja N
    Number of views: 1032
  • 690-695
    Clinico-pathological study of breast carcinoma with correlation to hormone receptor status & HER2/neu
    Authors: Vedashree MK, V. Rajalakshmi
    Number of views: 1020
  • 696-700
    Association of Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus with non-Hodgkin lymphoma - A hospital based study of 410 cases
    Authors: Vijayshree Shivappa Neeravari, Doddappa Malleshappa Bannigidad, Lakshmi Rao
    Number of views: 972
  • 701-703
    EDTA dependent pseudothrombocytopenia - cause and incidence
    Authors: Ujjwala V. Tulluri, Yash R. Kale, SR Agashe, PP Patil
    Number of views: 1083
  • 704-709
    Study of BECKMAN COULTER LH 750 CPD parameters in subclinical Vitamin B12 deficiency
    Authors: Ranjana Hawaldar, Sadhna Sodani
    Number of views: 956
  • 710-713
    Incidence of acute and chronic leukemias in rural area at tertiary care teaching hospital: a five years of study
    Authors: Jaya Bhaskar Baviskar
    Number of views: 1426
  • 714-720
    A clinico-pathologic analysis of cutaneous appendageal tumours
    Authors: Ranjan Agrawal, Poospam Sharma, Parbodh Kumar
    Number of views: 836
  • 721-726
    Clinicopathological spectrum of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in a tertiary care centre of Western Uttar Pradesh with review of literature and special emphasis on the rare sites involved
    Authors: Mithila Bisht, Ranjan Agrawal, Nitesh Mohan, Parbodh Kumar
    Number of views: 901
  • 727-731
    Schwannoma and its unusual variants – A histopathological study
    Authors: Sunita B. Patil, Chatura KR
    Number of views: 1712
  • 732-735
    Fetus-in- Fetu Vs retroperitoneal mature teratoma: A revisit of the known rarit
    Authors: Dhiraj B Nikumbh, Sudhir Singhavi, Rahul Shinde, Shirish Gondane
    Number of views: 1015
  • 736-738
    Central mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the maxilla – case report
    Authors: Dhanalakshmi Subramaniam, Sudha Venkatesh, Sofia Chandrababulu
    Number of views: 884
  • 739-741
    Chronic myeloid leukemia with sickle cell trait: rare case report
    Authors: Santosh G. Rathod, Anjali S. Kulkarni, Pranita R. Deshmukh, Dinesh V. Swami, HR Kokandakar
    Number of views: 864
  • 742-743
    An unusual calcific myonecrosis: a case report
    Authors: Banushree CS, Ramachandra V Bhat
    Number of views: 795

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