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Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Number 1, 2017

  • 1-9
    Developing and Validating an Instrument to Evaluate a Mathletes Training Program
    Authors: Flordeliza Sorono-Gagani, Amelia M. Bonotan
    Number of views: 1110
  • 10-20
    Do Nigerian Undergraduate Students have what it takes to be Successful Entrepreneurs? An Enquiry into the Entrepreneurial Capacity of Nigerian Undergraduates
    Authors: Umar Gunu, Emmanuel Tsado
    Number of views: 1005
  • 20-26
    Health Dangers Associated With Solid Wastes Disposal among Students in Hostels Within and Outside University Accommodation
    Authors: C. F. Akinnubi, J. B. Alla
    Number of views: 1585
  • 27-33
    An Analysis of Secondary Education in the Nigerian and Indonesian Educational Systems: A Comparative Study
    Authors: K.S. Ajala, R.A. Lawal, A. F. Oyelade
    Number of views: 1189
  • 34-43
    The Effect of In-Group and Outgroup Labels on the Evaluation of People‘s Behavior: A Survey Experiment Using 12 Morally Ambiguous Situations
    Authors: Mark Anthony Mujer Quintos
    Number of views: 1418
  • 44-52
    Practices of Elementary School Administrators in the Districts of Aborlan and their Teachers’ Performance in the K to 12 Curriculum
    Authors: Naomi A.Tito, David R. Perez
    Number of views: 933
  • 53-64
    Industry Partners Perspective on Cruiseline Management Trainees: Basis for Improved Internship Program
    Authors: Ryan L. Mejia
    Number of views: 1228
  • 65-71
    Leadership Behaviors of Sports Coaches in Public Elementary Schools of District 2, San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines
    Authors: Angelo R. Ganaden, Enjean Ejaus, Marie Fe D. De Guzman
    Number of views: 1770
  • 72-78
    Designing an Open and Blended Learning Readiness Survey for Open High School Learners
    Authors: Louie G. Monteroso, Amelia M. Bonotan
    Number of views: 1693
  • 79-86
    Effectiveness of Tri-In-1 Strategic Intervention Materials For Grade 9 Students Through Solomon Four-Group Design
    Authors: Ernalyn Dig Diaz, Ryan V. Dio
    Number of views: 7275
  • 87-97
    The Pathological Effects of Petrodollars on Nigerian Political Economy
    Authors: Ibrahim Kawuley Mikail, Mohamad Ainuddin I. Lee Bin Abdullah, Sivaperegasam P. Rajanthiran
    Number of views: 1114
  • 98-104
    Stress and Coping Techniques of Female Bank Staff in Kogi State, Nigeria
    Authors: Lateef Omotosho Adegboyega, Falilat Anike Okesina, Ayuba Olawale Hammed
    Number of views: 1163
  • 105-111
    Feminist Ethos in the Life of Venerable Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo
    Authors: Kurt S. Candilas
    Number of views: 2730
  • 112-119
    Facilitation Techniques towards Enhancing K- 12 English Language Proficiency of Different High Schools: Basis for Intervention Program
    Authors: Ma. Leticia Jose C. Basilan
    Number of views: 2061

Number 4, 2016

  • 1-8
    Extent of Readiness of Grade 10 Students for General Mathematics of Senior High School in Sorsogon City, Philippines
    Authors: Cesar Del Ayre Herrera, Jr., Ryan V. Dio
    Number of views: 6322
  • 9-16
    The Effect of Sociology of Religion on the Religiosity of BA Sociology Students from the University of the Philippines Los Baños
    Authors: Mark Anthony Mujer Quintos
    Number of views: 875
  • 17-26
    Employment Status of Graduates in Post Baccalaureate Degree in Business Administration of one Higher Education Institution in the Philippines
    Authors: Julia A. Macalalad, Maribeth G. Buenviaje, Gloria M. Regalario, Jake M. Laguador
    Number of views: 2087
  • 27-39
    Employability of Engineering Graduates from 2013 to 2015: Basis for a Proposed Student Development Program
    Authors: Nemy H. Chavez, Nestor C. Camello, Marie Angelie I. Pamplona
    Number of views: 1500
  • 40-45
    Correlates of the Faculty Performance of the Selected Private Colleges in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
    Authors: Christian Anthony C. Agutaya
    Number of views: 821
  • 46-52
    Teaching Performance of Radiologic Technology Faculty Members based on Students’ Evaluation from 2013 to 2016
    Authors: Estrella A. Vidal, Nicko Ed L. Elegado, Ariel M. Caparas, Miguela A. Daquis, Leni M. Mercado, Jake M. Laguador
    Number of views: 1121
  • 53-60
    Perceptions on Motives for Adoption and Use of Facebook for Non-Profit Organizations in Libya
    Authors: Mohamed Aabeid, Che Su Mustaffa, Adrian Budiman
    Number of views: 805
  • 61-68
    Challenges of Principal Leadership Styles and School Management: A Solution Oriented Approach
    Authors: Olowoselu Abdulrasheed, Fauzi Hussin, Muhamad Dzahir Kasa
    Number of views: 2065
  • 69-71
    Microbial Quality and Safety of Ready-Made Cooked Foods Catered at Ambo Town Street
    Authors: Fikadu Kumsa
    Number of views: 894
  • 72-75
    Stakeholders’ Perception of School Guidance and Counselling Services Effectiveness in Ekiti State Southwestern, Nigeria
    Authors: Sehinde Akintomide Oluwatosin
    Number of views: 2202
  • 76-84
    Cultural Values Reflected on Folk Songs of Arumanen Manobo in Barangay Renibon, Pigcawayan North Cotabato, Philippines
    Authors: Lianne Grace J. Vegafria, Maria Luz D. Calibayan
    Number of views: 5551
  • 85-90
    Evaluation of the Usability and Challenges Facing the Adoption of Online Based Cloud Services in National Open University of Nigeria, North Central Zone
    Authors: Rorcas Tabitha Wusa Ajayi, Onukwube Nnamani, Bernadette Ebele Ozoji
    Number of views: 844
  • 91-99
    Employability of BS Radiologic Technology Graduates from 2013 to 2015 as Input to Student Development Program
    Authors: Miguela A. Daquis, Ariel M. Caparas, Juzzel Ian Zerrudo, Leni M. Mercado
    Number of views: 766

Number 3, 2016

  • 1-5
    The Ideal Special Education Teacher in Nigeria
    Authors: Mary M. Aiyeleso
    Number of views: 1763
  • 6-15
    Improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Programs in Secondary Schools in Benue State Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
    Authors: E.A. Ugo (PhD) , T.V. Akpoghol (PhD)
    Number of views: 1418
  • 16-22
    Inventory Personal Health Amenities for Safe Students Habitation of University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria
    Authors: Rebecca O. Enyikwola
    Number of views: 1008
  • 23-27
    The Effect of Child Abuse on the Academic Performance of School Children: Implication on the Nigerian Economy
    Authors: Augustine Sambo Azi , Abubakar Isa Saluhu
    Number of views: 4295
  • 28-35
    Academic Performance and Learning Styles of Liberal Arts Students in Physical Science
    Authors: Maria Victoria M. Gonzales (Ph.D) , Paz B. Reyes (Ph.D)
    Number of views: 4952
  • 36-40
    Academic Performance in Physics of Fourth Year High School Students in one Public High School in Batangas City, Philippines
    Authors: Annalyn D. Ebora
    Number of views: 3698
  • 41-47
    Effect of Absenteeism among Fourth Year High School Students to School and Individual Learning Performances: Basis for a Conference Dialogue
    Authors: Ederleen C. Genteroy
    Number of views: 4046
  • 48-54
    Employability of Computer Engineering Graduates from 2013 to 2015 in one Private Higher Education Institution in the Philippines
    Authors: Grashiela M. Aguila, Evelyn L. De Castro, Conrado I. Dotong, Jake M. Laguador
    Number of views: 1509
  • 55-61
    Employers’ Feedback on the Job Performance of Computer Engineering Graduates in an Asian Academic Institution
    Authors: Evelyn L. De Castro, Maria Theresa B. Prenda, Joselito A. Dolot, Jake M. Laguador, Conrado I. Dotong
    Number of views: 1204
  • 62-69
    Status of Implementation and Usefulness of Outcomes – Based Education in Customs Administration Program of one Asian University
    Authors: Angelica O. Macatangay, Lyza D. Braza, Maedelyn N. Gamboa, Angie D. Gonzales, Reycon Annabel P. Fuentes, Julia A. Macalalad, Katleen T. Hernandez, Jeny Rose B. Montejo, Filomena M. Mendoza
    Number of views: 2129
  • 70-77
    Industry – Partners’ Feedback on Masters in Public Administration: Basis of Curriculum Enhancement
    Authors: Flora V. Javier (Ed.D), Norma L. Menez (Ph.D), Rolando A. Tumambing (DPA) and Victoriana M. Eje (DPA)
    Number of views: 1150
  • 78-85
    Coping Strategies of Unemployed Youths in Kwara State, Nigeria
    Authors: Lateef Omotosho Adegboyega, Falilat Anike Okesina (Ph.D), Mulikat L. A. Mustapha (Ph.D)
    Number of views: 1998
  • 86-93
    Effects of Absenteeism to the Learning Performance of Fourth Year Students of one National High School in Batangas City, Philippines
    Authors: Jhemson C. Elis
    Number of views: 10335
  • 94-97
    Antigenotoxicity Screening of Coffee (Coffea arabica Linn) and Cacao (Theobroma cacao Linn.)
    Authors: Erdee C. Cajurao and Ida Francia H. Revale
    Number of views: 1145
  • 94-97
    Corporate Social Responsibility of Selected Private and Public Colleges and Universities in Batangas City: Basis for Enhancement
    Authors: Dabbie A. Cruzem, Ericka Joy B. Calacal, Rocel Joy M. Bruce, Kristine Joy G. De Alday, Luisa P. Macatangay
    Number of views: 2043

Number 2, 2016

  • 1-7
    Performance Indicators and Job Commitment of University Graduates during the National Youth Service Corps Programme in Oyo State, Nigeria
    Authors: Olugbenga Timothy Ajadi, Felicia Adekemi Alade-Yussuf
    Number of views: 923
  • 8-12
    A Case Report of Educational in 3D and 2D towards Primary Mathematics
    Authors: Owi Wei Ping, Ang Kean Hua
    Number of views: 963
  • 13-20
    Barriers for Educational Technology Integration in Contemporary Classroom Environment
    Authors: Conrado I. Dotong, Evelyn L. De Castro, Joselito A. Dolot, Maria Theresa B. Prenda
    Number of views: 782

Number 1, 2016

  • 1-9
    Influence of Big Five Personality Traits and Locus of Control on Road Safety Rules Compliance among Motorcycle Riders in North-Central Nigeria
    Authors: Aondoaver Ucho, Joyce Mcivir Terwase, Anastasia Ahemen Ucho
    Number of views: 722
  • 10-20
    A History of Kapsabet Girls‟ High School, Nandi County, Kenya, 1960 - 1979
    Authors: Kiprop Joseph, John Koskey Chang’ach
    Number of views: 824
  • 21-26
    Oral Narrative Techniques in Les soleils des indépendences and Allah n’est pas Obligé
    Authors: Samson AbiolaAjayi
    Number of views: 886
  • 27-30
    Education of the Special Target Groups: A Panacea for Achieving the Transformation Agenda in Nigeria
    Authors: Okai Amodu, Padung Leonard Dokbisa, Rukaiya Sa’ad Ahmed
    Number of views: 3142
  • 31-39
    Principals‟ Graduate Qualification: A Plus for Secondary School Effectiveness in Nigeria
    Authors: Oluwatoyin Bolanle Akinola, Azeez Babatunde Adebakin
    Number of views: 759
  • 40-48
    Preferred Student-Centered Strategies in Teacher Education: Input to Outcomes-Based Instruction
    Authors: Marie Fe D. De Guzman
    Number of views: 1094
  • 49-55
    Development Model of Structured Reflecting Team in Supervision Group (SRTS) For Guidance and Counseling Vocational School Teachers
    Authors: Sugiyo, Nasrullah
    Number of views: 686
  • 56-63
    Sextortion in Education Sector and Response to Criminal Legal System in Tanzania - A Review
    Authors: Kambuga Yusuph
    Number of views: 701
  • 64-74
    Error Analysis of Utterance Structure
    Authors: Emily L. Beltran
    Number of views: 847
  • 75-82
    Impacts of online banner advertisement on consumers‟ purchase intention: A theoretical framework
    Authors: Salem Mohamed S. Busen, Che Su Mustaffa, Mohamad Bahtiar
    Number of views: 877
  • 83-93
    Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities to Academic Performance of Financial and Management Accounting Students
    Authors: Aileen S. Villalobos, Arlene Jane C. Dulce, Lara Joyce Fontilar, Darlene Margot C. Gutierrez, Rei-an Craig V. Sawali, Hadge Almero-Encio
    Number of views: 899
  • 94-98
    Impact of Using Tiv Language for Teaching and Learning Mathematics on Students’ Achievement in Benue State
    Authors: I. P. Anyagh, E. I. O’kwu, B. I. Imoko
    Number of views: 744
  • 99-109
    Accounting Students‟ Learning Satisfaction of Professional Subjects as Basis for Continuous Improvement
    Authors: Camille Anne I. Mercado, Elaine Jennicka Shaira M.Bayugo, Zeirra Ly S. Leynes, Christine Joy B. Lontok, Dezza Klaire M. Medilla, Jiexel L. Manongsong
    Number of views: 847
  • 110-115
    Pragmatic Techniques of Curbing Examination Malpractices in Secondary Schools in Nigeria
    Authors: Oluyomi O. Akintunde, Grace Selzing-Musa
    Number of views: 922
  • 116-120
    Differential Effects of Two Teaching Methods on Students‟ Achievement in Geography Curriculum in Plateau State, Nigeria
    Authors: Dorah Nanman Damar, Hulda Maxwell Davwet, Nehemiah Barnabas
    Number of views: 973
  • 121-127
    Impact of Iconic Models on Senior Secondary School Students' Academic Achievement in Physical Geography in Plateau State, Nigeria
    Authors: Damar Dorah Naanman, Hulda Maxwell Davwet, Jonah Mathias Dukut
    Number of views: 745

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