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International Research Journal of Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Studies (IRJIMS)

Number 1-I, 2015

  • . 89-96
    Availability of Information Resources As Determinants of Undergraduates’ Use of Internet Search Engines in Two Universities in Oyo State, Nigeria
    Authors: Chuks Daniel Oriogu (Blis, Mlis)
    Number of views: 1183
  • . 180-185
    Socio-Economic Analysis of Child Labor in Hyderabad City
    Authors: Muhammad Abdullah Avais & Saima Shaikh & Abdul Jaleel Mirjat
    Number of views: 1228
  • 1-5
    Unparallel ICT in Enhancing the Essence of Democracy and Good-Governance
    Authors: Dr. Hanumanthappa D. G
    Number of views: 901
  • 6-11
    Human Rights in the Globalised world: Entails integrated social adherence
    Authors: Dr. Y. S. Balavantagol
    Number of views: 899
  • 12-16
    Need to Curb Election Expenditure
    Authors: Mr. D. Narasimhulu & Dr. K. Eswara Reddy
    Number of views: 1078
  • 17-21
    Customized Automatic Load Sharing For a Network of Workstations
    Authors: Dr.K.Kungumaraj & J.Vijayabharathi
    Number of views: 924
  • 22-25
    Traditional Knowledge of Mawalli in Sundarban: A Case Study
    Authors: Dr. Tapan Ray
    Number of views: 945
  • 26-29
    Women and Equality in India with Special Reference to the Northeast
    Authors: Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Tiwary
    Number of views: 1955
  • 30-36
    The Caucasus, Its Peoples, and Its History
    Authors: Vahid Rashidvash
    Number of views: 1942
  • 37-46
    SHG Models of Microfinance in Barpeta District of Assam: A Performance Evaluation Study
    Authors: Dr. Bhabananda Deb Nath
    Number of views: 1079
  • 47-64
    Federalism and National Integration: Panacea to National Development in Nigeria
    Authors: Martins Daniel
    Number of views: 3260
  • 65-68
    Medical Negligence and Consumer Welfare: A Challenge to the Nation
    Authors: Dr. Manoj Kuamar Sadual
    Number of views: 1029
  • 69-73
    Social Values of Women in Abhijnanasakuntalam: An Analysis
    Authors: Dr. Pritilaxmi Swain
    Number of views: 6089
  • 74-79
    The Inter-linkage between Environment and Women
    Authors: Dr. Nabanita Debnath
    Number of views: 1007
  • 80-88
    ‘The Nature of Morality’ in Gilbert Harman: An Appraisal
    Authors: Oyedola, David A
    Number of views: 2283
  • 97-102
    Influence of Computer Literacy on Students in three University Libraries in South-Western, Nigeria
    Authors: Ogbuiyi Darlina Chima
    Number of views: 1247
  • 103-106
    Economic Thought of Raja Rammohun Roy: The Earliest Spokesman of Free-trade in India
    Authors: Abhisek Karmakar
    Number of views: 1442
  • 107-112
    Networking Technology & Its Users: A Growing Concept of Victimology
    Authors: Mr. Debabrata Pani
    Number of views: 1029
  • 113-118
    Youth in Danger-A Case Study of New Life Foundation (A De-Addiction Centre)
    Authors: K. M. Jahirul Islam
    Number of views: 1186
  • 119-122
    Socio-Economic analysis of Rural Education: A Case from Dhemaji District, Assam
    Authors: Monimugdha Bhuyan
    Number of views: 1084
  • 123-130
    Indian Legal Profession and International Trade: An Overview
    Authors: Rahul Mishra
    Number of views: 1423
  • 131-134
    Strategies for English Language Teachers to develop Communication Skills among Engineering and Technology students
    Authors: Bishnu Prasad Gogoi
    Number of views: 1157
  • 135-140
    Yoga for the Change of Consciousness: An Integral Vision of Sri Aurobindo
    Authors: Nishikant Patoa
    Number of views: 1339
  • 141-147
    Impact of Social Media / Social Networks on Education and life of Undergraduate level students of Karimganj town-A survey
    Authors: Sudipta Deb Roy & Dr. Sankar Kumar Chakraborty
    Number of views: 1085
  • 148-159
    Impact of Self-Help Groups on Economic Empowerment of Women in Assam
    Authors: Rahul Sarania
    Number of views: 1617
  • 160-164
    Fratricidal Clashes in Bodoland Demand
    Authors: Nabin Hakhrari
    Number of views: 968
  • 165-172
    Empowerment of Rural Woman Through entrepreneurship- An Overview
    Authors: Mrs. Manashi Mazumdar & Mrs. Marjina Ahmed
    Number of views: 1950
  • 173-179
    Effects of Cartoon Network on the Behavior of School Going Children (A Case Study of Gujrat City)
    Authors: Dr. Zahid Yousaf, Munham Shehzad , Syed Ali Hassan
    Number of views: 1325
  • 186-190
    The Portrayal of ‘Humanity’ in the Fiction of Muhammad Abdul Halim Abdullah: A Discussion
    Authors: Farid Uddin Ahmed
    Number of views: 1022
  • 191-195
    Ambedkar and woman rights: An analysis
    Authors: Satyajit Das
    Number of views: 1245
  • 196-205
    Educational Thoughts of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
    Authors: Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera
    Number of views: 10500
  • 206-210
    A Study of Effectiveness of Micro-teaching on trainee teachers and Students with reference to few training colleges and schools of Burdwan District in West Bengal
    Authors: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Paul & Srikanta Nandi
    Number of views: 1263

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