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Academicus International Scientific Journal

Number 20, 2019

  • 10-11
    Academicus. In the name of Science
    Authors: Arta Musaraj
    Number of views: 49
  • 12-33
    Science, for What? Or: Science with Conscience .The Invisible College of Dissenting Nuclear Scientists
    Authors: Franco Ferrarotti
    Number of views: 52
  • 34-50
    Media strategies in lobbying process. A literature review on publications in 2000-2018.
    Authors: Markus Mykkänen, Pasi Ikonen
    Number of views: 49
  • 51-65
    Weber’s Protestant Ethic Thesis in Five Steps.
    Authors: James J. Chriss
    Number of views: 53
  • 66-80
    From the Natural Self-Orgnizaton of Religion to the Modern Magical Realism of the Religious Experience
    Authors: Gerardo Abreu Pederzini
    Number of views: 49
  • 81-92
    The influence of demographic indicators on corruption perception in Slovenia.
    Authors: Matic Borošak, Štefan Šumah
    Number of views: 57
  • 93-105
    Quine on the Dogmas of Empiricism
    Authors: Michele Marsonet
    Number of views: 55
  • 106-118
    Various perspectives of labor and human resources challenges and changes due to automation and artificial intelligence.
    Authors: Jessica Bayón Pérez, Andrés Jerónimo Arenas Falótico
    Number of views: 54
  • 119-127
    Organisms and Environments as Combined Systems.
    Authors: Elena Gagliasso
    Number of views: 47
  • 128-141
    Mercadona . A successful business Case.
    Authors: Jorge Hernando Cuñado, Jorge Colvin-Díez, Javier Enríquez Román
    Number of views: 52
  • 142-153
    European Union Nation Branding through Humanitarian and Developmental Initiatives. Focus on EU Aid Volunteers.
    Authors: Biljana Popovska, Julie Darcq
    Number of views: 55
  • 154-164
    The Land of the Dawning Sun. Italian gazes out to Albania from the beginning of 1900 to present day
    Authors: AnnaMaria Calore
    Number of views: 43
  • 165-181
    Poetry & Not . Notes on the Political and Social Significance of Poetry Inside Modern Cities
    Authors: Davide Crimi
    Number of views: 48
  • 182-198
    On the Globalization of Political Power and the Added Relevance of Institutions in Contexts of Multifaceted Populism.Illustrated with Recourse to a Case Study of the Portuguese Justice System.
    Authors: Pedro Miguel Alves Ribeiro Correia
    Number of views: 63
  • 199-222
    The importance of online payment on Travel and Tourism incomes. A Cross-Country Panel Data Study
    Authors: Laura Lorente Bayona, Aurora Ruiz Rua
    Number of views: 58

Number 19, 2019

  • 9-31
    Liliana Segre, or the courageous struggle against “indifference” and for social recognition.
    Authors: Silvana Greco
    Number of views: 61
  • 32-36
    Philosophy and Logical Positivism.
    Authors: Michele Marsonet
    Number of views: 45
  • 37-48
    Technocracy and the questionable moral philosophy of management. A Southeast Europe inside.
    Authors: Arta Musaraj
    Number of views: 54
  • 49-64
    Current Meanings of the Legal Culture Concept and the Question of Truth Regarding its Elements
    Authors: Marţian Iovan
    Number of views: 60
  • 65-79
    Diffused Religion and Civil Society in Italy.
    Authors: Roberto Cipriani
    Number of views: 45
  • 80-94
    Modern legal systems and the principle of “Culpa in Contrahendo”: A review of the Albanian model of pre-contractual liability on a Roman-Germanic model reference.
    Authors: Borana Mustafaraj
    Number of views: 44
  • 95-109
    Fearing the Other: The Danger of a “Yellow” Invasion Between 19th and 20th century in Europe
    Authors: Vincenza Cinzia Capristo
    Number of views: 54
  • 110-130
    The Specious Denials of Access to Administrative Documents: Practical Problems in the Transparency Era with the Case of Italian Military Court of Verona.
    Authors: Fabio Ratto Trabucco
    Number of views: 55
  • 131-145
    Sustainability of water use in agriculture. Southern European farmers participation and social impact..
    Authors: Alda Miftari
    Number of views: 56
  • 146-155
    Polygraph Tests - Benefits and Challenges.
    Authors: Panthayil Babu Rajan
    Number of views: 47
  • 156-164
    Gender Equality, Albanian National Mechanism Within the Framework of EU Legislation
    Authors: Elona Hoxha
    Number of views: 53
  • 165-187
    Deconstructing the use of REPO 105 and Repo 108 Transactions Under SFAS 140: the Case of Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. and the Liability of Ernst & Young
    Authors: John JA Burke
    Number of views: 54

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