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Indonesian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Number 3, 1997

  • 145 - 151
    The production performance of Holstein Friesian dairy cattle in West Java
    Authors: P Mahyudin, S.B Siregar, N Hidayati, T Sugiarti
    Number of views: 530
  • 152 - 156
    Reciprocal crossing between Tegal and Mojosari ducks : I . Early gowth and early egg production
    Authors: L. Hardi Prasetyo, Triana Susanti
    Number of views: 523
  • 157 - 163
    Comparative study on preferences and quality of poultry meat
    Authors: Triyantini ., Abubakar ., I.A.K Bintang, T Antawidjaja
    Number of views: 878
  • 164 - 169
    Additional calcium carbonate into concentrate diet for sheep fed ensiled king grass as a based-diet
    Authors: I-W Mathius, D Lubis, E Wina, D.P Nurhayati, I.G.M Budiarsana
    Number of views: 565
  • 170 - 174
    The application of feeding standard on weaned exotic pigs productivity
    Authors: Djamuara Aritonang, M Silalahi, T Pasaribu, L.P Batubara, K Manihuruk, M Doloksaribu
    Number of views: 734
  • 175 - 180
    The use of sago waste (Metroxylon sago) and its fermentation product as a feedstuff for growing duck
    Authors: Tata Antawidjaja, I.A.K Bintang, A.P Sinurat, I.P Kompiang
    Number of views: 410
  • 181 - 183
    Cassapro in broiler ration : effect of halquinol Supplementation
    Authors: I.P Kompiang, A.P Sinurat, T Purwadaria, J Darma, Supriyati
    Number of views: 524
  • 184 - 187
    The detection antibody of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) in pig sera in Eastern part of Indonesia
    Authors: Indrawati Sendow, Sjamsul Bahri, Antonious Sarosa
    Number of views: 526
  • 188 - 193
    Development of ELISA technique for detecting Clostridium novyi alpha toxin
    Authors: Lily Natalia
    Number of views: 611
  • 194 - 197
    Salmonella Enteritidis infection in young broiler chickens from breeding farm: A case report
    Authors: Sri Poernomo, Indrawati Rumawasz, A Sarosa
    Number of views: 633
  • 198 - 203
    Isolation, identification and serotyping of Pasteurella multocida isolates from pneumonic lungs of pigs and sensitivity to several their antibiotics
    Authors: Siti Chotiah
    Number of views: 729
  • 204 - 207
    The use of sodium pyruvate and sodium hydroxide to increase the number of colonies and coloured antigen yield of Mycoplasma gallisepticum
    Authors: Soeripto
    Number of views: 474
  • 208 - 211
    Bacteriologica acteriological examinations of ducklings, duck's eggs, feed, and rice bran collected from Alibio market, South Kalimantan
    Authors: Istiana ., Suryana
    Number of views: 456

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