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Bilimname: Düşünce Platformu

Number 28, 2015

  • 9-25
    The Final Timing-II: Nasî’/Interposition To The Inviolable Months
    Authors: Veli KAYHAN
    Number of views: 992
  • 27-54
    Narrators Of Al-Bukhârî Who Are Comdemned To Ahl Al-Bid’a
    Authors: Süleyman DOĞANAY
    Number of views: 1291
  • 55-65
    From The Perspectives Of Islam and Other Civilizations: The People With Disability
    Authors: Salim ÖZER
    Number of views: 1346
  • 67-92
    Ontological Difficulties Of Understanding The Divine Purpose
    Authors: Mehmet DEMİRCİ
    Number of views: 1279
  • 93-124
    Language and Reality In Postmodern Approach: A Criticism
    Authors: Cenan KUVANCI
    Number of views: 1149
  • 125-165
    A Recommended Sample Syllabus For The Qur'an Reading/Recitation and Tajwid Courses at Theology Faculties
    Authors: Abdullah BENLİ
    Number of views: 3688
  • 167-199
    Euthanasia In The Context Of The Meaning Of Human and Life
    Authors: Mustafa ÜNVERDİ
    Number of views: 1353
  • 201-245
    The Basis Of Qadi Abd Al-Jabbar On The Rejection Of Visibility Of Allah
    Authors: Veysi ÜNVERDİ
    Number of views: 1298
  • 247-262
    Place Of Kinalizade’s “Tabaqatu’l-Hanafiya” Among Tabaqatu’l-Hanafiya Books
    Authors: Nazım BÜYÜKBAŞ
    Number of views: 1349
  • 263-286
    Religion Effect At The Establishment Of Ottoman State
    Authors: Ömer CİDE
    Number of views: 2032
  • 287-310
    The Effects Of The Pedagogical Formation Education Given To The Faculty Of Theology Graduates Upon The Attitudes And Anxiety Levels Towards The Profession Of Teaching
    Authors: Macid YILMAZ
    Number of views: 786
  • 311-342
    Ijtihad of Committee as Fatwaa Defination of Method and Boards of Fiqh Established in Islamic World for This Purpose
    Authors: Mustafa Bülent DADAŞ
    Number of views: 1203
  • 343-368
    Advances In The Conceptualization and Measurement Of Religion and Spirituality
    Authors: Peter C. HILL; Kenneth I. PARGAMENT / Trans.: Mustafa ULU
    Number of views: 901
  • 369-382
    Existential Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality: Method, Praxis and Experience
    Authors: Louis HOFFMAN / Trans.: Mehmet Mücahit ATİK
    Number of views: 1252

Number 2014/2, 2014

  • 9-24
    Position of Sunnah in Terms of Legislative Value
    Authors: Ali TOKSARI
    Number of views: 663
  • 25-58
    The Final Timing-I: The Year, Month and Inviolable Months
    Authors: Veli KAYHAN
    Number of views: 624
  • 59-88
    A Study on Adolescents' Religious Faith, Doubt, and Religious Attitudes
    Authors: Celal ÇAYIR
    Number of views: 664
  • 89-117
    At The Work Named "Kütu'l-Kulûb" of Ebû Tâlib El-Mekkî Dhikr and Vird
    Authors: Necmettin ERGÜL
    Number of views: 691
  • 119-140
    The Criticism of Quranic Mind to Pre-Islamic The Jahiliyyah (Ignorance) of Arab Mind
    Authors: Mustafa GÜVEN
    Number of views: 664
  • 141-157
    The Contextual Problem in Determination of Recourse of Pronoun in Quran
    Authors: Fatih TİYEK
    Number of views: 570
  • 159-175
    Manifestations of Social Life of Faith –Accuracy, Good Conduct, Love and Fraternity–
    Authors: Osman ORAL
    Number of views: 619
  • 177-206
    Faith As a Developmental Base of Religious Education
    Authors: Cemil OSMANOĞLU
    Number of views: 604
  • 207-236
    Feeling Threatened in Interpersonal Relations, Psychic Isolation and Religiosity: An Empirical Study on University Students
    Authors: Nurten KIMTER
    Number of views: 725
  • 237-246
    Religious Markets and Economics of Religion
    Authors: Laurence R. IANNACCONE / Çev.: Hatice GÜL
    Number of views: 650

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