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Science and Transport Progress

Number 3(51), 2014

  • 7-14
    Electromagnetic compatibility research of return traction network with signaling devices, centralization and blocking
    Authors: A. M. Beznaritnyy, V. I. Gavrilyuk, I. O. Romantsyev, V. I. Shchyeka
    Number of views: 357
  • 15-23
    Organization of freight transportation in Ukraine in the reformation condtions
    Authors: L. V. Martseniuk
    Number of views: 316
  • 24-33
    Influence of maintenance windows on the working capacity of railway route
    Authors: M. I. Muzykin, G. I. Nesterenko
    Number of views: 282
  • 34-41
    Influence of feeding electric energy quality on heating of the auxiliary machines of ac electric rolling stoc
    Authors: O. YU. Baliichuk, L. V. Dubynets, O. M. Dukhnovskyi, O. O. Marenych, O. L. Marenych
    Number of views: 304
  • 42-50
    Backgrounds of experimental investigation of electromagnetic compatibility of traction asynchronous electric drives in the structure of dc traction power supply system
    Authors: YU. S. Bondarenko
    Number of views: 296
  • 51-64
    Statistic, probabilistic, correlation and spectral analyses of regenerative braking current of dc electric rolling stock
    Authors: A. V. Nikitenko, M. O. Kostin
    Number of views: 240
  • 65-74
    Estimation of irreversible damageability at fatigue of carbon steel
    Authors: I. O. Vakulenko, O. N. Perkov, M. Knapinski, D. M. Bolotova
    Number of views: 357
  • 75-83
    Material choice and blanks operation technology of AK6 aluminium alloy
    Authors: N. YE. Kalinina, S. I. Mamchur, K. O. Musina, M. V. Hrekova, T. K. Lopatkina
    Number of views: 306
  • 84-91
    Production of weldments from sintered titanium alloys
    Authors: A. YE. Kapustyan, A. V. Ovchinnikov, I. A. Vakulenko
    Number of views: 299
  • 92-99
    Derivative of set measure functions and its application (theoretical bases of investment objectives)
    Authors: A. A. Bosov, P. A. Loza
    Number of views: 287
  • 100-108
    Kinematics and dynamics models of cylindrical roller bearing of railway transport
    Authors: A. V. Gaydamaka
    Number of views: 258
  • 109-116
    Possibility research of the use of energy reserve of aerial ropeway drives taking into account the twisting forces diagrams
    Authors: YU. K. Goryachev, A. S. Kuropyatnik, M. R. Izmaylov
    Number of views: 293
  • 117-123
    Elastic-friction side bearer for freight car bogie
    Authors: G. Vaiciunas, S. V. Мyaмlin, A. A. Bosov, V. YA. Panasenko, I. V. Кlimenko, YE. F. Fedorov
    Number of views: 319
  • 124-135
    Operation study of different structural options of flexible flows for car repair using simulation modeling
    Authors: V. V. Myamlin
    Number of views: 279
  • 136-145
    Experimental research of dynamic qualities of freight cars with bogies of different designs
    Authors: S. V. Myamlin, O. O. Ten, L. O. Neduzha
    Number of views: 343
  • 146-159
    System organization of material providing of building
    Authors: A. V. Rаdkеvich, I. A. Arutyunyan
    Number of views: 301
  • 160-173
    Civil protection mechanism of the assignee rights based on the patent claim
    Authors: N. V. Marchenko
    Number of views: 329

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