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Epiphany - Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies

Number 2, 2013

  • 8
    The Dystopic Vision: A Study of the Spatial Politics in E. M. Forster`s A Passage to India
    Authors: Sourav Kumar Nag
    Number of views: 706
  • 8
    The Effect of Sporting Habits and Different Variables on Self-Esteem of Police Officers
    Authors: Erdoğan Tozoglu
    Number of views: 641
  • 10
    Poetic Experience
    Authors: Shahab Yar Khan
    Number of views: 602
  • 10
    Winstanley’s Utopia in Literature and in Cinema
    Authors: Alice Manuela Martins Guimaraes
    Number of views: 578
  • 12
    Metatheatricalizing Communal Exploitation in Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Ngugi wa Miriis’ I Will Marry When I want
    Authors: Niyi Akingbe
    Number of views: 728
  • 12
    Speech Act Theory: Austin, Searl Derrida’s Response and Deleuze’s Theory of Order-word
    Authors: Hasan Baktir
    Number of views: 649
  • 13
    Theory of Parental Investment: “Mothers are the Most Important"
    Authors: Sabina Alispahić, Đenita Tuce, Enedina Hasanbegović Anić
    Number of views: 641
  • 13
    Turkey`s Harmless Tango Between East and West
    Authors: Selma Mujanovic
    Number of views: 673
  • 15
    From Populism to Symbolism: Silver Age Discourse on the Nature of Russian Symbolism
    Authors: Barbara Ann Brown
    Number of views: 651
  • 16
    Cultural Mediation: John Eliot’s Errand to the Otherness
    Authors: Alice Manuela Martins Guimaraes
    Number of views: 658
  • 17
    The Ice Cracks for Frozen Flow: Comprehending the Irony of Development through Metaphor of Water
    Authors: Bhumika Sharma
    Number of views: 647
  • 17
    Religious Ideology and Motivation of Action: A Study of Nature of Action in T. S. Eliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral”
    Authors: Golbarg Khorsand
    Number of views: 891
  • 17
    Figural Representation in the Arabic Calligraphy
    Authors: Meliha Teparić
    Number of views: 670
  • 22
    Ethnic Hierarchies and the Shifting EU Schengen Border in the Post-Cold War Era
    Authors: Lynn Tesser
    Number of views: 644
  • 27
    James Joyce's Ulysses: The Search for Value
    Authors: Aouda Aljohani
    Number of views: 636

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