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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Number 1, 2014

  • 1-7
    Human Scapulae: Supra Scapular Notch, Morphometry and Variations
    Authors: Dushyant Agrawal, Brijendra Singh and Gitika Arya Agrawal
    Number of views: 411
  • 8-9
    Accessory foramen transversarium and its incidence in atlas vertebrae
    Authors: Pushpa Potaliya, Abhilasha Dadhich, D.S. Chowdhary
    Number of views: 300
  • 10-14
    Congenital Anomalies of Spleen - cadaveric study with special reference to Multilobulated spleen
    Authors: Dr. Mallikarjun Adibatti, Dr. Asha K
    Number of views: 349
  • 15-21
    Growth Impairment and Dental Caries in Thalassemia Major Patiens
    Authors: Manali Arora, SM Nayeemuddin, Surajit Ghatak, Brijendra Singh
    Number of views: 374
  • 22-28
    A Study of Arterial Dominance in Human Hearts by Perfusion Method
    Authors: Dr. Pradeep Singh, Dr. Vasundra Kulshrestha, Dr.Brijendra Singh
    Number of views: 366
  • 29-33
    Effect of Regular Practicing Bharatnatyam Dancing Exercise on Body Fat of Urban Female Teenagers
    Authors: Neepa Banerjee, Surjani Chatterjee, Sreejita Kundu, Shatabdi Bhattacharjee and Shankarashis Mukherj
    Number of views: 367
  • 34-40
    Stem Cell: Pluripotent Cell or Reserve cell?
    Authors: Dr. Brijendra Singh and Dr. Meenakshi Chowdhary
    Number of views: 347
  • 41-47
    A Focused Review – Thoracolumbar Spine: Anatomy, Biomechanics and Clinical Significance
    Authors: Dr. M. Rathore, Dr. D. K. Sharma, Dr. Manisha B. Sinha, Dr. A. U. Siddiqui and Dr Soumitra Trivedi
    Number of views: 326
  • 48-50
    High blood pressure: How does it affect male fertility potential?
    Authors: Amit Kant Singh, Santosh Kumar Sant, Ramji Singh, Arun Nagrath, Mohan Singh, ANG Hyder, R.K. Gupta,
    Number of views: 323
  • 51-56
    Personal Perception: Why Dentistry should not be considered a part of the Medical profession?
    Authors: Dr. D. K. Sharma
    Number of views: 326
  • 57-59
    Levator glandulae thyroideae: a fibromusculoglandular band – A case report
    Authors: Dr Manisha B. Sinha, Dr Abu Ubaida Siddiqui and Dr D K Sharma
    Number of views: 384
  • 60-63
    Embryological, radiological and surgical perspects of Duplicated ureter with bilateral aberrant renal arteries - A case report
    Authors: Dr. Vivek Mishra, Dr. Mrinal P Barua
    Number of views: 342
  • 64-68
    Variation in Subclavian Artery Branches- A Case Report
    Authors: SM Nayeemuddin, Manali Arora, Surajit Ghatak and Brijendra Singh
    Number of views: 337

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