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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Number 4, 2015

  • 164-168
    Presence of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Adolescent Girls of Jammu District and its Effect in their Physical Performance
    Authors: Anjali Nadir Bhat, Sabita Yograj, Manisha Sahi
    Number of views: 450
  • 169-173
    The Relation between development of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and location of placenta among the pregnant women in Bastar Region
    Authors: Rajeshree A. Nandanwar, Abhilasha M. Wahane, Narendra S. Dange
    Number of views: 461
  • 174-176
    Effect of Short Term Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy on Memory Scores in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
    Authors: Bhanu R., Vinutha Shankar MS, Karthiyanee Kutty
    Number of views: 530
  • 177-180
    Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Forced Expiratory Volume in 1st Second (FEV1) and Forced Expiratory Ratio (FEV1/FVC) In Petrol Pump Workers at Jhalawar and Jhalarapatan (Rajasthan)
    Authors: Himanshu Sharma, Shashikant Agarwal
    Number of views: 485
  • 181-184
    Influence of Exercise on Pulmonary Function tests in young individuals
    Authors: Soundariya K, Neelambikai N
    Number of views: 371
  • 185-189
    Sural Nerve Conduction in Healthy Nigerians: Reference Values and Impact of Age
    Authors: Lukman Femi Owolabi, Sunday Adebisi, Barnabas Danborno, Adekunle Adebayo Buraimoh
    Number of views: 435
  • 190-198
    Calculation of Difficulty Index of Soft tissue Spotters in Anatomy: An Advance, Novel Method of Assessment in University Examination, A Cross Sectional Study at GMC Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh
    Authors: Ansari Mohammad Mujahid, Ovhal Anjalee, Khan M Ashraf, Zargar R K
    Number of views: 465
  • 199-203
    A Study of Various Forms of Mandibular Coronoid Process in Determination of Sex
    Authors: Mouna Subbaramaiah, Roshni Bajpe, S.R.Jagannatha, K.S. Jayanthi
    Number of views: 482
  • 204-207
    Prognostic significance of platelet count in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
    Authors: Vinod Prabhushetty T, Ramachandra G Latti
    Number of views: 462
  • 208-211
    Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis; Is response to Parasympathetic function test altered?
    Authors: Latha G.S, Nagaraja Puranik, Kammar K.F, Shivakumar J
    Number of views: 400
  • 212-215
    Study of Cadaveric Liver Lobe Anomaly
    Authors: Ranjana Singh Arya, Ramesh Chandra Arya, Amit Kumar, Kamaljit Basan, Balbir Singh, Shiksha Jangde
    Number of views: 410
  • 216-218
    Studyof FVC, FEV1&FEV1/FVCin pregnant women residing near polluted areas of western Rajasthan, India” -a longitudinal study
    Authors: Tilwani Khemlata, Maheshwari Madhurima, Jangid Priya, Tilwani R K, Rajnee, Ojha K C.
    Number of views: 444
  • 223-225
    Co-Relation of Family History of Hypertension with Hypertension in the Young Male Adults in Western Rajasthan
    Authors: Priya Jangid, Khemlata Tilwani, Madhurima Maheshwari, Mukesh Nagal, N.D. Soni.
    Number of views: 439

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