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International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences

Number 4, 2015

  • 1–10
    The Impact of the Fiscal and Quantitative Monetary Policies on the Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment in Jordan. An Empirical Study
    Authors: Ateyah M. ALAWNEH, Torki M. AL-FAWWAZ, George N. SHAWAQFEH
    Number of views: 1371
  • 11–21
    Efficiency Evaluation of European Financial Cooperative Sector. A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
    Authors: Clements Adeyinka AKINSOYINU
    Number of views: 1240
  • 22-30
    Examining the Impact of Institutional Ownership on Monitoring Cost: The Case of Iranian Firms Listed on Tehran Stock Exchange
    Authors: Mohammad KIAMEHR, Asghar Asa'di MOGHADDAM, Safdar ALIPOUR, Hamid Reza HAJEB
    Number of views: 1248
  • 31-37
    The Role of Economic Chamber in Response to the Educational Needs of Its Members
    Authors: Vasiliki BRINIA, Eleni CHALIOULIA
    Number of views: 1192
  • 38–45
    Fraud Triangle Theory and Fraud Diamond Theory. Understanding the Convergent and Divergent For Future Research
    Authors: Rabi’u ABDULLAHI, Noorhayati MANSOR
    Number of views: 9257
  • 46–53
    Factors Affecting Efficient Stores Operations In Kenya Tea Development Agency Managed Factories (KTDA): A Survey of Factories in Zones 4 and 5, Kenya
    Authors: Grace Muthoni GITHU, Mark KANDA
    Number of views: 1935
  • 54–68
    Does Ethic Rating Decrease Firms’ Cost of Capital? Empirical Insights from the Italian Setting
    Authors: Enrica SEPE, Margherita SMARRA, Marco SORRENTINO
    Number of views: 1429
  • 69–73
    Multiple Regressions Used in Analysis of Private Consumption and Public Final Consumption Evolution
    Authors: Constantin ANGHELACHE, Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL, Marius POPOVICI
    Number of views: 2126
  • 74–83
    Impact of Work Family Conflict on Female Intent to Quit. Descriptive Study of Commercial Banks of Faisalabad, Pakistan
    Authors: Saira AJAZ, Babak MEHMOOD, Muhammad KASHIF
    Number of views: 1567
  • 89–95
    Score Function Model Applied For Assessing the Adequacy of Internal Controls and Risk Management Function within Romanian Investment Firms
    Authors: Ioan-Ovidiu SPATACEAN
    Number of views: 1183
  • 96–104
    Threats and Challenges to Accounting Profession: A Draw Back to the Development of Accounting Practices in Nigeria
    Authors: Ibrahim Adagye DAUDA, Bala Azagaku OMBUGADU, Sylvester Umbugadu AKU
    Number of views: 3056
  • 105-110
    An Assessment Study on the Efficiency of Banks through Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Case Study: A Bank Based in Tehran
    Authors: Mohammad ATAEI, Soamayeh NASERIAN
    Number of views: 1514
  • 116–122
    Correlation between BET Index Evolution and the Evolution of Transactions’ Number – Analysis Model
    Authors: Madalina Gabriela ANGHEL
    Number of views: 1217
  • 123–128
    Quality Assurance System in Higher Education
    Authors: Vasiliki BRINIA, Nikolaos SOUNDOULOUNAKIS
    Number of views: 1269
  • 129-134
    The Regional Evolution of the Economic Welfare in Romania
    Authors: Alexandru URSACHE
    Number of views: 1163
  • 135-139
    The Evolution of the Performances at Regional Level
    Authors: Georgeta LIXANDRU (BARDASU)
    Number of views: 1184
  • 140-145
    Indicators calculated for Competitiveness Operational Programme
    Authors: Diana SOARE (DUMITRESCU)
    Number of views: 1133
  • 146-154
    The Relations among Dimensions of Service Quality, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Willingness to pay more: Case of GSM Operators Service at Northern-Iraq
    Authors: Ahmet DEMIR, Karwan TALAAT, Cumhur AYDINLI
    Number of views: 1517

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