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The International Journal of Indian Psychology

Number 3, 2014

  • 01 to 05
    Person of the Issue: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849–1936)
    Authors: Mr. Ankit P. Patel*
    Number of views: 302
  • 06 to 14
    Marital Adjustment among Serving and Non-Serving Married Couples
    Authors: Dr. S. M. Makvana*
    Number of views: 279
  • 15 to 33
    Healthy Practices in Teaching & Learning with Information Technology, and Evaluation Method in Classroom
    Authors: Mr. Rajendrakumar Muljibhai Parmar,* Dr. S. M. Makvana**
    Number of views: 315
  • 34 to 51
    Some Case Studies of AIDS/HIV Patients in India
    Authors: Ankit Patel
    Number of views: 1437
  • 52 to 60
    Self Compassion and Emotional Intelligence of Engineering and Dental College Students
    Authors: Dr. Thiyam Kiran Singh*, Ms. Niharika Saini**
    Number of views: 319
  • 61 to 72
    Does Marital Adjustment and Psychological Well-Being Differences in Working and Non-Working Female?
    Authors: Garima Gupta*, Neha Nafis**
    Number of views: 354
  • 73 to 77
    Stress Management among Teaching & Non - Teaching Staff
    Authors: Pooja Verma*, Dr. Ravindra Kumar**
    Number of views: 354
  • 78 to 83
    Academic achievement of college students and their locus of control
    Authors: Ruhanshi Mathur*
    Number of views: 289
  • 84 to 90
    Yoga in Relation to its Psychophysical Impact
    Authors: Dr. Shailesh Raval*
    Number of views: 300
  • 91 to 96
    Adjustment and health care awareness among youths of Rajkot district
    Authors: Mohit M. Pandya*, Dr. D. J. Bhatt**
    Number of views: 260
  • 97 to 101
    Stress and sexual dysfunction among call center employees
    Authors: Dr. V.D. Kasture
    Number of views: 297
  • 102 to 107
    Depression among B.Ed college students
    Authors: Ramesh O. Prajapati*
    Number of views: 315
  • 108 to 114
    Ectomorphic and Endomorphic Personality: A Study of Emotional Quotient among Women
    Authors: Urvashi Sharma*, Dr. Ravindra Kumar**
    Number of views: 309
  • 125 to 132
    T. V. serial and Aggression
    Authors: Mr. Pravin A Baviskar*, Dr. N. D. Mundada**,
    Number of views: 288
  • 133 to 137
    A Study of Academic Stress among Senior Secondary Students
    Authors: Kartiki Porwal*, Dr. Ravindra Kumar**
    Number of views: 244
  • 138 to 140
    A study of Adjustment Problem among working women and non working women
    Authors: Kachchhi Parvati K*.
    Number of views: 332
  • 141 to 146
    Adolescence at Risk: An Overview
    Authors: Shaik Ali*
    Number of views: 275
  • 147 to 160
    An assessment of role stress experienced by management students in India- Suggestive measures and strategies
    Authors: Dr.Neeta Sinha*
    Number of views: 268
  • 155 to 124
    The Development of Distributive Justice: Does Type of Schooling really matter?
    Authors: Dr. Rita Karmakar*, Prof. Anjali Ghosh**
    Number of views: 311
  • 161 to 164
    Mental Health among Married and Unmarried Women
    Authors: Alpesh B. Kotar*
    Number of views: 377

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