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Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education

Number 3, 2015

  • 338-365
    The Effects of Dynamic Geometry Software and Physical Manipulatives on Pre-Service Primary Teachers’ Van Hiele Levels and Spatial Abilities
    Authors: Fatih Karakuş, Murat Peker
    Number of views: 394
  • 366-379
    Algebra at the Meta and the Object Level
    Authors: Reinhard Oldenburg
    Number of views: 314
  • 380-398
    Comparison of 2005 and 2013 5th Grade Mathematics Curriculums in the context of Learning Domains and Objectives
    Authors: Şahin Danişman, Engin Karadağ
    Number of views: 411
  • 399-417
    Approaches and Views of Teachers and Administrators Related to the Usage of Interactive WhiteBoards and Tablet PCs
    Authors: Gökhan Dağhan, Pınar Nuhoğlu Kibar, Buket Akkoyunlu, Gülsün Atanur Baskan
    Number of views: 335
  • 418-445
    Which form of the presentation preservice mathematics teachers are more successfull? An Integral Study
    Authors: Sefa Dündar, Yasemin Yılmaz
    Number of views: 356
  • 446-462
    An Investigation of Model Creation Skills to Proof of Prospective Mathematics Teachers about the Sum of Successive Odd Numbers
    Authors: Gürsel Güler, Ahmet Temizyürek
    Number of views: 396
  • 463-482
    A Comparative Study on the Qualities of Adults’ Calculating from the Mind Abilities
    Authors: Zeynep Çavuş Erdem, Hacı Duran
    Number of views: 397
  • 483-505
    The Potential of GeoGebra Dynamic Mathematics Software in Teaching Analytic Geometry: The Opinion of Pre-service Mathematics Teachers
    Authors: Serdal Baltacı, Avni Yıldız, Temel Kösa
    Number of views: 329
  • 506-531
    Middle School Students’ Conceptions of Infinity
    Authors: Figen Bozkuş, Zülbiye Toluk Uçar, İbrahim Çetin
    Number of views: 408
  • 532-552
    An Analysis of Mathematics and Geometry Questions in OSS, YGS and LYS According to the Revised Bloom Taxonomy Between 2006-2012 Years
    Authors: Taliha Keleş, Mihriban Hacısalihoğlu Karadeniz
    Number of views: 356

Number 2, 2015

  • 139-162
    Pre-service Mathematics Teachers’ Views regarding the Role of Examining Students’ Work in Understanding Students’ Ways of Thinking
    Authors: Makbule Gözde Didiş, Ayhan Kürşat Erbaş, Bülent Çetinkaya, Erdinç Çakıroğlu, Cengiz Alacacı
    Number of views: 445
  • 163-178
    The Tendency of Turkish Pre-service Teachers’ to Pose Word Problems
    Authors: Çiğdem Kılıç
    Number of views: 422
  • 179-208
    Metacognitive Structures Occuring in Mathematical Modelling Within A Technology Enhanced Environment
    Authors: Çağlar Naci Hıdıroğlu, Esra Bukova Güzel
    Number of views: 396
  • 209-229
    Examining the Effect of Lesson Study on Prospective Primary Teachers’ Knowledge of Lesson Planning
    Authors: Müjgan Baki, Selahattin Arslan
    Number of views: 383
  • 230-249
    The Analysis of the Problems Posed by the Sixth Grade Students for Open-Ended Verbal Story about Fractions
    Authors: Cemalettin Işık, Tuğrul Kar
    Number of views: 409
  • 250-284
    A Research on the Use of Problem Based Learning Approach: Teaching of Probability Sample
    Authors: Murat Duran, Furkan Özdemir, Abdullah Kaplan
    Number of views: 486
  • 285-298
    Teachers' Opinions about the Updated Secondary Mathematics Curriculum
    Authors: Orhan Çiftci, Enver Tatar
    Number of views: 391
  • 299-322
    Determining the Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions on Distance Education by Metaphors
    Authors: Gül Kaleli Yılmaz, Bülent Güven
    Number of views: 439
  • 323-337
    The Evaluation of the Concept Maps Created by Future Middle School Mathematics Teachers in Regard to the Concept of Angle
    Authors: Güler Çimen Tuluk
    Number of views: 499

Number 1, 2015

  • 1-17
    An Investigation of Seventh Grade Students’ Performances on Conceptual, Procedural and Graphical Problems Regarding Circles
    Authors: Lütfi İncikabı, Abdullah Çağrı Biber, Mujdat Takıcak, Semiha Betül Bayam
    Number of views: 460
  • 18-30
    One Usage of Geogebra in Enhancing Pre-service Mathematics Teachers’ Content Knowledge
    Authors: Karmelita Pjanic, Edin Liđan
    Number of views: 453
  • 31-46
    Real World Connections in High School Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching
    Authors: Gökhan Karakoç, Cengiz Alacacı
    Number of views: 906
  • 47-67
    Effect of Individual and Group Works on Students’ Success in Adidactical Situations
    Authors: Selahattin Arslan, Duygu Taşkın, Arzu Kirman Bilgin
    Number of views: 425
  • 68-92
    Can Technology-Assisted Instruction Improve Theoretical Awareness? The Case of Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
    Authors: Eyüp Sevimli, Ali Delice
    Number of views: 384
  • 93-116
    Examining Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Use of Information and Communication Technologies and Psychomotor Skills
    Authors: Alattin Ural
    Number of views: 372
  • 117-138
    Difficulties of Prospective Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Regarding to Reflection Symmetry
    Authors: Mihriban Hacısalihoğlu Karadeniz, Tuba Baran, Figen Bozkuş, Nazan Gündüz
    Number of views: 450

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