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Bioscience Discovery

Number 7, 2016

  • 01-06
    Optimization of Solid State Fermentation Conditions for the Production of Cellulase by Using Trichoderma viride GSG12
    Authors: Nadagouda M. G, Lingappa K, V. S. Bheemareddy3 and Malipatil S.G
    Number of views: 502
  • 7-10
    Phytochemical screening of Pogostemon auricularis (L.) Hassk. of Lamiaceae
    Authors: K. Kamaleswari and V. Nandagopalan
    Number of views: 432
  • 11-16
    Biochemical Quantification and antibacterial properties of Corallocarpus epigaeus
    Authors: M. Jayaseelan, T. Arumugam, P. Senthil Kumar and N.Thangaraj
    Number of views: 435
  • 17-20
    Phytochemical Analysis of Some Traditional Medicinal Plants
    Authors: V. Nandagoapalan, A. Doss and C.Marimuthu
    Number of views: 451
  • 21-24
    Distribution of different bamboo species in different areas of North Chota Nagpur division of Jharkhand
    Authors: Diwakar Prasad Nirala, S. C. Jain and Phallo Kumari
    Number of views: 459
  • 25-29
    Alectra parasitica A. Rich. – An Unexplored Parasitic Plant with Potential as Antimicrobial Agent
    Authors: Kakpure MR and Rothe SP
    Number of views: 440
  • 30-33
    Eight Angiosperm Species, Additions to Flora of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India
    Authors: Mudavath Chennakesavulu Naik and Boyina Ravi Prasad Rao
    Number of views: 458
  • 34-40
    Seasonal Biochemical Changes in the Muscles of Freshwater Fish Mystus cavasius (Ham)
    Authors: Ganeshwade R. M., Ghanbahadur Ashwini G. and S. R. Sonawane
    Number of views: 477
  • 41-56
    Floristic Diversity of South Travancore Hindu College (S. T. Hindu College) Campus, Kanyakumari District (Tamilnadu) India
    Authors: Parthipan B, M. Rajeeswari and Solomon Jeeva
    Number of views: 511
  • 57-59
    Medicinal importance of some weeds of Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Gambhire VS and RM Biradar
    Number of views: 442
  • 60-62
    Folklore claims of some ethnomedicinal plants used by Bhil Tribes of Dhar District Madhya Pradesh
    Authors: Alawa KS, Sudip Ray and Anuradha Dubey
    Number of views: 419
  • 63-66
    An Overview on Indian Glassy Fish, Parambassis ranga (Hamilton, 1822)
    Authors: Sandipan Gupta
    Number of views: 436
  • 70-73
    Antibacterial activity of plant extracts against Xanthomonas axonopodis Pv. Punicae causing bacterial blight of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)
    Authors: Alane S K and C S Swami
    Number of views: 414
  • 74-85
    In silico analysis of Progeria: A genetic disease and natural cardiovascular disorders preventive compounds
    Authors: Shraddha Mulange, Satish Kulkarni, Vaishali Wadekar and L.H. Kamble
    Number of views: 449
  • 86-89
    In vitro screening of Agriculture soil isolates for plant growth promotion traits
    Authors: Kamble N P and B S Naphade
    Number of views: 488
  • 90-92
    Comparative study on growth of Spirulina platensis on different culture media
    Authors: Salunke K J, S A Magar, R R Joshi and M S Wadikar
    Number of views: 499
  • 93-96
    Zingiber ottensii Valeton (Zingiberaceae) ― a newly recorded species for Vietnam
    Authors: Ly Ngoc-Sam, Truong Ba-Vuong1, Le Thi Huong
    Number of views: 452
  • 97-100
    Efficacy of botanical pesticide multi-neem against red pumpkin beetle (Aulacophora foveicollis) management on cucurbit
    Authors: Bishnu Prasad Neupane and Jiban Shrestha
    Number of views: 450
  • 101-112
    Insect faunal diversity of Salt Lake City – an urbanized area adjacent to Kolkata, India
    Authors: Pallab Maity, Sankarsan Roy, Udipta Chakraborti, Olive Biswas, Joyjit Ghosh, Amit Kumar Gayen and Bulganin Mitra
    Number of views: 473
  • 116-120
    New distributional records for the flora of Tripura, India and their ethno-medicinal uses
    Authors: Bimal Debnath, Dipan Sarma, Chiranjit Paul and Amal Debnath
    Number of views: 466
  • 121-127
    Plant diversity of sacred groves and its comparative account with surrounding denuded hills from Bhor region of Western Ghats
    Authors: Hangarge L. M., D. K. Kulkarni, V. B. Gaikwad, D. M. Mahajan and V. R. Gunale
    Number of views: 431
  • 131-139
    Carbon sequestration potential, physicochemical and microbiological properties of selected trees Mangifera indica L., Manilkara zapota L., Cocos nucifera L. and Tectona grandis L.
    Authors: Ananthi Selvaraj, Sivasankari Jayachandran, Dhivya Priya Thirunavukkarasu, Arunkumar Jayaraman, Perumal Karuppan
    Number of views: 490
  • 140-146
    Avifaunal diversity from Khairbandha Lake in Gondia district, Maharashtra State, India
    Authors: Puri SD and Virani RS
    Number of views: 430
  • 147-151
    Flora of Bokaro, Jharkhand, India
    Authors: Siddique E. N. and Sarita kumari
    Number of views: 495
  • 152-157
    Household drinking water: Assessment of microbiological contamination between source and point of use
    Authors: Tambekar DH, Dhote SV and Shinde GM
    Number of views: 427
  • 158-161
    Studies on rhizosphere fungi and allelopathic potential of Santalum album L.
    Authors: Thombre SS, Kalamkar SS, Shaikh MN, Torawane SD and Mokat DN
    Number of views: 426
  • 162-165
    Analysis of Data on Snakes Diversity and Ecological Status from Aurangabad District, (MS) India
    Authors: Chandrakant V. Sirsat, Meena U. Patil and Vijay Ujiwal
    Number of views: 481
  • 166-173
    In vitro screening of proteinaceous amylase inhibitors (T. castaneum α-amylase inhibitors) in different seed extracts
    Authors: Khillare Neeta and Laxmikant Kamble
    Number of views: 441

Number 6, 2015

  • 1-5
    Gas chromatography and mass spectrometric analysis of Padina pavonia (L.) Lamour
    Authors: Usha R and Maria Victorial Rani S
    Number of views: 521
  • 6-13
    Pharmacognostic evaluation of Withania coagulans Dunal (Solanaceae) - an important ethnomedicinal plant
    Authors: Debasmita Dutta Pramanick and S. K. Srivastava
    Number of views: 525
  • 14-17
    Effect of common and dominant seed-borne fungi on protein content of Pulses
    Authors: Ashok S Kandhare
    Number of views: 451
  • 18-21
    Some New Reports for the Flora of Yavatmal District (M.S.), India
    Authors: Bhogaonkar P Y, V N Chavhan and P A Dhole
    Number of views: 475
  • 22-26
    Antifungal Activity of Leaf and Latex Extracts of Calotropis procera (Ait.) against Dominant Seed-Borne Storage Fungi of Some Oil Seeds
    Authors: Manoorkar V B, Mandge S V and B D Gachande
    Number of views: 485
  • 27-34
    Palyno-taxonomic study of some plant taxa of Fabaceae from Arambagh region of Hooghly district, West Bengal, eastern India
    Authors: Pritha Bhattacharya (Sasmal), Sayani Biswas and Jiban K. Pal
    Number of views: 504
  • 35-38
    Myxomycetes of Pachmarhi Hills (India) – xiii: The Genus Didymium Schrad. (ii)
    Authors: Kharat G T
    Number of views: 451
  • 39-44
    Status and Diversity of Avian fauna in the estuarine wetland area of Bhayander and Naigaon, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Devdatta Lad and Shashikant Patil
    Number of views: 507
  • 45-48
    Four New Flowering plant Records from Satpuda Range of Jalgaon District, (MS) India
    Authors: Tanveer A Khan, Vivek V Desai and N R Gawande
    Number of views: 510
  • 49-53
    Pharmacognostic Study of Adhatoda vasica Nees
    Authors: Kanthale P R and Panchal V H
    Number of views: 492

Number 5, 2014

  • 131-138
    Efficient plantlet regeneration from nodal explant culture of Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) Hepper
    Authors: Srilatha T, Anithadevi U and Ugandhar T
    Number of views: 442
  • 145-149
    A report on petrified dicot Leaf Deccanophyllites sheikhii from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Central India
    Authors: Kokate P S, S. V. Pundkar, K. M. Thorat
    Number of views: 424
  • 150-153
    Nutritional potential of Ficus racemosa L. Fruits
    Authors: Bhogaonkar P Y, Chavhan V N and Kanerkar U R
    Number of views: 450
  • 154-159
    Phytosociological Studies of two sacred groves in Mahe, U.T. of Puducherry, India
    Authors: K. Sasikala, C.C. Harilal and G. Pradeepkumar
    Number of views: 420
  • 160-162
    New additions to the Flora of Nagpur District, Maharashtra – IV
    Authors: Rahul B Kamble and Alka Chaturvedi
    Number of views: 478
  • 163-169
    Efficiency of Glomus fasciculatum and Trichoderma viride in bio-control of soil-borne pathogen (Macrophomina phaseolina) on different groundnut cultivars
    Authors: Doley K, M Borde, M Dudhane and P K Jite
    Number of views: 449
  • 170-174
    Responses of some phyto-hormones for vegetative propagation of an ancient precious wood plant: Santalum album L.
    Authors: Siuli Batabyal, Tinkari Dalal and Jagatpati Tah
    Number of views: 433
  • 175-179
    Carbon sequestration potential of tree species in the environment of North Maharashtra University Campus, Jalgaon (MS) India
    Authors: Suryawanshi M N, A R Patel, T S Kale and P R Patil
    Number of views: 503
  • 180-186
    Use of Ethno-Veterinary medicines (EVM) from Vidarbha Region (MS) India
    Authors: Sajal Kulkarni, DK Kulkarni, AD Deo, AB Pande and RL Bhagat
    Number of views: 499
  • 187-192
    Some New Record for the flora of Madhya Pradesh
    Authors: Sudip Ray and Jeetendra Sainkhediya
    Number of views: 547
  • 197-201
    A Report on Monocot Leaf from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohgaonkalan, (MP) India
    Authors: Kokate P S, K M Thorat, S V Pundkar
    Number of views: 483
  • 204-217
    Vascular plant diversity of Udayagiri fort, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India
    Authors: S Sukumaran and B Parthiban
    Number of views: 456
  • 218-220
    Traditional knowledge of broom preparation from Bhor and Mahad region of western Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Patil P V, S P Taware and D K Kulkarni
    Number of views: 430
  • 221-226
    Antibacterial Activity of Phyllanthus niruri growing near mobile towers
    Authors: Uma Devi S and Beena Lawrence
    Number of views: 487
  • 227-229
    Studies of Mutagenic Sensitivity in Pigeonpea [Cajanus Cajan (L.) Mill sp.]
    Authors: Giri S P
    Number of views: 501
  • 230-236
    Diversity of wood decay fungi at Mantha, Jalna (MS) India
    Authors: Rajendra B. Kakde and Rajesh S. Gaikwad
    Number of views: 439
  • 237-240
    Effect of Hyptis Suaveolens (L.) Poit. and Eupatorium Odoratum L. Leaf Extracts on Seed Mycoflora of Legume Plants
    Authors: Patil B J and Madane A N
    Number of views: 458
  • 241-247
    Dynamics of plankton community in two adjacent unmanaged ponds of West Bengal, India
    Authors: Doyel Bhanja, Joyjit Ghosh, Arnab Basu, Gautam Kundu, Prantik Ghosh and Sheela Roy
    Number of views: 511
  • 248-250
    Antimicrobial Activities of Argemone Mexicana and Calotropis gigantea on Root Rot Diseases of chickpea
    Authors: Wadikar M S and V B Kadam
    Number of views: 446
  • 251-255
    Seed-Borne Fungi and their Effect on Seed Health of Green Gram
    Authors: Kandhare Ashok Sadhu
    Number of views: 461
  • 256-260
    Weed organic soil amendments for sustainable development
    Authors: Umesh P. Mogle
    Number of views: 421

Number 4, 2013

No articles found.

Number 3, 2012

No articles found.

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