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International Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies

Number II-I, 2015

  • 1-10
    পশ্চিমবঙ্গের পূর্বগাঙ্গেয় সমভূমি অঞ্চলের ভোজপুরী ভাষাভাষীদের কথিত ভাষায় ঔপভাষিক মিশ্রণের ধ্বনিতাত্ত্বিক বৈশিষ্ট্য : একটি সাধারণ আলোচনা
    Authors: Swadesh Ranjan Choudhury
    Number of views: 1178
  • 11-20
    মধ্যযুগের বঙ্গনারী ও চঙ্গীমঙ্গল কাব্যে রমনীর প্রতিবাদ
    Authors: Dr. Sushanta Ghosh,
    Number of views: 5645
  • 21-30
    চিত্রাঙ্গদা নৃত্যনাট্যে দৃষ্টির পর্বান্তর
    Authors: Dr. Gautam Kumar Nag
    Number of views: 1169
  • 31-35
    তপন বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়ের উপন্যাস ‘খন্ড বিখন্ড’: সামাজিক সময়ের অন্তঃস্বর
    Authors: Dr. Mampi Baidya
    Number of views: 1791
  • 46-58
    বিশ্লেষণের আলোকে রমাপদ চৌধুরীর কয়েকটি গল্প
    Authors: Satyajit Bishwas
    Number of views: 2356
  • 59-63
    তিব্বতীয় মিথকথার ইতিহাসে ভারতীয় সূত্রধারা
    Authors: Rituparna Ghosh
    Number of views: 2199
  • 64-70
    প্রতিভা বসুর উপন্যাসে নারীর বন্ধনমুক্তি ও নারীর ক্ষমতায়ন
    Authors: Paramita Mondal
    Number of views: 1291
  • 71-76
    জীবনানন্দের ‘বনলতা সেন’ কাব্যে চিত্রকল্প
    Authors: Swarup Dey
    Number of views: 20876
  • 88-93
    মানবিক মূল্যবোধ ও সামাজিক বৈষম্যতা
    Authors: Anupam Dutta
    Number of views: 3308
  • 94-99
    বাংলায় প্যান-ইসলাম আন্দোলন: ব্রিটিশ প্রশাসনের বিরোধিতায় বাঙালী মুসলিম বুদ্ধিজীবী ও সংবাদপত্র (১৯১৫-১৯২১)
    Authors: Nakuleshwar Mukherjee
    Number of views: 1619
  • 100-111
    Socio-Economic Position of Women and its Effect on Population Growth: A Study in Nadia District, West Bengal
    Authors: Mahadeb Ghosh and Biswaranjan Mistri
    Number of views: 1529
  • 112-122
    Economic Development of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship - An Empirical Analysis
    Authors: Dr. Artur Borcuch
    Number of views: 605
  • 123-133
    Intangible Qualities of Good Urban Design
    Authors: Dr. Magdalena Piłat-Borcuch
    Number of views: 1399
  • 134-167
    The Concept of Sovereignty, Movement in Development, and Legal Postmodernity
    Authors: Dr. Sartipi Hossein
    Number of views: 2295
  • 168-175
    Social Support Network Analysis of the Elderly: Gender Differences
    Authors: Dr.Shradha Mathur
    Number of views: 1329
  • 176-181
    Disability in India-Needs Urgent Attention
    Authors: Dr. K.M. Jahirul Islam
    Number of views: 765
  • 182-186
    The Theme of Mysticism and its impact to Arabic Poetry
    Authors: Dr. Abul Kalam Choudhury
    Number of views: 1585
  • 187-191
    The Literature of Diaspora and Challenged Ethnicity: Theory and Practice in the Writing of Bharati Mukherjee
    Authors: Dr. Rajib Bhaumik
    Number of views: 787
  • 192-199
    Awareness of Rural Parents on Women Trafficking—A Study
    Authors: Dr. Runumi Devi
    Number of views: 869
  • 200-206
    Buddhism and Social Harmony - A Study of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre
    Authors: Prashant Chaudhry
    Number of views: 1941
  • 207-212
    Santali Women: Under the Shadow of Long Silence
    Authors: Nayan Jyoti Das
    Number of views: 844
  • 213-222
    Progress of Teacher Education in India–A Discussion from Past to Present
    Authors: Jayeeta Bhattacharjee
    Number of views: 2566
  • 223-232
    Authority in Pentecostal Churches in Lusaka-Zambia: A Comparative Study of Female and Male Pastors
    Authors: Stellah Mungaila
    Number of views: 693
  • 233-238
    Sustainment of Traditional Practices towards Sustainable Agricultural Growth and Allied Practices by Women: An Observational Study of Itda Parvathipuram Region
    Authors: K. Bhavani Shankar
    Number of views: 713
  • 239-246
    Media and Rural Development
    Authors: Ritumani Haloi
    Number of views: 1400
  • 247-252
    $gvedic Perspective on Environment
    Authors: Nibedita Hazra
    Number of views: 623
  • 253-256
    Marginalised “Other”: Translated Version of Tagore’s Works in Rituporno Ghosh’s Films
    Authors: Barnali Sikder
    Number of views: 685
  • 257-261
    No Detention Policy: Rationale and Reality-An Appraisal
    Authors: Abhijit Ghosh
    Number of views: 1260
  • 262-270
    Hope, Resilience and Subjective Well-being among college going Adolescent Girls
    Authors: Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani,Preeti Sharma,Mohammed Anas and Rumana Sanam
    Number of views: 778
  • 271-277
    Analysis of Environmental Education Components in the Existing Textbooks from Class V to VII, Developed and Adopted by the State Council of Educational Research and Training, Assam
    Authors: Siddhartha Sarmah and Dr. Sailendra Bhuyan
    Number of views: 4480
  • 278-287
    Sher Shah Abadi Community: A Study from Historical Perspective
    Authors: Md. Akramul Hoque
    Number of views: 2316
  • 288-295
    Ethno-political Conflict: The Rohingya Vulnerability in Myanmar
    Authors: K. M. Atikur Rahman
    Number of views: 742
  • 296-304
    Implementation of Art and Aesthetic Value in Curriculum Transaction among Secondary School Students: An Analysis
    Authors: Dipak Bhattacharya and Sanjukta Sahoo
    Number of views: 3616
  • 305-315
    Socio-economic Profile of Gold Mongers and Goldsmiths-A Case Study of Sonapatti Area in Barddhaman Town of West Bengal
    Authors: Sandipan Ganguly and Avijit Guray
    Number of views: 734
  • 316-321
    Status of Awareness and Adaptability of Crop Insurance: A Case Study of Kamrup (Rural) District of Assam
    Authors: Sabina Yasmin and C. Hazarika
    Number of views: 596
  • 322-333
    The Politics of Labour Control and Inter-Group Relations in the Jos-Plateau Mining Camps 1945-1960
    Authors: Borok A. M.,Suleiman A. and Charles Azgaku
    Number of views: 995
  • 334-342
    Users' Category, Collection & Services of Bankura District Library: A Survey
    Authors: Saroj Mondal
    Number of views: 665

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