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Vietnam Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering

Number 1, 2019

  • 3-8
    Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Wi-Fi fingerprintingbased indoor positioning in the presence of censored data
    Authors: Trung Kien Vu*, Hung Lan Le
    Number of views: 45
  • 9-13
    The effects of temperature, feed ratio, and reaction time on the properties of copolymer PLA-PEG-PLA
    Authors: Viet Linh Nguyen-Vu*, Mai Anh Pham, Dai PhuHuynh
    Number of views: 48
  • 14-22
    Using a physical model to determine the hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient of a solution through a horizontal sand column
    Authors: Le Anh Tuan*, Guido Wyseure
    Number of views: 48
  • 23-29
    Expression and purification of thioredoxin-his6-ZmDREB2.7 fusion protein in Escherichia coli for raising antibodies
    Authors: Thuy Linh Nguyen, Thuy Duong Nguyen, Van Hai Nong, Thi Thu Hue Huynh*
    Number of views: 49
  • 30-35
    Identification of cassava bacterial blight-causing Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manihotisbased on rpoD and gyrB genes
    Authors: Ngo Quang Huy, Mai Van Quan, Le Quang Man, Duong Thi Nguyen, Trinh Xuan Hoat*
    Number of views: 51
  • 36-40
    Initial study of learning curves in robot-assistedradical prostatectomy
    Authors: Le Chuyen Vu*, Vinh Hung Tran, Phuc Cam Hoang Nguyen, Van An Nguyen, Vu Phuong Do, Ngoc Chau Nguyen, Lenh Hung Do
    Number of views: 46
  • 41-44
    Evaluation of graft function in renal retransplantation at Hue Central Hospital
    Authors: Tam Vo, Ngoc Tuan Anh Dang*, Nhu Hiep Pham, Gia Khanh Pham
    Number of views: 47
  • 45-51
    Examination of the accuracy of the quantitative in-house kit for determining zinc concentration in seminal fluid
    Authors: Thi Trang Nguyen*, Thi Minh Phuong Le, Thi Huyen Trang Do, Thi Quynh Dien Tran, Ngoc Thach Pham
    Number of views: 50
  • 52-57
    Field trial of beneficial effects of carotenoid-producingBacillusaquimarisSH6 spores to whiteleg shrimps
    Authors: Thi Tham Nguyen, Thi Huong Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Que Nguyen, Thi My Tran, Thi Thu Huong Pham, Dinh Thang Nguyen, Thi Van Anh Nguyen*
    Number of views: 43
  • 58-61
    Studies of common antibiotic resistance-associatedgenes of Acinetobacter baumannii
    Authors: Le Phuong Trinh*, Van Son Ta*, Thi Ngoc Han Luu, Mai Phuong Nguyen, Thi Huong Dinh, Van Hung Nguyen, Thi Ha Doan, Bao Yen Pham
    Number of views: 45
  • 62-67
    Optimal culture conditions for mycelial growth and fruiting body formation of Ling Zhimushroom Ganoderma lucidum strain GA3
    Authors: Bich Thuy Thi Nguyen, Nghien Xuan Ngo, Ve Van Le*, Luyen Thi Nguyen, Ry Kana, Huy Duc Nguyen
    Number of views: 52
  • 63-73
    Characterization of newly isolated thermotolerant yeasts and evaluation of their potential for use in Cayratia trifolia wine production
    Authors: Doan Thi Kieu Tien, Huynh Xuan Phong, Mamoru Yamada, Ha Thanh Toan, Ngo Thi Phuong Dung*
    Number of views: 48
  • 74-81
    Remote sensing applications for analysing the impacts of land cover changes on the upper part of the Dong Nai river basin
    Authors: Hung Pham*, Van Trung Le, Le Phu Vo
    Number of views: 43
  • 82-91
    The characteristics of seismic activity in the ladder zone of Da river hydro-electric plants
    Authors: Dinh Trong Cao*, Van Dung Le, Anh Tuan Thai, Thanh Hai Dang, Dinh Trieu Cao
    Number of views: 47
  • 92-96
    River information management and early flood release in response to climate change in Vietnam
    Authors: Tran Dinh Hoa*, Do Hoai Nam
    Number of views: 46

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