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European Journal of Contemporary Education

Number 4 (6), 2013

  • 204-214
    Considerations for IEL Courseware Design and the Next Generation of E-learning
    Authors: Ömer Faruk Sözcü, İsmail İpek
    Number of views: 252
  • 215-220
    Andragogic Aspects of Gastroenterology Training in Terms of Doctors’ Postgraduate Education
    Authors: Igor' V. Maev, Ol'ga B. Dautova, Diana T. Dicheva, Dmitrii N. Andreev, Kseniya O. Aleksandrova
    Number of views: 243
  • 229-234
    Intermediate Schoolchildren’s Optimism Expression in the Classes of Physical Training
    Authors: Romualdas K. Malinauskas, Arturas V. Akelaitis
    Number of views: 264
  • 235-248
    Analysis of Teachers’ Views on The Configuration of First Reading and Writing Process with Games
    Authors: Gizem Saygılı
    Number of views: 265
  • 249-260
    Junior Schoolchildren’s Communicative Culture Formation in Terms of Bilingual Education
    Authors: Tatiana Tikhonova
    Number of views: 296

Number 3 (5), 2013

  • 132-144
    Learning in Mixed-aged Groups of Schoolchildren
    Authors: Ludmila Baiborodova
    Number of views: 250
  • 148-161
    Adolescents’ Social Dependences as the Feature of Complex Educational Prevention
    Authors: Marina A. Maznichenko, Nataliya I. Neskoromnykh
    Number of views: 255
  • 162-172
    Sochi School of Linguistic Rhetoric as Collective Subject of Discursive Processes Research
    Authors: Sergei I. Potapenko
    Number of views: 279
  • 173-182
    Control-Self-control Relation during Interconnected Management of Mid-level Specialists Training for Management Activity
    Authors: Elena N. Rozhnova
    Number of views: 254
  • 183-200
    Integral Assessment of Future Teachers’ Professional Preparation for Innovative Activity
    Authors: Yurii S. Tyunnikov
    Number of views: 278

Number 2 (4), 2013

  • 72=80
    Teaching Materials “Surface Area of Geometric Figures,” Created Using the Software Package GeoGebra
    Authors: Slaviša RADOVIĆ
    Number of views: 271
  • 81-87
    The First Derivative of an Exponential Function with the “White Box/Black Box” Didactical Principle and Observations with GeoGebra
    Authors: Natalija BUDINSKI, Stephanie SUBRAMANIAM
    Number of views: 260
  • 88-99
    Modeling and Visualization Process of the Curve of Pen Point by GeoGebra
    Authors: Muharrem AKTÜMEN, Tuğba HORZUM, Tuba CEYLAN
    Number of views: 294
  • 100-116
    GeoGebra Software Use within a Content and Language Integrated Learning Environment
    Authors: Helena BINTEROVÁ, Marek ŠULISTA
    Number of views: 229

Number 1 (3), 2013

  • 30-38
    Problems and Cognitive Aspects of Individual-based Education
    Authors: Vladimir M. Кrol, Nikolai I. Trifonov, Vladimir A. Mordvinov
    Number of views: 271
  • 50-53
    Innovations in Educational System: Mobile Learning Application
    Authors: Roza F. Rokhvadze, Natalya V. Yelashkina
    Number of views: 275
  • 54-64
    Recreational Behavior in Terms of Crucial Problems of Formation
    Authors: Yury S. Tyunnikov, Valentina V. Krylova
    Number of views: 285

Number 2 (2), 2012

  • 104-111
    Electronic Textbooks Testing and Perspective Models Development
    Authors: Lyudmila L. Bosova, Natal'ya V. Tarasova, Elena V. Sarafanova
    Number of views: 263
  • 112-123
    Analysis of Art House Media Texts Use during Media Studies in the Student Audience (Alain Robbe-Grillet Movies Case Study)
    Authors: Alexander Fedorov
    Number of views: 281
  • 144-148
    Future Expert’s Competitiveness as a Determinant Factor of Higher Vocational Education
    Authors: Irina A. Levitskaya
    Number of views: 280
  • 149-154
    Informational Competence Development of Those, Studying in Virtual Educational Space
    Authors: Alma Zh. Murzalinova, Natal'ya S. Kol'eva
    Number of views: 277
  • 155-176
    Features and Historical Aspects of the Philippines Educational System
    Authors: Sajid Musa, Rushan Ziatdinov
    Number of views: 433
  • 188-192
    Educational Innovation Theory in Terms of Complete Approach
    Authors: Nikita E. Zubchenok
    Number of views: 306

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