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International Journal of Engineering and Techniques

Number Vol2Issue2, 2016

  • 1-11
    Dynamic High Secure Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network
    Authors: - IJETAravindan B, Dhivakar A, Shreehari V.V.
    Number of views: 88
  • 22-26
    TwiSeg NER-Tweet Segmentation Using Named Entity Recognition
    Authors: - IJETVijay Choure, Kavita Mahajan,Nikhil Patil, Aishwarya Naik,Mrs.Suvarna Potdukhe
    Number of views: 221
  • 27-36
    Mechanical Engineering in Ancient Egypt, Part IX: Pottery Industry (Predynastic to Old Kingdom Periods)
    Authors: - IJETGalal Ali Hassaan
    Number of views: 197
  • 37-41
    Multimedia Question Answering System
    Authors: - IJETVeer Karan Bharat, Dethe Pratima Vilas, Dubal Snehal Uddhav, Deokate Vaibhav Sugriv
    Number of views: 826
  • 42-47
    Implementation of Fingerprint Matching Algorithm
    Authors: - IJETAtul Ganbawle, J.A. Shaikh
    Number of views: 115
  • 48-54
    Automatic Braille Music Score Conversion to Playable Music using Image Processing
    Authors: - IJETMadhumitha J, Priyadarshini D, Soorya Ramchandran
    Number of views: 116
  • 55-59
    Efficient Multi Vendor services for Field Based Service
    Authors: - IJETMadhushree M.Kubsad
    Number of views: 79
  • 60-62
    A Survey on Proof of Retrievability and its Techniques
    Authors: - IJETReshma A. Hegde, Madhura Prakash
    Number of views: 139
  • 63-68
    Segmentation of Blood Vessels and Optic Disc in Fundus Images
    Authors: - IJETM. Dhivya, P. Jenifer, D. C. Joy Winnie Wise, N. Rajapriya
    Number of views: 80
  • 69-73
    Cloud for Media Streaming
    Authors: - IJETPradeep Landge, Ashish Naware, Pooja Mete, Saif Maniyar,Mrs. Sweta Kale
    Number of views: 70
  • 74-81
    Reduce the Heat of the Engine by Making Dimple in the Fins of the Two Wheeler Engine
    Authors: - IJETAshok Kumar
    Number of views: 159
  • 82-85
    Simulation of IGBT Based Power Supply for Induction Melting Furnace
    Authors: - IJETKevadiya Ketan, BhattSachin,BaldhaPrince, Butani Vijay, Jignesh Joshi
    Number of views: 167
  • 86-91
    Water Hyacinth Shredder
    Authors: - IJETAkshay A. More, Shubham S. Jagtap, Abhijit S. Dhumal,Atul D. Karpe, Chetan Patil
    Number of views: 438
  • 92-95
    A Study Review on Computer Aided Design and Experimental Analysis of Self Regulated Pressure Valve
    Authors: - IJETYogesh P. Vanjari, Nilesh S. Navagale,Raghunath Y. Patil
    Number of views: 95
  • 96-99
    Ac Drive Synchronization Using CAN Protocol
    Authors: - IJETJariwala Hiren, Patel Chintan, Prasad Kuldip, Shukla Ankur, Chaudhary Sarwar Ali, Patil Hemant
    Number of views: 309
  • 100-108
    A Review on Single Stage Forward and Fly back Converter to Improve its Performance
    Authors: - IJETGaurav B. Patil , Paresh J. Shah.
    Number of views: 346
  • 109-113
    Analysis of Dynamic Workflow scheduling Algorithm for big data application
    Authors: - IJETRoopa G Yeklaspur, Dr.Yerriswamy.T.
    Number of views: 144
  • 114-117
    Different maintenance practices for industrial electrical equipment�s
    Authors: - IJETPandey Anand, Baraiya Bhavesh, Pal Ranjit , Dubey Ashish , Jariwala Hiren ,Viral Shah.
    Number of views: 65
  • 118-123
    A Review Paper on Artificial Neural Network in Cognitive Science
    Authors: - IJETSanjeev S Sannakki , Ms.Anjanabhargavi A Kulkarni.
    Number of views: 230
  • 124-127
    LA - SEMIRINGS In Which (S,.) Is Anti-Inverse Semigroup
    Authors: - IJETD. Mrudula Devi, G. Sobha Latha
    Number of views: 104
  • 128-133
    Special Purpose Online Bus Tracking(SPOT)
    Authors: - IJETDr. Sanjeev S. Sannakki, Omkar Kotibhaskar, Namrata Nerkar,Tejaswini patil, Vanishree Yarakad
    Number of views: 114
  • 128-133
    FPGA Implementation of Digital Watermarking Using Integer Wavelet Transform and AES Techniques
    Authors: - IJETK. Deepika, Sudha M. S., Sandhya Rani M.H
    Number of views: 67
  • 149-155
    Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on a Single Basin Double Slope Solar Still
    Authors: - IJETvenkatraman k., Anadhavelu k ,thiruvasamoorthy k
    Number of views: 73
  • 156-160
    66kV & 220kV Substation Protection From Lightning by Fixed Angle, Rolling Sphere and Early Streamer Method
    Authors: - IJETPruthak C. Chauhan., Rinkesh S. Kansara, Mukesh P. Patel, Anil L. Parmar , Swati Pimplekar
    Number of views: 86
  • 160-167
    VANET Based Remote Diagnostic Safety System Using Cloud
    Authors: - IJETShruti Kamatekar, Prof. Balachandra G.C
    Number of views: 104
  • 168-180
    Carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) (pod, pulp, seed) flours and pulp mucilage affect kefir quality and antioxidant capacity during storage
    Authors: - IJETRosa Mahtout , Farid Zaidi, Linda Ould Saadi ,Souhila Boudjou , B.Dave Oomah , Farah Hosseinian
    Number of views: 178
  • 181-183
    Design and Deployment of College Cloud for Education-as-a-Service Using OpenStack and Docker
    Authors: - IJETPraveen Ghuge, ChavanNitishR.,KatteSagar S. ,PawarSumit S.,Prof. Swami S. A.
    Number of views: 143
  • 184-190
    Load Balancing and Harmonic Elimination Using Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (DSTATCOM)
    Authors: - IJETAnkurGheewala, Jay Chanawala,Nikhil Jadav,Modi Rishit, Chirag Machhi,Jenish Rana.
    Number of views: 125

Number Vol2Issue1, 2016

  • 20-23
    Detection Of Optic Disc In Retina Using Digital Image Processing
    Authors: -Vijaya R.Patil,Vaishali Kumbhakarna ,Dr.Seema Kawathekar
    Number of views: 163
  • 24-27
    Review on Speckle Noise Reduction Techniques for Medical Ultrasound Image Processing
    Authors: -Vaishali Kumbhakarna,Vijaya R.Patil ,Dr.Seema Kawathekar
    Number of views: 207
  • 28-33
    Fusion of Digital Signature & Fingerprint Watermarking using Bit plane slicing
    Authors: -Sonali V.Satonkar, Dr.seema Kawathekar
    Number of views: 162
  • 34-37
    Image Resolution Improvement Using DWT & SWT Transform
    Authors: -Miss.Thorat Ashwini Anil, Prof.Katariya S. S.
    Number of views: 114
  • 38-41
    Image Fusion Using Absolute Maximum Fusion Rule Using Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform
    Authors: -Miss. Kawade Sonam P,Prof. Ubale V.S
    Number of views: 211
  • 42-47
    Fusion of Iris and Palmprint Traits for Human Identification
    Authors: -Ms. Apurva D. Dhawale, Prof. Dr. K. V. Kale
    Number of views: 128
  • 56-62
    Vehicle Dynamics Response to Road Hump using a 10 Degrees of Freedom Full-Car Model
    Authors: -Galal Ali Hassaan , Nasser Abdul-Azim Mohammed
    Number of views: 296
  • 63-68
    Securing a Storage Area Networks
    Authors: -R.Sumangali, Dr.B.Srinivasan
    Number of views: 249
  • 69-74
    Comparative Study of Genetic Operators and Parameters for Multiprocessor Task Scheduling
    Authors: -Bhawna Gupta
    Number of views: 81
  • 75-79
    Image Fusion Based on Medical Images Using DWT and PCA Methods
    Authors: -Mr. Roshan P. Helonde, Prof. M.R. Joshi
    Number of views: 293
  • 80-91
    Modelling and Simulation of Subsea Umbilical Dynamics: A Numerical Approach
    Authors: -O. O. Ajayi , O. O. Aribike
    Number of views: 288
  • 92-97
    Mining Text using Levenshtein Distance in Hierarchical Clusteing
    Authors: -Simranjit Kaur, Prof. Kiranjyoti
    Number of views: 455
  • 98-100
    Survey on Silent Software Installation and LAN control using Android App
    Authors: -Prof.S.S.Chaudhari,ChaitaleeAthare,AnushriGaikwad,SnehaShegar, PranaliWakchaure
    Number of views: 75
  • 100-106
    A Survey on Wireless Routing Protocols(AODV, DSR, DSDV)
    Authors: -Sejal D Mello,Priyanka B. Patil,Tarannum Parveen S. Shaikh,Heena S. Shaikh,Shahnawaz M. Malik
    Number of views: 133
  • 107-112
    n Comparative study and evaluation on performance of Intrusion Detection Schemes in MANET
    Authors: -Deepika Goyal, Mr. Deepak Kumar Xaxa(Assistant Professor)
    Number of views: 74
  • 113-119
    A Comparative study of Classification Techniques for Detecting Suspicious Criminal Activities on Emails
    Authors: -Hitesh Mahanand, Mr. Deepak Kumar Xaxa (Assistant Professor)
    Number of views: 123
  • 126-133
    DOMI: A Dynamic Ordering Multi-field Index for Data Processing
    Authors: -SuraI.Mohammed, Hussien M. Sharaf, Fatma A. Omara
    Number of views: 79
  • 134-141
    IT Governance Ontology Building Process : Example of developing Audit Ontology
    Authors: -Chergui Meriyem, Sayouti Adil, Medromi Hicham
    Number of views: 76
  • 142-150
    A Novel Classification Algorithm based on Contextual Information using FCM Classifier for Brain Tumor Diagnosis using MR Images
    Authors: -Dinesh Babu G L, Hariharan G
    Number of views: 81
  • 151-157
    Optimal Kinematic Synthesis of Planar Mechanism, Part I: Offset Crank-Slider Mechanism
    Authors: -Galal Ali Hassaan
    Number of views: 269
  • 170-176
    Authors: -G.B.Karthik Ragu, K.Supriya
    Number of views: 70

Number VOL1ISSUE6, 2015

  • 1-7
    Detection of Line Scratch in Video
    Authors: Ms.Jare Dipali Y ,Ms.Khadse Shweta S ,Ms.Sawant Kalyani M ,Ms.Sayyed Sumaiya S , Prof. R. V. Panchal
    Number of views: 204
  • 8-13
    Survey of Proposed Technique for Image Authentication with LDPC
    Authors: Imran khan , Asst. Prof K.Suresh , Asst.Prof Miss Ranjana Batham
    Number of views: 193
  • 14-17
    Study on Topologies Multi Level Inverters
    Authors: Bachwad M.R. , Maske Ashadeep M
    Number of views: 262
  • 18-21
    Review on Copyright protection in Data Hiding in an Image
    Authors: Bhatia Shradha, Doshi Jaina,Jadhav Preeti, Shah Nikita
    Number of views: 223
  • 22-24
    Review On Copyright protection in Videos by using Multiple Watermarking Techniques
    Authors: Tawde Priyanka, Londhe Archana, Nazirkar Sandhya, Khatib Kashmira, Assist. Prof. M. D. Shelar
    Number of views: 154
  • 25-28
    Review Paper On Adware Detection Using Instruction Sequence Generation
    Authors: Ms. Neeta D. Birajdar, Mr. Madhav N. Dhuppe, Ms. Trupti M. Hegade,Ms. Nikita S. Jadhav, Mr. Manoj D. Shelar
    Number of views: 196
  • 29-35
    Nomogram-Based Synthesis of Complex Planar Mechanisms, Part I: 6 Bar - 2 Sliders Mechanism
    Authors: Galal Ali Hassaan
    Number of views: 186
  • 36-39
    Design and Development of Shell and Tube HE to Improve Thermal Efficiency of VARS using Heat Recovery from C. I Engine
    Authors: Priyanka Bonde ,R.R.Borase,J.G.Patil
    Number of views: 184
  • 40-43
    Experimental Testing & FEA Validation of High Temperature Tensile Test of Aluminum Alloy (A413) for Piston Material
    Authors: Parag Amrutkar, R.R.Borse ,J.G.Patil
    Number of views: 217
  • 44-52
    Salient tone mapping operators for quality assessment of HDR images
    Authors: Mr.B.V.Sathish Kumar, M.Tech Scholar G.Sumalatha
    Number of views: 256
  • 53-56
    Similarity and Location Aware Scalable Deduplication System for Virtual Machine Storage Systems
    Authors: A.Stenila, M. Kavitha, S.Alonshia
    Number of views: 175
  • 57-60
    Invisible Watermarking: New Approach for Video Piracy Detection
    Authors: Manisha Bhagat, Komal Chavan ,Shriniwas Deshmukh
    Number of views: 239
  • 61-64
    Android Agro Advisory System
    Authors: Patil Akshay, Kulange Rohit, Mehta Suyash,Katkar Abhishek,Prof. Mukesh Rangdal
    Number of views: 180

Number VOL1ISSUE5, 2015

  • 1-14
    Identification and Evaluation of New Industrial Zones in Giridih District using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques
    Authors: Ahmed Mohamed Abushnafa, R. K. Pandeyb, Deepak Lalc
    Number of views: 223
  • 15-19
    Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm to Control Processes that Grow Non-Deterministically
    Authors: Hind HazzaAlsharif , Razan Hamza Bawareth
    Number of views: 205
  • 26-36
    An Efficient Gaussian, Impulse and Mixed Noise Detection and Reduction Filtering Techniques for MR Brain Imaging
    Authors: Murugan, Avudaiappan, Balasubramanian
    Number of views: 179
  • 37-41
    A Comparative Study on Operational Database, Data Warehouse and Hadoop File System
    Authors: T.Jalaja, M.Shailaja
    Number of views: 198
  • 42-44
    An Electronic Device to Aid the Physically Challenged People using Brain Waves
    Authors: M. Newlin Rajkumar, M. Lavanya
    Number of views: 175
  • 45-49
    Vibration Analysis of a Horizontal Washing Machine, Part III: Optimal Parameters
    Authors: Galal Ali Hassaan
    Number of views: 162
  • 50-54
    Personalized Happy Hours and Their Deals Recommendation System
    Authors: Rashmi Jangale, Sujata Khedkar
    Number of views: 255
  • 55-60
    Image Based Sign Language Recognition on Android
    Authors: Prutha Gandhi, Dhanashri Dalvi, Pallavi Gaikwad, Shubham Khode
    Number of views: 369
  • 61-66
    Damping of Sub Synchronous Resonance Using Neural Network Controlled UPFC
    Authors: K.Dhivya, S.Nirmalrajan
    Number of views: 397
  • 67-71
    A Survey of Challenges in selection of Vehicular Mobility Models in VANET
    Authors: Medhavi Malik, Rupika Dureja
    Number of views: 186
  • 72-74
    Use of Embedded Linux for Toll Estimation System Based on Vehicle Detection
    Authors: Omkar Dhorge, ShantanuShamraj ,Sumedh Melkunde, Rohit Shinde
    Number of views: 197
  • 75-79
    Review Of Virtual Keyboard
    Authors: Ayesha Shaikh, Antara Kanade,Mabel Fernandes, Shubhangi Chikhalthane
    Number of views: 186

Number VOL1ISSUE4, 2015

  • 1-3
    Performance evaluation of hybrid wind and solar power
    Authors: T.S.Geetha; Dr.S.SelvakumarRaja
    Number of views: 218
  • 4-10
    Survey: Robust Data Aggregation Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Authors: Doddappa Kandakur; Ashwini B P
    Number of views: 261
  • 11-17
    A review paper on Process Mining
    Authors: Mekhala
    Number of views: 274
  • 18-20
    Study and Development of Soil Compaction under Mixed Traffic Flow By Using Total Station
    Authors: Pradeep S P, Vinay A
    Number of views: 198
  • 21-25
    RFID - Emergency traffic control and theft alert system
    Authors: Divya Lakshmi M , Dr. Ramesh R
    Number of views: 271
  • 26-31
    Controller Tuning for Disturbance Rejection Associated with Delayed Double Integrating Processes, Part V: 2DOF Controller
    Authors: Galal Ali Hassaan
    Number of views: 218
  • 32-38
    Analysis of Loss Reduction for Radial Distribution System Using Network Reconfiguration
    Authors: Su Mon Myint
    Number of views: 322
  • 39-44
    Pulsating Torque & Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Induction Machine using ANSYS simulation
    Authors: T.Vignesh,V.Dileepan, P.Kannappar, R.Manoj Babu , P.Elavarasan
    Number of views: 346
  • 45-54
    A Load Flow based Approach for Optimum Allocation of Distributed Generation Units in the 43-bus Distribution Network of Belin Substation in Myanmar
    Authors: Su Hlaing Win
    Number of views: 241
  • 55-62
    Design and Implementation of Data Logger for Vehicle Safety
    Authors: EiEi Thwe, Theingi
    Number of views: 232
  • 63-70
    Kinematic Control of Pick and Place Robot Arm
    Authors: Wai Mar Myint, Theingi
    Number of views: 339
  • 71-76
    Fuel Monitoring and Electronics control of Dispenser for Fuel Station
    Authors: Nang Khin Su Yee, Theingi, Kyaw Thiha
    Number of views: 347
  • 77-79
    design & analysis of almond de-husking and de-selling machine
    Authors: Ravindra Gajanan Hatwa
    Number of views: 247
  • 80-90
    Dual band minified UHF-RFID tag antenna for scaled-down networks using spiral resonators
    Authors: Touseef Hayat , Umar Hassan Khan ,RanaAhsan Ali , Unse Fatima
    Number of views: 191
  • 91-95
    Analysis of C-F Short Cylindrical Shells under Internal Hydrostatic Pressure using Polynomial Series Shape Function.
    Authors: Ibearugbulem O. M , Dike B. U , Ezeh J.C , Agbo S. I
    Number of views: 179
  • 99-108
    Review of Image Processing Methods on Diabetic Related Images
    Authors: Fahimuddin. Shaik, Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma, Dr.Syed.Musthak Ahmed
    Number of views: 160

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