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Siriraj Medical Journal

Number 6, 2015

  • 254-261
    Risk Factors for Blood Transfusion in Women with Placenta Previa Undergoing Cesarean Delivery: A Retrospective Case-Control Study
    Authors: Saowapark Chumpathong, M.D., Shusee Visalyaputra, M.D., Waewdao Sanguanpong, M.D., Jantra Tipchai, M.D.,Benno von Bormann, M.D., Saipin Muangman, M.D., Pranee Rushatamukayanunt, M.D., Suppachai Poolsuppasit, M.D.
    Number of views: 212
  • 262-266
    The Effect of Sample Storage Temperature on the Phenytoin Level in Serum
    Authors: Paiboon Tummarintra, M.Sc., Phakrop Kaewbundit, Rasda Boonprasert, M.Sc., Teera Kolladarungkri, M.D.
    Number of views: 185
  • 267-272
    Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow: Reference Values for Thais
    Authors: ongsakorn Tantilipikorn, M.D.*, Nattavit Meekul, M.D., Triphoom Suwanwech, M.D., Paraya Assanasen, M.D.,Chaweewan Bunnag, M.D., Bandit Thinkhamrop, Ph.D.
    Number of views: 195
  • 273-279
    Comparison Between Low Dose Ketamine VS Fentanyl Combined with Propofol i Patients Scheduled for Fractional Curettage; A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Authors: Suppachai Poolsuppasit, M.D., Poom Tritrakarn, M.D., Shusee Visalyaputra, M.D., Nuchsaroch Pechpaisit, M.D.,Roungsin Choavaratana, M.D., Ladda Phuampolprasert, B.Sc., Pathipa Suksopee, B.Sc.
    Number of views: 231
  • 280-284
    Predictive Factors for Verterbroplasty in Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures
    Authors: Visit Vamvanij, M.D., Tanit Taweebanjongsilp, M.D., Panya Luksanapruksa, M.D.
    Number of views: 172
  • 285-291
    Risk Factors of HIV and HBV Co-infection in Northern Thailand
    Authors: Tawatchai Apidechkul, Dr.P.H. (Epidemiology), Sauwaluck Pongwiriyakul, M.Sc., Mitra Cassely, M.D.,Chomnard Pojanamart, Ph.D.
    Number of views: 214
  • 292-295
    Mediastinal Germinoma Associated with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis: A Case Report
    Authors: Nassawee Vathana, M.D., Kleebsabai Sanpakit, M.D., Jassada Buaboonnam, M.D., Chayamon Takpradit, M.D.,Kamon Phuakpet, M.D.
    Number of views: 175
  • 296-300
    Benign Recurrent Intrahepatic Cholestasis: A Case Report
    Authors: Prapun Aanpreung, M.D., Ananya Pongpaibul, M.D.
    Number of views: 201
  • 301-305
    A Non-HIV Specific ST5 Genotype of Cryptococcus Neoformans-gattii Species Complex
    Authors: Popchai Ngamskulrungroj, M.D., Ph.D.
    Number of views: 224

Number 5, 2015

  • 205-212
    The Arcuate Fasciculus: Analysis of White Matter Connection in Thai Languge System Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging nd Feasibility in Lateraization of the Dominant Hemisphere
    Authors: Chanon Ngamsombat, M.D.*, Jitsupa Wongsripuemtet, M.D.*, Sriwimon Manochiopinig, Ph.D.**, Siriwan Piyapittayanan, M.D.*, Suvicha Chaovongphanit, B.Sc., Orasa Chawalparit, M.D.
    Number of views: 166
  • 213-218
    The Role of Ultrasonography in Confirming Position of Endotracheal Tube when Interpreted by Emergency Medicine Residents
    Authors: Phuriphong Songarj, M.D.*, Sithichai Veeranachai, M.D.**, Arunotai Siriussawakul, M.D.*
    Number of views: 197
  • 219-226
    A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Association between Serum Vitamin D and Atopic Dermatitis
    Authors: Pichanee Chaweekulrat, M.D., Chaiyawat Suppasilp, M.D., Bhoom Suktitipat, M.D., Ph.D.
    Number of views: 149
  • 227-234
    Adopting Thai Diagnosis Related Group for Vietnam Universal Health Coverage: A Case of Ba Vi District Hospital
    Authors: Pham Le Tuan, M.D., Ph.D., Vu Thanh Nam, M.D., MIT., Tham Chi Dung, M.D., Ph.D., Cao Ngoc Anh, MBA.,Nguyen Thi Huong, M.D., MPH., Nguyen Nam Lien, MBA., Chairoj Zungsontiporn, M.D., Orathai Khioacharoen, Ph.D.,Supasit Pannarunothai, M.D., Ph.D.
    Number of views: 160
  • 235-240
    Extrahepatic Portal Vein Obstruction in Children: Etiology, Treatment and Long-Term Outcome
    Authors: Prapun Aanpreung, M.D., Niramol Tantemsapya, M.D., Monawat Ngerncham, M.D., Mongkol Laohapansang, M.D.
    Number of views: 195
  • 245-247
    Autogenous Tooth Transplatnation: A Case Report with Three-Year Follow-Up
    Authors: Narimon Limprasert, D.D.S.
    Number of views: 244
  • 248-253
    Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in the Elderly: A Review and Future Challenges in Thailand
    Authors: Supawadee Naorungroj, DDS, Ph.D., Thummaporn Naorungroj, M.D.
    Number of views: 298

Number 4, 2015

  • 155-159
    Prediction of Spontaneous Preterm Delivery at Sirriaj Hospital, Thailand
    Authors: Prapat Wanitpongpan, M.D., Buraya Phattanajindakun, M.D., Kusol Russaneecharoen, M.D., Monsak Chuchotirot, M.D.
    Number of views: 179
  • 160-167
    The Evaluation of Initiating Tobacco Cessation Services in the Military-Based Hospital, Northeastern Thailand
    Authors: Anun Chaikoolvatana, Ph.D. (Pharm.D), Penpak Pheunpha, Ph.D., Petchnapa Puchcharanapaponthorn, R.N.,Cholada Chaikoolvatana, RN, Ph.D., Nawaporn Saisingh, M.Sc., Preeyanuch Suwannakoot, R.N., Boonyada Mingkhwan, R.N.
    Number of views: 211
  • 168-172
    Comparison of Two Seminal Detection Methods, The Acid Phospatase Test and The Zinc Test for Sensitivities in Sexually Assauted Females Positive of Sperm
    Authors: Papanu Suttipasid, M.D.
    Number of views: 288
  • 173-180
    Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Analysis in an Equilibrium Cardiac Gated Blood Pool Study: Is the Same Software Package Really Needed to Follow Up the same Patient?
    Authors: Tanyaluck Thientunyakit, M.D., Thonnapong Thongpraparn, M.D., Nopparat Phongsawat, M.D.
    Number of views: 177
  • 181-186
    Siriraj Thai Language Paradigm for Functional MRI: A Pilot Study in Normal Volunteers
    Authors: Orasa Chawalparit, M.D.*, Sriwimon Manochiopinig, Ph.D.**, Yudthaphon Vichianin, Ph.D.***, Jitsupa Wongsripuemtet, M.D.,Praphun Siwasattayanon, M.D., Chanon Ngamsombat, M.D., Piya Chavalparit, Ph.D., Panida Charnchaowanish, B.Sc.,Prapaporn Pornpunyawuth, B.Sc., Suvicha Chaovongphanit, B.Sc., Yodchanan Wongsawat, Ph.D.,Ngamkae Ruangvaravate, M.D.
    Number of views: 191
  • 187-191
    Neonatal Hemochromatosis: A Case Report
    Authors: Prapun Aanpreung, M.D., Piyavadee Leksrisakul, M.D., Paisal Parichatikanond, M.D.
    Number of views: 227
  • 192-195
    Congenital Arterioportal Fistula of the Liver:
    Authors: Preeyacha Pacharn, M.D., Kriangkrai Ieumsawasdikul, M.D., Pira Neungton, M.D., Trongtum Tongdee, M.D.
    Number of views: 194
  • 196-204
    The Role of Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Wall. ex Nees in Drug interactions
    Authors: Aranya Jutiviboonsuk, Ph.D.
    Number of views: 241

Number 3, 2015

  • 101-107
    Pain Survey: Perspectives and Practices of Doctors and Nurses. How Much Have We Progressed?
    Authors: Sirilak Suksompong, M.D., Jariya Lertakayamanee, M.D., FRCA, Patiparn Toomtong, M.D., Soisuda Suthadsahavijit, M.D., Kessara Nantapiromporn, M.D., Vimolluck Sanansilp, M.D.
    Number of views: 255
  • 108-115
    Prevalence and Associated Factors of Slowed Forearm Median Motor and Sensory Conduction Velocity in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Thai Patients
    Authors: Chinapat Gerawarapont, M.D.
    Number of views: 201
  • 116-122
    Development of a Method for Determination of Dexamethasone (DEX) Concentrations in Human Plasma by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography/Photo Diode Array Detector (UPLC/PDA)
    Authors: Raveewan Klintip, M.Sc., Rasda Boonprasert, M.Sc., Teera Kolladarungkri, M.D.
    Number of views: 155
  • 123-127
    Silicone Rubber Development for Medical Model Production
    Authors: Phadungsak Silakorn, M.Sc., Wangcha Chumthap, B.Sc., Somchai Chongpipatchaiporn, B.Sc., Arsada Khunvut, B.Sc.,Supenya Varothai, M.D.
    Number of views: 216
  • 128-133
    Bioequivalence Study of 100 mcg Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets in Patients WHo Have Hypothyroidism with Euthyroid in Steady State
    Authors: Weerathep Chattanachotikul, M.D., Supornchai Kongpatttanakul, M.D., Sathit Vannasaeng, M.D., Korbtham Sathirakul, Ph.D., Somruedee Chatsriricharoenkul, M.D.
    Number of views: 258
  • 134-138
    Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis: Thoracoscopic Thymectomy Vs Transsternal Thymectomy
    Authors: Pranya Sakiyalak, M.D., Chor.Wittawas Phetphaisit, M.D., Punnarerk Thongcharoen, M.D., Thaworn Subtaweesin, M.D.
    Number of views: 218
  • 139-144
    Pre-operative and 24 hour Post -operation Changes of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate prediction Post-operation Pulmonary Complications
    Authors: Jongjate Youngsakul, M.D., Vitoon Chinswangwatanakul, M.D., Sirirat Khawsaard, M.PA., Wiroon Boonnuch, M.D.
    Number of views: 239
  • 145-148
    Prurigo Pigmentosa-like Skin Lesion in Adult-onset Still's Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review
    Authors: Voraphol Vejjabhinanta, M.D., Penvadee Pattanaprichakul, M.D.
    Number of views: 158
  • 149-154
    Caenorhabditis elegans, An Invertebrate Model Organism for Biomedical Research
    Authors: Chanatip Metheetrairut, Ph.D., Wichit Suthammarak, M.D., Ph.D.
    Number of views: 221

Number 2, 2015

  • 46-52
    MRI Predictors of Survival in Patients with Glioblastomas
    Authors: Nicha Pitaknittinan, M.D., Vutisiri Veerasarn, M.D., Orasa Chawalparit, M.D.
    Number of views: 160
  • 53-59
    ABO Blood Group and Coronary Atherosclerosis in Thais at Ramathibodi Hospital
    Authors: Kanchana Sujirachato, Ph.D.*, Wisarn Worasuwannarak, M.D.**, Smith Srisont, M.D.**, Jitta Udnoon, M.D.**, Vichan Peonim, M.D.**
    Number of views: 166
  • 60-65
    Perfrmance Evaluation fo the Coapresta®2000 Automated Coagulation Analyzer for Screening Coagulogram
    Authors: Chaicharoen Tantanate, M.D.
    Number of views: 232
  • 66-71
    Assessment of Non-Dermatologists’ Knowledge Regarding Clinical Diagnosis of Leprosy nad practice in Slit'Skin Smear as a Basic Investigation
    Authors: Penvadee Pattanaprichakul, M.D., Onjuta Chayangsu, M.D., Kamonpan Lertrujiwanit, B.Sc., Manasmon Chairatchaneeboon, M.D.,Sumanas Bunyaratavej, M.D.
    Number of views: 208
  • 72-78
    Quantitative Analysis of Some Phenolic Compounds in Ayurved Siriraj Wattana (AVS073) Using HPTLC
    Authors: Rattana Phadungrakwittaya, M.Sc.*, Pravit Akarasereenont, M.D., Ph.D.*,**, Sirikul Chotewuttakorn, M.Sc.*, Ariyawan Lumlerdkij, M.S., Onusa Thamsermsang, B. Sc., Tawee Laohapand, M.D.
    Number of views: 369
  • 79-85
    Relationship between Ischemia Modified Albumin and Metabolic Syndrome
    Authors: Banu Arslan, Serap Çuhadar, Türkan Yiğitbaşı, Ruhan Uzun, Gonca Örük, Yasemin Baskın, Nesil Gören,Füsun Üstüner
    Number of views: 176
  • 86-89
    Rescue ECMO in Infant with Congenital Heart Disease: Early Experience at a Univeristy Hospitals
    Authors: Pichej Lerdpunnapongse, M.D., Kriangkrai Tantiwongkosri, M.D.
    Number of views: 177
  • 90-92
    Tumor of Follicular Infundibulum; Eruptive Variant : A Case Report
    Authors: Sunatra Nitayavardhana, M.D., Manasmon Chairatchaneeboon, M.D., Punkae Mahaisavariya, M.D.
    Number of views: 206
  • 93-100
    Obstetrics Simulatiors as the Teaching Tooks for Medial Undergraduates
    Authors: Panwara Paritakul, M.D.
    Number of views: 240

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